Tuesday, October 30, 2012 ❣

On A Daily Basis.

Hello! It's been a while! I am a very busy girl, involuntarily of course. Apparently my schedule is always flushed with books, reports and tests. I have tests almost every weekend, consecutively until the end of my trimester. And then comes the next semester and guess what? It starts all over again! How wonderful, no? *hehe 

But honestly, you really can't blame me. UTAR have this strict policy of getting a 100% success rate on making their students suffer and they also restrict their students from having a social life. Or maybe even to be a lil more precise, a LIFE. I'm lucky to even be here right now! *blessed :P

Here's my face so you won't get bored! Or forget how I look like! 
Which ever comes first. Haha

Speaking of which, I have these two guy friends that calls me 'Daily Basis'. Just because I upload pictures of myself on a daily basis. Priceless. Haha. *You know who you are. But all jokes aside, I do think that I do that too frequently. I shall do my best to stop. Hahaha. For the sake of my beautiful name turning into 'Daily Basis' on a daily basis.

Anyway, I am busy girl and a good blogger to be 'extracting' some time to waste on updating this dead blog. Is anyone even reading this crap? Old, loyal readers, you guys should know by now... I don't like to update my blog with less that 5 photos to post. Hahahah. So, till then! 

Friday, October 12, 2012 ❣

A lonely & uninhabited place.

It's 5pm now. But staying in this room just makes it feel like it's already midnight. I feel like I am trapped in a box every time I come in here. I always feel so pressured. If I had a choice, I would not even step foot in here. But then again, do I? Is there another place for me? Frankly speaking, this is the only way I can get things done right and fast. Yes. Solitude. For me to be isolated and locked in this stupid square room.

Maybe we all find solitude suffering when we were young. But what do you think about it now? It sometimes just appear to be delightful, no? We all need it once in a while. Have you ever been so worried about something that you ended up with a terrible headache? Felt sick to your stomach? Or had trouble sleeping? Come to think of it, I deal with most of my problems here in this room. I close my eyes and take deep breaths here. I deal with awkward phone calls here. I eat here. I stress here. I study here. I cry here. And I sometimes sleep here. This is my study room.

Don't get me wrong. My stress phase is not here, YET. But it's coming.

Lately my tummy haven't been being really good to me. I think it hates me. But I do not remember feeding her anything gross or disgusting. It just always like to attack me out of the blues. Just like the other day while I was in UTAR.

I was walking happily when suddenly my tummy just sneak attack me and guess what I did? The second it started to hurt, I quickly squatted with my arms wrapping my tummy real tight. A girl just turned over and saw me, showed me the 'omg wtf is she doing' face and walked off a bit faster. I think I frightened her. lol. But anyway, it hurts so much and have been happening so frequently, I can hardly feel it now. I think I have officially numbed the pain. Well, if that's even possible.

Oh yeah. Actually, I am here to upload a very stupid collage.

These are actually most of the pics I took after my night jogs. Hahahaha. Notice how 2 & 3 look the same. Most of the photos I have in my gallery now are like this. Faces, hair and pattern all same. Just with different tops.

Well, I just wasted half an hour of my time blogging about irrelevant things. I am so lifeless I think I need to slap myself. I have 4 beautiful words for you people who are reading this. Click - My - Nuffnang - Ads. Okay 2 more! THANK - YOU :) Till next time.

Saturday, October 6, 2012 ❣

Fate maybe?

Maybe my blog died on me for a reason? Maybe after 3 years, it wants me to start over? Maybe? Or maybe the universe is just mad at me for being a bad person. And this is he's way of telling me. By killing my blog and torturing me. Uhhh. Typical. Anyway...

Goheunice says HI AGAIN! *big waves* I don't really have any intention on mentioning what exactly went on with me and my blog. Cause every time I think about it, I'd feel stupid and also feel like banging my head against the wall real hard. Grrr. So there. I emo-ed for almost two weeks. Slowly mourning over my blog. I feel so hurt every time I see some one or one of my friend's post 'BLOG UPDATED! :D'. Ahhhh. *chhhaaakkkk* My heart :'(

Anyway, I didn't delete any of my previous posts. I mean like, you think I crazy meh. 3 years leh. Heh. I just revert all of em to drafts. Yes, I still can see and read them! 

