Monday, January 30, 2012 ❣

Chinese New Year Eve.

Happy Dragon Year!

Oh Chinese New Year. One of my favourite holiday celebrations! I love CNY because I get to eat good food and also receive tons of red packets! How can anyone not be happy? Anyway, Happy and Prosperous Dragon New Year everyone!

And of course I had a reunion dinner with my family during the eve of Chinese New Year. Like who doesn't, right? lol. So yeahh. My big big family and I dined @ Oriental banquet, PJ. Not gonna crap much about it. Shall just let the pictures do the talking :P

So this is basically the MOST important dish of the day. LOU SANG! :P But honestly speaking, I don't really like it. I just enjoy mixing everything! Hahaa. But I can't just mix and not eat. So I still end up gobbling down a few pieces of crackers. Heh

HIHI. This is my lil sis goheueve. She's saying 'Look! I have big big teeth!'

And my second sister. goheuwern! My camera was just booming with all of her photos. 

And well, there's me :D

My mama & the big teeth girl! :)

Granddad & the big teeth girl again!

The wonderful, stupid, problematic, lovable sister! :) Anyway, wait for my next post! Will be updating about Chu 1 till Chu 4. Yay! Right after I've collected all the pictures lah of course! I know all of you are very anxious too! Muahahaaa.  So errhh. This turned out to be quite a pleasant post, no? :P

There's one more thing. After Jiayan's suggestion, I've finally downloaded 酷我音乐 to my phone. And then only i noticed something very very very super duper saddening! No doubt, its a heck of an awesome app! BUT.... I NO KNOW HOW TO SEE CHINESE. omgwtfbbqshittt. Okay lah. I'm exaggerating. It's not that I don't know how to read. Just why must it be so hard to understand?! Menu then menu lah. Why 菜单?! Sounds like I'm about to order some spaghetti or something. LOL.

I feel so stupid. I kept looking at the 扫描歌曲 button thingy and then i clicked it. After that, I clicked something like a 'favourite' thing. I don't know lah. And then it load, showing a stupid cat panda on the screen. I have many songs in my phone, so I waited for like 3 minutes staring at that ugly cat panda. And then? I was so stupid to click again! LOL! Wanted to kill myself. After a while only I realized what 扫描 really means! wttfff. Scan till my phone boom ah! My chinese really deteriorated maxx!

Okay, wasted your time reading about my music app.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 21, 2012 ❣

Failure in love.

Hello lovelies!
 Its been a while again hasn't it? 

Just so you know. I'm not a liar. This time, I am not lying. And I am not playing either. It's over. Stop asking. Anyway, you may see me wearing a ring necklace in most of my pictures. It has been on my neck for already two years. And only till now do I really understand what it means. There's this indian guy at my work place, he asked me if I knew what it meant. I said, i have no idea. Apparently wearing a ring on a string means 'Failure In Love'. Mhmm. Seems so? 

I will blog soon. Happy Chinese New Year! 

Monday, January 16, 2012 ❣

In another life.

Hello love! :) 

I've just finished my first 3 days of work. So now I can chill & rot for 4 freaking days! :D How awesome? Gives me so much time to catch up on everything. Like movies and of course to study my undang. Why the hell am I keep procrastinating? Uhh. Whatever. Speaking of movies! Fairy Tail episode 113 is out today! Yay! Another thing for me to watch.

My fringe just suddenly BOOOM, became oh-so-long. And my sis Wendy kept telling me that I look old with side parting. So yeah. Back to my old center parting again. 

Besides this 3 days of work, I've been going out everyday. Shopping everyday. And I'm still not done yet. I'm only got like 3 sets of CNY clothes. So yeah. Heading to Pyramid (again) this Wednesday. Well, seriously doubt I'd find anything there. I mean, I've been there 3 times this month. And also with the same reason, that is to shop for CNY clothes. So yeah. If that fails, which I know it will. I have a back up plan. HAHA! After going to Pyramid on Wednesday. I'm going to MidValley again on Thursday. See?! I'm such a smart cookie! :P I don't care. I have to get that slim cut jeans & high waist shorts! And many more weird looking tops!

