Thursday, November 17, 2011 ❣


Missed me? Bet you did! :)

So the first week of SPM is over. Kinda psyched for Physics and Chemistry paper now. Don't know if I'm ready. lol. Just saying. So erm. Many of my juniors ask me 'Ehh. Why SPM you still can so relax?' Erhh. Seriously? I guess the only nervous part was the begining of it, especially sitting for the FIRST paper. After that, everything is just like... Mehhhh, nothing one lah. Feels like an ordinary exam to me. Well, an ordinary exams that kinda determines my future? Okay lah. Not so ordinary. But i couldn't say i felt the same way before the exam :\ During the night before SPM, i was so nervous and frustrated I had a breakdown and cried for like half an hour. Wtffffuuuuu. So embarrassing .__. But whatever. Cried for a while only mah. 30 minutes only what. pssh.

Anyway, my next paper is Moral. Uhh, planning to study it the night before the exam. I likeyy to 临时抱佛脚. Oh yeah, I'm done with my History paper too. While I was cleaning up my room, I found all my BEAUTIFUL, CUTE, COLOURFUL sejarah notes :') I feel so reluctant to throw them away. I DON'T WANT TO! :( Dot dot dot, therefore I shall keep them! Muahaha. Who knows? They might be worth a lot one day :P kkkk dreaming time over.

Errh. Okay. I think this was just another rant about nothing. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. LOL. KK. You should know I don't like updating my blog without posting a photo along with it. I mean like what's the point in reading a picture-less post right? Come on. So boring lah. Uhh.

So here I show you my retarded center parting! :) Yeahhhh. After i showered, it just automatically fell into place.

Off to catch the free trip to dreamland. Nighty night folks! 
Will update as soon as I can. Don't give up one me! :D

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