SO! Let's see if I still know how to do this. Mhmm. My special day was just over not long ago. & YAY CAKE!

Blew the candles off with my beloved family & Ahmong. Randomness. haha

Okay. This is too cute! From le bff Melissa. This girl & Teng tried to surprise me by pretending to forget my birthday. Hahhaa. And they end up wishing me at my doorstep. Love them ttm :)

Saw this sticking on my bathroom mirror early in the morning :') Nothing in this entire universe can ever describe how I felt when I read it. Thank you mummy & daddy!

And also another bunch of weirdos that bought me a cake in uni. Hahaha. Sweet die me. I love my friends!

Also had a late lunch with my high school bffs Lynn, Eugene & Ahmong. OK. I will only upload the photos I took with Eugene & Ahmong. Hehehe. Ling ling, I look fugly in our pics :P 

Hi Ahmong! My driver of the day! :P He loves me berry berry much! Haha

So I guess that sums it all up. I think.. Who cares right? I know many of you think most of my blog posts are lame and stupid but you still enjoy reading it anyway. Shi bu shi? Heh! I know my blog's kinda plain. But just bear with me. I'll clean it up as soon as I can. You know lah. Heh. Busy girl *winks*

I have no idea why am I doing this post. I have to wake up extra early tomorrow to climb to Saga Hill. 

Baby goodnight! :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 ❣

To do list.

HI! Da jia hao! :P
Bumble bee mode onz!

Ahh why is Eunice so free right now? Well, I was somehow trying to find some stress relief exercises. But end up blogging instead. Hhahahaa. So, here I am. Tadaaa. And speaking of exercises.. Yours truly has gained a lot of weight. And when I say a lot. I mean A WHOLE LOT. I feel like a freakin hippo when I stand beside my friends. My face fat like shit already. Can I die? Where's my diet motivation?! All I've been doing recently is eating, sleeping, studying, sitting and never standing, stressing and staying up late. What a life. And we all know that when eunice gets all stressed up...


And when she stays up late...


And again, where the hell is my motivation to live a healthier life? Uhhh. Ahh. And guess what? Ever since I started uni, I've totally lost my blogging mojo. I really wish to do a proper blog post but i just can't seem to do so. What has happened to me? 

My finals are coming soon and you know what that means! Semester break after my that! YAY! It's only for a week though. Some break huh? But no matter! It's the longest break we're ever gonna have! I've already have so much planned out. My first priority goes to  FAIRY TAIL  ! I must catch up on everything I've missed! I think I'm gonna lock myself up in my room, watch anime & read manga. I going to be ZAI NV! Hahahhaa. And I also have to re-customize this dead blog of mine.

Speaking of customization, the whole reason I'm here is to flaunt my new blog header :P

 Still partially under construction though. Give me some time. 
Kinda hard to dig out spare time to waste on my precious blog these days. 
Sigh. Oh well. ttfn! Signing off! :)

Monday, July 30, 2012 ❣

Fuck the whole universe.

And thank you Eminem.
Exaggerated post, the usual.

After the whole phone-drop-into-toilet incident, the whole week just continue sucking. And in the end, I end up saying that was the worst week of my life. But NO. The universe just insists on proving me wrong. Thank you. Thank you so much! Thank you for making me so fucking miserable right now. What goes around, comes around. I know! I deserve this. But, you just can't wait to slap me in the face once I get up on my two feet huh?

Eunice, three words.

Keep that in mind. 

Monday, July 23, 2012 ❣

Good day gone bad.

Sad, devastated, disappointed, plotting revenge...
Long wordy post. Let's see how far you can go...
I swear I'm a strong girl. I get sick at most three to four times a freakin year. Well, my day totally sucked. Okay. It didn't entirely sucked. I enjoyed some part of it. As the day started turning dark, everything started to go wrong. FML. But wtheck right? Everyone has bad days. As I always say to myself 'Don't worry. Things will get worse.' And hell yeah it did. I had quite a wonderful morning, for once I didn't sleep in the car. So I guess that's a good sign. But I spent the whole day walking around, feeling so light-headed. Its like I'm about to collapse any moment. I felt so weak. 

