Tuesday, December 6, 2011 ❣

Port Dickson with Family.

Hello lovelies! :)
Hi it's meeee! Today is the 6th and you know what that means! Okay fine, you don't. Whatever. But I was gonna tell you anyway. kkk. It's my mama's birthday! YAY. That means cake, chocolates and much more fatty foods! Definitely gonna turn into a fat fat girl. Need to loose some fats pronto! I feel like i'm getting chubbier and chubbier by the second. DIE! Uhhh. Anyway, My family and I went to Port Dickson. Well, maybe you can say it's a kind of celebration for mummy's birthday. But I think of it more like a short family vacation.

Yes ahh. I'm acting cute ahh :P Teeheee. 

Monday, 5th December.
While some of the SPM students were suppose to be taking their Accounts paper that morning, I was dragged outta bed by my daddy at 8am. Uhhh. It really felt like its been a long time since I've woke up so early. So I literally had to forced my eyes open. And well, its morning, so everyone was so grouchy. Everyone has their 'go away lah' face on. Haha. Of course not excluding me. I swear I nearly killed my sister. Ok JOKING.

Although I was awaken by my daddy at 8am, we waited till it was 11am till we took off from home. So what was I doing for 3 whole hours? Dreaming lah. Didn't know what time we were going, so I didn't even turned on the computer or the TV. Just sitting there waiting like an idiot. Uhh.

Yeapp. My bro drove us to Port Dickson. Slept through the whole journey. HAHA.

Lil sis :D

And we reached and checked in to Thistle Hotel, PD at around 1pm :D

Say hi to my baby sis EE! :D

Sis Wendy and I..
YAY. Junk foooood! Yeapp. This trip is just nothing but fats fats and more fats.

Ooops. Bro is changing. HAHA.
LOOK AT ME! My long hair is just like my cape. I'm waterwoman! hehe

Baby sis :D OHH LOOK! I see my forehead!

My beloved lil sisters. hehee.

Hi. This is my mama!

And so after swimming for who knows how long, we went to the beach to play sand! 

Le beach! Awww yeahhh.

Messy and ugly hair after coming out of the pool. Eww.
Feel like kids again :') Aww. 

Daddy enjoying himself. Haha.
And mummy :D

And after playing the sand and building fugly and can't-stand-for-even-3-seconds sandcastles. 
We decided to create a beautiful mermaid out of Wendy. HAHAA.

And then when we were about the reach her neck... She said it was very ticklish and so she jumped up. 
And everything was ruined! All our hard work, WASTED. 
So... *jeng jeng jeng*

Yours truly replaced her! HAHAHA

Sis sculpting my boobs! :D I was like 'Ehh, you make my body very fat leh. Be sure ake my boobs bigger ah!'

Relaxing. Ahhh. Was thinking 'Ohhhh! I'm gonna turn into a very pretty sand mermaid!'


They turned me into an ugly FAT mermaid. SEE! No waist line one! Boobs also so imbalance. Fuuuckkkk. Omgzz. HAHA. And the hand don't know like what shit only. Uhhhh. But I got a very sexy navel la. hahaha I'm proud about that. 

And also a very nice fin! YAY! haha.

My boobs is cracking! AHHHH!

My ugly hair. This is what happens after dipping it into pool water and sea water. My hair was so rough! It took me like 10 minutes just to get the rubber-band off my head. My hair was all tangled up! So rough, pain and uncomfortable!

But I was so amazed with Thistle Hotel's hair conditioner. We all know that hotel shampoos are ... well, just plain smelly lah. And not to mention sometimes not useful at all. My hair was all tangled up and I didn't have any other choice as I've forgotten to bring my own hair conditioner. So, I used the hotel's. I took like a itsy bitsy bit of the conditioner and slapped it on my hair and BOOOM! My hair so smooth! Wahlaoo. Was really amazed. But my hair didn't have a nice smell. Haha. 

Uhh. And then I forgotten to pin my hair. So veryyy fugly :(

My cutie pieee <3

And then we went somewhere to have our dinner. Errhh. I don't know where. Chinese restaurant lah.

And then we went shopping!

And then we went to some Pasar Malam or some sort. To...

Tuesday, 6th December.
Didn't want to wake up. But still end up getting pulled outta bed by family. AT 7AM! LOL. That's because the hotel's breakfast buffet starts at 7am & ends at 10am. Uhh. So we woke up, and headed downstairs to fill our tummy. Well, I didn't take anytime to clean up myself. So... I LOOK HORRIBLE.


Hehehee. My happy sis! 

Well, after that we went to the beach again. I tried to catch tiny baby crabs. But FAILED.
My sister caught some tho. GRRRRR. Unfair. Stupid crabs hate me!
Still with my weird morning hair.

Trying hard to pinch that stupid crab up but it just kept drilling deeper and deeper. fffuuuuuuuu.

And uhhhh. Still with ugly hair. But this time, it came with a retarded smile! YAY :D
Baby sis nomming on orange! 
Awww! Don't you just feel like pinching her. I DO!
And its BYE BYE Thistle Hotel. BYE BYE Port Dickson.

HAHAHA! Retarded sis! Okay lah. I'm not a bad sister. Since this picture of her is NOT THAT nice. 
I'll upload another two more VERY NICE pictures of her! Let her syok sendiri for a while. haha

Took like a two hour drive home. Erhh. I wouldn't know lah actually. As usual, I slept through the whole journey again.
HAHAHA! You know me :P

Yeap. I guess that's it. Signing off soon. But first!

Oh yeahh! And my Tetris Battle Rank 50 liaozz! OMGGZZ. I VERY HAPPYZZ. KKK BYEZ!


  1. OMG my hair!! ewww xD

  2. Your blogg is so funny! I like reading your blog! :D

  3. Wendy,
    Your hair is always like that. Don't try to hide it :P HAHA

    Hello! Thank you so much! :D


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