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Not fast enough.

Hey y'all!

I haven't blogged in a while :( Got too many events. Haha. Not sure whether I can catch up or not. Okay, maybe not really that many events. But in my defence, all the events are stick so close to each other. 哪里来得及update! Today do today update meh? I die loh! And not to mention, there're like thousands of pictures. So, no promises I will updated about everything. HAHA. Ahh. 算了啦. Will try to give you guys a proper update soon. Just upload pictures, add captions & get over with it.

Anyway, during these past few days, I've learnt something very important. Mhmm. I've learnt that friends come and go. But some, they'd stick with you forever. All it takes is a lil communication. I found out that I've fixed many of my problems recently. And its already friday! What a productive week! And plus, I feel like my relationship with my beloved mummy is getting closer & closer. Okay, i think i'm done here. After like 3 days straight hanging out with t…

Some things, we should ignore.

When people hurt you over and over, think of them as sandpapers.  They scratch and hurt you, but later, you'll be shining and polished while they end up useless.
Just something I've learnt this past few days. Something Nicholas Lai Ken Hong thought me. Okay, maybe he didn't say those exact words. But I kinda figured it out.That awesome feeling when you have someone who supports you no matter what (Y)  Thank you Nic :') He can't see this as he is on his way to PD. Shall buzz him at night to disturb him. Haha.
Stupid lil boy, you owe me something big yeahh :P
Aww. I've been busy lately. Will update my blog as soon as I can! Don't give up on me lovelies! ♥

Port Dickson with Family.

Hello lovelies! :)
Hi it's meeee! Today is the 6th and you know what that means! Okay fine, you don't. Whatever. But I was gonna tell you anyway. kkk. It's my mama's birthday! YAY. That means cake, chocolates and much more fatty foods! Definitely gonna turn into a fat fat girl. Need to loose some fats pronto! I feel like i'm getting chubbier and chubbier by the second. DIE! Uhhh. Anyway, My family and I went to Port Dickson. Well, maybe you can say it's a kind of celebration for mummy's birthday. But I think of it more like a short family vacation.