My class starts at 8am and I'm already there at 7.40am. Had a wide smile on my face, cause I saw something as I strolled into UTAR. But as I approach my first Mechanics class of the week... BOOM. I felt so goddamn pissed off. I was like 'why the fuck is the classroom so packed?!' There wasn't even an empty seat. And do you want to know why?! Its because there were so many freakin foreign students that come from foreign groups just to squeeze into our very not-foreign-but-small mechanics lecture class. And that just ticked me off. 

But who cares right? I took a deep breath and walked in looking for Jo & Peiying. Ok. Filled up.  So I took a random chair with NO DESK and pulled it to the side and sat there like the stupid forever alone meme. Can kill me? Being alone is one thing. Doesn't really bother me actually. The problem was that I had no table to write on. OK. Over. Forgotten. My fault again, overreacting. Maybe there was a seat, maybe I was just too blind to notice it. Right? Am I right?

I'm getting lazier and lazier to blog now. I think I'll just skip to the end. Stayed at the library for... I don't know, 2 hours maybe(?) with hewkienfoong & leechoonmun. Believe me. I have no idea what I was doing there either. But one thing I know is that I was definitely NOT studying. I started to felt more and more dizzy in CT class. Had a massive headache. I could feel my brain going boom boom boom. And ohmygod did it hurt. Uhh. 

My lips started getting drier and drier. My breath became hotter and hotter. I knew that was the sign. I'm falling sick. And the only one I can blame is Melissa Foo Lye Eng. But I'll get back to her later. Ok I'll admit  I think this last tragedy is actually my doing. I 自作自受. My fault again...

Had dinner with Peiying & Yibing @ Mcdonalds. And we headed home with Ahmong at six. I was freaking tired and my head just wouldn't stop booming. I swear I was about to abc ttm! So I just dozed off. I had no idea how long I slept but I'm very sure Melissa & Yibing woke me up. They were so loud. When I opened my eyes, my lips were even drier, this time even worse. I had sore throat. Is that even possible? Falling asleep and waking up less that 30minutes later to find yourself with sore throat? Do you think I should kill someone? 

Ahmong dropped me home and I was suppose to fetch Yibing to Jusco. I was in a hurry. And yeah, here comes the best part. I rushed to the toilet and BOOM. I dropped my phone into the toilet. Now, am I allowed to overreact? I stuffed my hand into the toilet bowl and dug my phone back up. As soon as I got it in my hands, it just shut down. Great. Perfect. Just perfect. Yibing was still waiting for me downstairs. So I left my phone there and ran back down to drive him back. Pissed off ttm.

Day officially ruined. Thanks :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012 ❣

Hello July!

Its July already. Have I been sleeping for the past 6 months? Oh god.
It's the first hour of July. Oh yes. I am blogging at 1am. I know right. KOOKOO. Anyway, I have been all stressed up & emo lately. Not to mention having massive hair fall & dandruff-fall (lol) due to it. GRR. Can I just kill myself? I hate my hair. That is the whole reason why I cut it in the first place. Oh yeah! My hair is not that long anymore. Maybe slightly below shoulder length? I guess. Is that considered short?

Don't ask me whether I regret cutting it or not. The answer is NO. That's because I really couldn't stand my long thick curly hair. The curls has been there for like errr... more than a year? I wanted my straight easily-combed hair back. I know, why didn't I just go and straighten it right? Because its like adding oil to a burning house. lol. Ok lah. I very kia si lah. I scared my hair damaged or what shit mahh. And jimat wang. K? So I rather just cut it all off. Anyway, hair will grow. And judging by what ALL my friends say, my hair grows especially fast. LOL. I have no idea lah.

I wish money would just fall down from the sky now! OH GOD. Please feed the poor! Please feed them with money! I am so poor! Please feed me with money! Okay. I'm so sorry. I'm really broke & I really cannot tolerate this feeling! Back when I haven't started uni yet, whenever I finished using my money, my monthly salary would just swoop in and saves me from bankruptcy. *Ok, I'm not bankrupt.* But still, I think I need to stop using so much. I need to stop wasting so much money on food. STOP EATING FATTY! From now on, only bread for you!

Really, I hope that nothing bad happens this month. I seriously cannot afford any extra problems in my life now. Or else I'll definitely go bald. Stress die me.

