Tuesday, December 27, 2011 ❣

Prom and everything else.

Hello monkeys! 
Once again I've totally abandoned my blog. I don't know what else I can do. But I seriously have no blogging mood. Aww D: But for the sake of ... I SHALL BLOG TODAY :D Mhmmm. Maybe I should update about prom? Or my never ending outings with the same people? Or my Cameron Highland trip with my family? Ahh. There's just so many! ): GRRR. Fine then! Guess I'll just simply upload random pictures and add captions like I always do. teehee.

So I went to Cameron Highlands with my big big family for 4 nights & 5 days. It was awesome! It was so fun! You know why? Because I slept on the cold hard floor for four nights! Yeepeee! lol.Haha. But seriously, it was freaking cold up there. We spent two nights watching thai ghost movies. But end up no one was scared at all. Epic fail. LOL.

Cameron Highlands! 

Flowers! :D

Ohh its me! HELLOOO!!

Me & my beautifully retarded RABBIT face! :D HAHAH

I'm so kawaiii! lol max -_- The jacket it NOT mine. It belongs to KaiChen. Its very ugly but I have to wear it. Haha. Because apparently my jacket is with him D: Awww. Now I wear this big hoodie to sleep every night. HAHA. 很舒服! xD

 Me, cousin Karmun & sister Wendy! :)

Teeheee. The perfect sister! :D

Wendy & Joern.

The 'FFFUUUUU' face! :D So epic! haha


Haha. I become k leh fehh! :P

My body guards! HHAHAHA

My beloved cousins! 

In the claustrophobic apartment! The floor where everyone is sitting ah. That's my bed :D Yeahhh

Jowie proposing to me! HAHA. Nahh! Just joking! We were playing a game.


Cousin Jin & sister eve! SO CUTE LEHHH :P

le serious face :X


There are like over 1000 pictures. You can't expect me to upload all of them can you? Don't be crazy. I only chose the ugly and funny ones. HAHA. I love my big big family. And since I feel so happy, I shall upload some nice pictures :D Hehe.

Kaichen, ME! & Cavy :D This is after our fawsome prom night ended. Nyehehe.
Hair was in such a mess!

Ok lah. This is kinda ugly but its ok! haha. Daniel & ME! Before it all started.
My hair all arranged neatly! HAHA

ME, Jiayan & Jia! :)

YAY! Night ended with a big big kiss. HAHA :P

Ohkayyy. So i guess i'm done here. Hehe. I think I know what I should blog about in my next post :P Though I still hope I have time. Cause I start work in January. Uhh. Need money. And plus, what am I to do for 3 months? Rot at home meh? LOL. Oh yeahh. So i failed to blog about yet another year of Christmas. Aww D: Nevermind then. Merry Christmas everyone! And Happy 2012 in advance!

I actually really didn't want to upload this, but my stupid sis Wendy keeps forcing me to :(
So, just put on your headphones, click play & then click to your facebook :P HAHA!
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  1. I really like the way you blog dear! ♥
    And your cousin Jowie very lengzai! haha xD


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