Wednesday, November 9, 2011 ❣

So does it end here?

Hey fatties.
I can't believe it. I haven't been blogging for almost a month. Mehhh. I have an excuse. Anyway, bet most of you already know. Its 5 fcking days away from SPM! :) So excited! LOL. KK. Anyway, I'm really jealous of those who had their graduation as my school's not giving us one T_T *sob. But they still gave us a VERY TINY ceremony. We all just shake hands & cry & wish each other good luck. Chehhh. No fun at all.

Today was my last day in schooling in SMK Seksyen 3, Bandar Kinrara. I really felt like crying. But I can't bare the embarrassment. Is that lame? Ok whatever. I can't believe I won't wake up to see all the teachers nagging me to pin up my hair again. Or to pay more attention in class. I can't believe one year has just flew pass. I'm really gonna miss it here. I'm gonna miss all my teachers. And all the times I spent with my friends here.

While we were shaking hands with all the teachers. I noticed most of the teachers said about the same thing to me. Some of the teachers I didn't even know I knew :O 'Ehh. Eunice! Skarang sudah baik kan?' , 'Eh eunice? Saya pernah dengar nama awak masa you form 1. Skarang sudah besar!' , 'Eunice selalu di dalam hati cikgu!' :') I'm so touched so many teachers remembered me :') Maybe because I use to be a stinkin old lalamui when i was form 1 & 2.

My SPM slip! Ummm. Makin me so stress now :\

SPM SEAT! First row lehh! Nyahahhaa. 

Pretty baobei! ♥

My beloved form teacher Miss Yang! :)

Baby Lynn & I :D

Ugly cow. haha

See Eugene! He looks so happy! HAHA

KaiChen Ang :P He's gonna miss buying drinks from the vending machine :D HAHA.

Teeheeee! Your truly! So hyperactive today :)


Falling asleep. *yawns

Dying face :O

kkkk. Forcing a smile :D

5 YEARS BFF! ♥ Thanks to a rock! :)

Jiayan & Wilson!



Asshole non-stop gat gou :P

Fake height! HAHA. Making me look so sort and fatty-ish!

Overall, today was an emotional day. Even though Puan Suneetha have never taught me before, I feel like I have a very close relationship with her :) After all those 'shopping for performance clothes' times. Ahh. I hugged her today. She was the only one who ALMOST made me cry :') And Puan Chang too. She has never taught me before. Yet I have a very tight relationship with her. She hugged me too :') I really do feel like staying here a little while longer. But as we all know.. High school don't last forever :')

Tearing up :'( K lah. Don't be crazy. Joern, Wendy & I made a cover! :) Do watch, like & subscribe! THANK YOU!

Really hoping this is not the last time i'm labelling my blog post in the 'School' section :')


  1. BABY! I know you are so happy because there is much cutie photo for you! XD


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