Saturday, June 16, 2012 ❣



Thank you. I feel much much better. I don't know how to feel actually. Really. I've been receiving a lot of phone calls, text messages, facebook message, whatsapp messages etc from my friends asking me whether I'm ok. Telling me to stay strong, to chillax, to go at my own pace, to cheer up, to keep holding on and to never give up so easily. Telling me that everything is hard at the beginning, that they'll always be there when I needed them and that god loves me. Telling me to cry it out, telling me to drink, telling me to stop faking it, telling me to forget everything & move on and telling me to smile.

But I'm okay! You know me! I always am! I always smile. Don't I?
I know it's gonna be hard, but that's what I'm here for. To live my life. I might not know what will happen next or what obstacles might come my way. But I'm a 100% positive I will do whatever it takes. I'll do whatever it takes to find the answer to everything & push this enormous piece of junk out of the way. But first, I think I need to find the answers to all my homework. LOL.

Eunice ahh, no more slacking, fooling around & procrastinating. **
Maybe it was a mistake? Maybe fate? Who knows. But I have a feeling you're someday gonna be a big part of my life.

Dear you,
People aren't who we think they are. Maybe some people just aren't meant to stay in our lives forever, maybe some people are just passing through. It's like some people just come through our lives to bring us something, a lesson we need to learn, and that's why they are there. Friends come and go. So I say, just enjoy the time you have with them. The happy moments :)

Thank you everyone. You are the people who made me who I am today. Thank you for loving me. And also thank you to those who picked me up when I fall. For being there for me every time I breakdown ♥

In life, we do things. Some, we wish we had never done, and some we wish we could replay a million times. But they make us who we are, and in the end they shape and detail us. If we were to reserve them, we wouldn't be the person we are today. So just live. Make mistakes and have wonderful memories. But never for a second forgetwho you are, where you've been and most importantly, where you're going.

I think that's enough. I shall start booming my blog with pictures now.
Okay shut up. I know I look super tanned in the photos. Its a long story & I don't wanna repeat it.

Hi. So like I said,  I was chiu gap stressed out. I need a bear to hug. So after my class ended, le awesomez boyfriend brought me out to EAT. YAY FOOD. But today is a special day. Cause its the first time he's driving me out! Double YAY! I don't have to drive anymore! I haz a driver that will take me wherever I want.

I actually wanted to eat something more meaty & fat. But today's a Friday. And my stupid boyfriend cannot eat meat on Fridays. Its a Christian thing, I think. So he somehow talked me (forced me) into eating Sushi King. Eww. I think the only thing I ate was just SALMON SALMON SALMON. Oh yeah. He can eat fish though. Another long story, cause he said fish is not a land animal or something.

I felt much better after talking and pouring out everything to him. I felt relieved. 
I felt much much better after eating. Like every bad thing just seem to have disappeared.

I was so happy, therefore I BOUGHT A BROOM! 
See? Random. haha

Me: Ehh! I want this broom!
Kaichen: Want the broom for what? -.-
Me: To clean my toilet lah!
Kaichen: You come here to buy toilet broom ah?
Me: I've been looking for this for very long liao leh!

Kaichen: Ahh. I tell you ah. You buy already, you hold it yourself!
Me: OKAY.jpg T__T
I swear I needa cut my hair O__O
And then we went to Serdang to fetch Celine home from her tuition class.

I guess that's about it. My class ends at 6pm almost everyday! And I think I've been going out every night this whole week. Really? Is that all I've been doing? Fuckkkk no. I am not lazy. Don't you dare say that about me ever again. I might go out a lot but I am NOT lazy when it comes to studies. *Random rage O_O* Need to start cutting down on every thing. Food especially

1) Need to start sleeping early. Pimples T_T
2) Need to stop going out and going home so late.
3) Need to stop calling people. Phone bill. !@#$%^&*
4) Need to stop procrastinating.
5) Need to start finishing my work on time.
6) Need to get another bottle anti-dandruff shampoo. LOL.
7) Need to cut my hair soon. Major hair fall problem.
8) Need to complain about lousy lecturers.
9) Need to stop dropping my stuffs in class. (Phone especially)
10) Need to stop eating so much.
11) Need to do everything else.

I'm gonna stop procrastinating & start pulling up my socks. I'm way behind but I know I can catch up!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 ❣

Dumpling anyone?

Just like any other day...

I love carpooling with my friends. hahaha. Ahmong's car went to see the doctor, so I'll be driving all of them these few days.


