Tuesday, November 29, 2011 ❣

My war is finally over.

Helloo crazy people!

Wanna know something great? MY SPM IS OVER! And you know what? I really can not believe it. I mean I can really still remember the first day of Form 5. Heck, I can even remember the first day of secondary school if that mattered. Thing is, it is kinda hard to believe that after five years training for battle.. It's finally over. All those heart, tears and blood that was shed. SPM and high school is over. But its just so fast. Finally, now when I'm leaving high school, I wish to start all over again. I'm sad I won't be able to see all my teachers. And of course having my teachers nagging at me to pin up my hair every morning. I'm sad I won't be able to see my crazy friends almost everyday of the week. I'm sad because it is all over.

Okay lah. I'm getting all teary liaozz T_T But here's something funny. When I started to use the computer today... I can't help feeling guilty. I mean like seriously. I keep having the urge to run to my room to study! LMAO. I keep feeling like I'm doing something wrong. I feel like I have to study or I will fail. Hahaha! Definitely become one of my stupid pattern liao. Think it's because for the past three months, I've always felt very guilty when I play computer, watch tv or slack. And now it's drilled in my system. SHIATT.

Anyway, today is my last day I'm every wearing my uniform. I'm really gonna miss it. Okayy. I've been wearing this dress since I was form 1! Five fcking years! Hard to believe leh? Guess now you know why my dress is so short. Well maybe it's also because I got it done shorter during my 'lala' times when I was form 2. HAHA. Anyway, so it means I wore this when I first stepped into SMK Seksyen 3, Bandar Kinrara :') I feel like crying now.

Enough will all these sobby sobby things. As soon as I reach home from school today.. well, I slacked lah. Like usual :P Then I did what almost every SPM leaver would do. Clean my room! Nyeheheee.

I didn't know I had so many issues of epop. Like seriously. Why did I ever wasted so much money on useless things D:

And so... These are all the books I bought THIS YEAR! :D Scary leh? Hahaha. Okay lah. There's actually more. But I've already rip them into pieces. Haha. Even I have absolutely no idea how I managed to finish all. Well, they are all going to visit the recycle bin!

See my berry berry clean table! Nyehehe. 

So much better than before. Use to be like a pigsty. like wtff.

And my BIGBANG drawer. Nope, I never cleaned it at all. Just wanted to take a picture of it and post it up. HAHA! 
Anyway, I don't fancy them anymore. GRR. And again, WASTE MONEY.

Same goes to this. I never rearrange it at all. Just wanted to take a picture of it. HAHA

Its a mini Starbucks cup! SHOO CHIOOO! My beloved form teacher gave it to me and also to all my classmates. 
I'm really gonna miss her and all of her so called 'useful' ramblings :')

Hellooo. Guess what I found? I think I went to Port Dickson or somewhere to do this when i was very young. I did it together with my sister. I'm not artistic at all. So I guess you can tell which one is mine :P Kinda obvious isn't it? I mean like what bear has yellow fur? Uhh. Well, besides Winnie the Pooh of course. And pls don't judge my sister. She is NOT and artistic person. She can NEVER paint that nicely. My mom did it for her cause she saw that my sis was doing a terrible job. Hahah. Which still means, I WIN :P Teeheeee.

Okay then. I think I'm done here. I'm very sure that I'll be updating my blog very often. Nyahahah! I mean like, what else do I have to do right? Haha. To those who are still having their SPM.. Well, good luck & you jelly? :P


  1. Okay la. I admit that i jelly la ok? D: and can wear school uniform two more days :P HAHAHAHAHA And I would download the picture into my phone because I don't think that I have chances to see you wearing uniform lo ):

  2. Awwww. haha. And says why you can't see me wear my uniform already? :P I can always purposely wear it for you. HAHA!

  3. I want all your bigbang collection please!!! T.T

  4. HAHA! I got lots of epop too, used to buy it every week last time :D


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