In the car, on the way to fetch ChiJiang & Ahmong.

Me: I damn tired loh.
Melissa: Haha. zomokk?
Me: I woke up at 8am, picked up my phone & I saw a text from Ahmong.
Melissa: Ahh hahh...
Me: He say his car went to service wohh! And wants me to drive everyone there. So last minute you know? I had to finish brushing up & get dressed within 20 minutes. And I haven't even shit yet!


In the car, on the way yo uni. *Ahmong was closing his eyes & trying to sleep*

Me: Eh guys...
Everyone: What?
Me: I want to fart leh. How?

*Ahmong's eyes went WIDE OPEN!* hahaha!

Melissa: YERR! *opens the window*
Me: Okay. Farted.

*Ahmong started sniffing around* HAHAHA.

Few mins later...
Traffic jamming down Old Klang Road.

Melissa: Why?! Ni zo mok?
Me: Wo yao da bian lehh! Beh tahan. Stomach hen pain! I cannot drive!
Melissa: HOW?
Me: Ahmong! Can I stop somewhere & you take over me?
Ahmong: Really ah? Ok ah!

Few secs later.

Me: Ok lah. Bu tong liao :)


Reached UTAR. Looking for parking.

Melissa: Mei you parking leh! HOW?!
Me: Dui loh! Wo bu yao double park leh!
Ahmong: Ehh! Yesterday Junhao kena saman leh!
Me: Why?!
Ahmong: Cause double park lah!
Me: Okay lah. I don't care. You all better find parking for me or else you all cannot go down the car!!

Drove around like 2142348 times already & still couldn't find a parking.

Me: FINE LAH! Double park!
Ahmong: Park where?
Me: Of course in front of UTAR gate lah! Want to double park also double park nearer lah!
Melissa: YA LOH.


In the evening. Heading home from uni.
Me: Me too! I only ate one stupid mini sausage bun since I woke up!
Melissa: Wo ye shi chi liao yi li mian bao ba le.

Suddenly passed by a Dumpling Truck.

Melissa: AHH! You should've stop!
Me: Nehmind nehmind! In front got another one!
Melissa: You sure or not?
Me: Sure lah! Cause I remembered I missed this truck plenty of times liao! hahahha
Melissa: SURE?
Me: 100% lah! You so gan jiong for what? haha.
Ahmong: You two don't eat in the car ah! Later me & ChiJiang hungry also!


Me: Eh Melissa, later you go down and buy for me lah. Should I buy for my sis?
Me: Ahh... Bu yao lah. Just for myself.
Melissa: Ok. What you want?
Me: I want one dai bao, one choi bao and one cha xiu bao!
Melissa: Ohh ok. But I thought you say you don't wanna buy for your sis?
Melissa: HAH?!!? Ni yi ge ren eat so much?! Wahlao!
Melissa: I want dai bao only.
Ahmong: You all really want to buy bao ah?
Me: YES AH.What you want?
Ahmong: Aiyah. don't want to eat lah.


YAY! Dumpling truck!

Uncle: Hi! Yao sher mo?
Melissa: Liang ge dai bao, yi ge choi bao & yi ge cha xiu bao.
Uncle: OK! Yao he sher mo?
Melissa: Red bean lah.

I turned around and look to Ahmong & ChiJiang.

Me: Wehh, ni men zhen de bu yao meh?
Ahmong: Ahh! Ok lah! I go down and see got what to eat.

Both of them opened the door and got down the car.



And we end up having our dinner in the car. 
Sambil drive sambil eat. Hahahaha.

When I got home...
Mummy: Girl, yao chi fan ma?
Me: YAO!

I finished up my 大包, 菜包 & 叉烧包. And also a big bowl of rice!
I iz gonna turnz FAT! :D

Ohh this turned out to be a wordy post :O

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 ❣

Old & New.

Losing my uniqueness.

I wanted to tell you all my secrets, but you became one of them instead. Yes. How and why is this happening to me. I hate myself for this. I can't stand it. This is not me. Goh Eunice? What have I become? Since when have I started to be so playful? And we're back to the same question. Is it because I've been cage up for so long? Caged up for 4 years? Haven't stepped out of that box for so long. Haven't been paying much attention to this world at all. Let me catch my breath and take a glimpse of this situation I'm in now. Ahhh. Okay. Two words. Deep shit.

Yellooowww everyone! *happy face onz*
Ignore everything up there! YAY! Anyone out there still reading this?

I know. I iz a bad blogger! It's been more than a month. That's a new record. Anyway, let's go to the mall everybody!

I have nothing better to do than to just upload some random photos :D Uni has been a blast so far. And is also a tsunami of stress. OH MY GOD. But as you all know, no matter where I am or whatever the situation I'm in... I can always find ways to camwhore, make friends & most importantly LAUGH like mad!

Even during class!
Hi everyone! This is my JoJo! We went out together after only knowing each other for a day!
The one on the left is Christina! She's the one that holds us all together. hahah. 
The girl that's like acting 'rajin' or something is Michelle & that yamxiu guy is Vincent! :)

I know what you're thinking. But let me tell you ahh. I never 有新忘旧 lohh. That's cause most of my close high school friends are in the same university as me. So actually my 新 is my 旧! And that's cool! But still, I miss the others too. Aww. That's why I forced Daniel & Jiayan to come over to my place!

and le monster daniel!

Well, I remembered I had to drive Daniel & Jiayan home that night. We hang till about midnight. And I kinda don't have any sense of direction. I know, what a disgrace. LOL. So driving him home on such a late night was like an adventure to me. Goood time! Now I can't wait to see you Lim Lynn! I miss you so bad.

Ohh yeah! This is AhMong, my driver! YAY. He drives me to uni everyday! hahaa. Love him ttm.

I've been sleeping in class these past couple days. I just can't stand it. It's not that the class is boring. Just that I've been having only a few hours of sleep. And I just dozed off. I hate that feeling fyi. When your eye lids are as heavy as hell and you can't help but shut your eyes. You'd think to yourself 'Okay. I'll just close em for 5 seconds. Just 5 seconds.' And when you open your eyes, it's already been 5 minutes. Yes. I needa change my sleeping habit.

Hope you don't have to wait that long again for my next post. See ya!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012 ❣

The Avengers.

Yes. I haven't blogged in a long time :D

Bet you guys missed me a lot :D Here's my face.
In case you've already forgotten how I look like. HEHE
I look so much older. WHY?! D: 

I've been sleeping very late recently. Yes, I mean very very late. And I haven't been eating or exercising properly. Exercise? I haven't done that in like 3 weeks. More importantly, I haven't been drinking water regularly. So yeah. I've probably gained weight and I guess I'm starting to have pimples again. I think I'm at a very low end on the healthy meter. I've been terrible. Does that answers your 'How are you?' or 'How have you been?' questions?

Anyway, I met up with Adele @ Boulevard yesterday. Got her delicious macaroons. And I'm currenly craving for more! OMG. Yeapp. Another sign. Definitely gaining weight. I better loose em all before college starts. Uhh. Back to my story. Also went to IOI Mall to watch The Avengers with le boyfriend. And it was FREAK-IN-AWESOME. Seriously don't mind watching it again & again & again! :P Boyfiee, you up for that? 

There are like tons of hilarious quotes from the movie I feel like blurping out now. Hahahhaa. Couldn't stop laughing in the cinema. Hahaha. Anyway, I'd just like to point out something even funnier. As the movie started... *jeng jeng jeng* I SAW HER. Maria Hill! My mouth just went wide open! And I was like 'Ohh! Its Robin Scherbatsky!'

If you watch How I Met Your Mother, you'd know who am I talking about. She looks so cool in The Avengers. And I just couldn't get use to it! Cause she's ROBIN! And she'll always be! She's suppose to be happy, perky & cheerful. Suddenly she became so serious! *poker face* Hahaha. Every time I think about her, I'd think about her 'Let's go to the mall' MV. That is like one of my all time favourite HIMYM episodes! Hahahhaaa. Video is embed below!

And this is the Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. hahahaa.Going to die. Need to stop laughing now. HAHHAA Just so you know, the video is not her own MV. Hahahhaa. She filmed it only for the purpose of HIMYM. AHAHAHAHA. Now that's the Canadian Cobie Smulders I know! xD HAHAA. Okay. Should stop now. HAHAA

Okay. This turned out to be quite a weird blog post. hahaha. Anyway, I'll try to update as frequently as I can. I wanna go to the mall... TODAY! HAHAHAHHAAA. Okay. I think that's enough

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012 ❣

Praise me don't criticize me.


我怎么觉得,今天特别无聊... 外面天气这么好,我却呆在家里写部落格。你说,我是不是有问题?Mhmmm. 现在突然很想很想很想吃火锅! OHH 还有海鲜! OMGGZ. 本来今天下午打算驾车出去跟Kaichen吃午餐的... 可是起床后看到妈妈已经买了roti canai. So... 就在家吃吧!哈哈! 从12点起来到现在,我根本没离开过我亲爱的电脑。hehe. 哎呀, 随便update而已。跟你们分享一下我的星期三有多么的无聊 :D 而且也来这里给你们知道我的blog还活着的! :P muahahaa

Ohh 对!  你们应该很好奇吧?为什么这可爱的blogger会猛然的写华语呢?Mhmm... 其实啦,我也真的不知道。想写就写咯。是啦 我知道我的华语有点烂 T_T But as they say, confidence is everything! 当自己有信心的话别人就不会说你差咯! 对不对叻? :P 重要的是 对自己要有信心!RAARR. OK. 够了. 我觉得我很stupid.

BYE :)

Monday, April 16, 2012 ❣

Adventure at Bukit Cahaya!

Hello hello!
I've just uploaded about 200 photos of our little adventure to Taman Pertanian on Facebook! I really can't upload everything on my blog. I mean, are you MAD?! Okay anyway... Imma just upload the few *coughs* PHOTOS OF THE DAY! :)

But first, I would like to proudly say that we successfully navigated ourselves to Taman Pertanian with the least help from our stupid GPS. We just used the GPS that was implanted into my head when I was born :P Have to thank my parents for thinking of that wonderful idea back in 1994 :) Hahaha. Okay, joking. My mom drew a map for me to get from my house all the way to Shah Alam. And it was our first time driving to Shah Alam so early in the morning! :D LOL. And on a Sunday too! haha.

P/S : I didn't resize some of the pics. So if your line's slow, it might take a while to load :P

 HIHI. The kawaii blogger waiting in the car! :P

Our adventure album on facebook is filled with photos of people with ugly and sweaty faces. 
Just like this one! And this was before everything started. I look so cacat! :D

Friday, March 30, 2012 ❣

Boring weekdays.

Get the title? D:

I bought myself a silver necklace as a reward for my recent achievements. 
Haha. Son of biatchhh. I feel awesome :D 

Anyway, it's days like these I just feel like dying. And not to mention the recent weather. Hot like slut man -_- Feels like a freaking sauna every time I step out of my air-conditioned room. I'm always rotting at home in the afternoon, but always as busy as a beaver when it comes to night as I have shit loads of tuition at night. I'm just like a dracula. Muahahaa. Wait. draculas are afraid of sun right? Aihhh whatever.

 I have a feeling this is just gonna be a 'Hey, this is what I did today!' blog post. hahaha. Excuse me :P 

Out of boredom, obviously, Phyllis & I crashed Carrie's house today. HAHA.We drove out to Jusco just to buy this weird Korean instant noodle thing which cost about 17 bucks -__- No idea why it's so expensive. Doesn't taste any less different that maggi or anything. Also headed to Watson to buy a box of Liese bubble hair dye for Carrie!

FYI, they were preparing food for me. lol.
The 3 of us ate 4 packets. I swear I was about to go booom. 

Me scrubbing her head. hahah. 

This was what Phyllis & I did to her hair! 
Hahaha. So traditional! :) Ummm.

Carrie using the computer. This made me laugh till I start crying! HAHAHA. 
Her hair just look so nice k! Amazing. It didn't fall. haha. Even after 45 minutes. 

I guess I'm done blogging. Let's talk about me! Imma going to UTAR to do foundation in science :) And for my degree... Take a wild guess :P Its like a 90% guy course. Hahaha. 

BYE :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012 ❣

It's truth day. SPM results day.

Hi world! 

For those who still don't know my results yet, I'm not gonna tell you yet :P Hahahha. Guess you have to read every single word in this post to find where is it! But I am on top of the world now! I only took 8 subjects. I know. 'I thought subscience got 9 subjects one?!' Yeahh. I dropped my accounts lah ok? And I guess I have no regrets? I mean, I suck at accounts. Like, to the max. I even hated account when they had it in KH during form 2. Anyway back to my story.

Today is truth day. Today is to find out whether all my handwork was enough. To determine my next step in life. I was so nervous. So there you see me. Praying before I get my results. What was going on in my head? BLANK. Nothing but a piece a dark and endless image. My hands were practically shaking when i was taking my results.

But enough of that first. Let me start again. hahaa. I can't just jump to the climax of the story right? And spoil all the suspension? wtflol. KK. Most of my pictures today are vertical. So it's very very LONG. One of the disadvantages of this camera. Something I really dislike about it. Anyway, we're suppose to reach school at 11am. But, I was so anxious. I slept at 3am and woke up at 7am! And I just lay there and stared at the ceiling until 10.30am. My cute friend Ahmong fetched me to school today!

Woke up and got dressed :)

So, it felt very awkward walking into our school. Is it still our school? hahhaa. Maybe it's because I haven't been there in a very long time. Or maybe it just felt weird not wearing my school uniform into the school. Hahha. Whatever it is. I sure as hell miss that place! I really do. But time just flew by. OKOK. So we walked to Dewan Gemilang and saw like hundreds of animals crowding there. Okay, I'm exaggerating. Everyone was nervous.
Hi! This is my 5 years BFF, Melissa Foo Lye Eng :)
And my die hard BFF, Daniel Wong Chun Yee! :) 

I really just felt like kissing them when I saw them! Oh god. Anyway, we were done fooling around and headed back to the dewan and be crazy nervous people like everyone else. I swear I almost threw up. My heart beating faster and faster each second.

And another BEFORE-RESULTS face!

Was so nervous! So I thought. OK! Camwhore! Let's camwhore! Can ease ourselves a bit!
So I just grabbed the closest person to me. And hey! It's ahfoo!
But I can't take it anymore! 
Cause it was already our turn!
And this was my form teacher Ms Yang! I was like 'Miss Yang! Don't show me my results first!'
Hahha. you can see her folding up my results in her hands. 

After I've sign off. I grabbed my results and practically RAN to the back! All my friends just rushed to me like a big tsunami saying 'Eunice eunice!! What you get?! How many As!' But I haven't even looked at it yet! I told them to let me be alone for a while. That piece of paper was in my hands. I was so afraid to turn it over. I turn it over and folded it. And I slide it down slowly. BM * B, English * A+, Moral * A-.... And then I just dragged the whole thing down! I read through it and few seconds later. 


Suddenly all my friends turn over to me and that big tsunami came back! 5A'sand 3B's. Melissa gave me a high-5! We had almost all of the same results! Omgz! But I can't believe i got a B+ for chem. BUT NO MATTER! Minutes later after all my friends started saying, 'EUNICE AHH! HEN HAO LEH!' ...

I started to burst out in tears! I was crying and laughing at the same time! I looked so fucking ugly! But I just couldn't seem to stop. Some people even came to me and said 'Ehh! Don't cry lah! It couldn't be that bad! SPM is not everything.' HAHA

I called my mom and told her my results. She said she was very proud of me. After calling her. I called KaiChen. He was coming to school late that day and he told me to call him as soon as I got my results. Although I really couldn't remember what he said to me after I told him though. LOL. I think it was GONG XI! KAI XIN LO NI? Hahaha. haha.
And so, after all of us got our results, we headed off to the nearest karaoke place. IOI Mall. To sing our heart out. But first, we ate at some place called I DON'T KNOW. The food there sucks. Service sucks even more. I mean, I don't know about you but, I didn't like it. They served me with a very black face.
I swear man, they kept choosing those chinese song I never even heard of. dafuq right? hahaha
So I told them, I'm gonna camwhore every one time I hear a chinese song I don't know HAHAA.

And then my camera battery died. Dang it! Knew I should've charge it. Uhh. Ohh well, I guess no more pictures. HAHA. I cried 3 times today. One, because of my results. Two and three are because of my friends. All of us sang 周华健-朋友 and cried! SO HARD! For almost half an hour. Before we left the room. We hugged each other! I jut couldn't stop sobbing. Even had difficulty breathing.

Next thing to worry about is where & what to study. And also my driving test tomorrow! 
Wish me luck guys! T_T I need all the luck I can get!

Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