Anyway, I'm going back to my childish self and start gaming again. And when I say game, I mean XDO! Muahahaha :D Well, I feel like I have all the time in the world so... what the hell right? Hehee. But I should really stop procrastinating. I need to get my licence as soon as possible! I don't feel like I'm 18 without it! GO GOH GO! Hwaiting! *Ohhh! I just said that in a korean accent! likeaboss :P

Lately I've been talking a lot with my parents about my studies. Okay well, not talking maybe, more like listening. Since they are the ones paying my uni fees, I guess I don't have much of a choice huh? HAHAHA. So yeah. Conclusion? ADP 2+2 in Marketing & Sociology. Okay maybe 3+1? I don't know. But my daddy's kinda like anxious to send me to America and let me live alone! T_T NOOOO DADDYY NOOOO!!

Okay then. I have nothing else to blab about. So yeahh. Gonna watch my Fairy Tail naoo. ttfn!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 ❣

At ease.

Hello world! 

I'm getting sloppier and sloppier by the second. Its 2012 and the pictures I've taken don't even exceed the number of fingers I have. Dang it! If only I had pictures.. Sigh. I'd be updating my blog everyday! I seriously don't mind updating my blog without posting any pictures. Seriously, I don't. But it'll be boring for you guys. Haha. Anyway, its been a while. Hehe. I feel the need to blog. Its like I have a lot to say. A bunch of stories to tell. But is anyone out there still reading my blog? Saying hello to my loyal readers and passerby! I'm not working at Jusco anymore. I sudah beh tahan. I very 半途而废 hor? Wait, not even 半 ah! 1/4 only! Uhh. I'm now working in my mama's office. And also home tutoring =) I feel so relaxed and happy. HAHA.

Mhmm. So what do I have to crap about today? Well, I've been hanging out with Jiayan like everyday since SPM ended. Haha. Okay. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But since I haven't got my stupid licence yet, she's always driving me around. Bringing me to places I don't know and don't wanna go. Just like today, she called my like a thousand times just to wake me up in the morning and FORCE me to go to Sunway Pyramid with her. Hahaa. I love her so much, she love me so much. I can't say no right? So I was dragged to Pyramid with her to do her CNY shopping.

Ahh. Shouldn't say it like it was something bad for me. I'm actually glad she dragged me out. Why? Because I found my one true love today! Okay, maybe my temporary one true love. HAHA. OMG.

Got this heels from Shoez Obsession. Once I step foot into Sunway Pyramid, I told Jiayan 'I'm not going home until I buy myself a pair of heels!'. We walked for almost 2 hours & I haven't see any nice shoes. Then we suddenly decided to go to Asian Avenue. I usually don't go up there, well, for some lames reasons lah. But I'm glad we went there. HAHA. Or else I wouldn't have found you!

Besides this colour, it's beige is it? I'm not too sure. LOL. There were also black & brown. I was so confused and didn't know which to choose. So I told the worker to let me try all 3 of them! lol. HAHAA. And at the end, it came down to the brown one or the beige one. I still didn't know which to choose. So i just asked the guy worker which one would he choose. So he made his decision, then I bought it. HAHA.

We bought a lot of clothes today. When we head back to the car, we noticed the back seat was all filled with out shopping bags! But my CNY shopping is still not over yet. I haven't get enough and haven't get everything i want :P Muahahahaa.

Okayyy. So what else have I been doing. OHH! There was one night where I was so freakin bored, I decided to make something. Yeah. When I had that thought, I still didn't know what I was about to make. I took out an old box, some old newspapers and a few paper cups. Stick everything together with tape, made PVA glue and then paper mache the whole thing. Waited a night for whole thing to be dry. Then I painted it! Wheeee!

And guess what? It looks hideous! HAHA.

My younger sis said, 'TAKE IT OUT OF THE ROOM! I cannot change with that thing in here!!'. LOL! Hahaha. And my maid said, 'Wehhh eunice! Suka buat kakak takut! Buang lah!'. Hahahah!! I know. It looks retarded and more importantly PERVERTED! Maybe I can put him outside my room to scare little kids away. HAHA. I named him Mr. Green! How awesomez!

Anyway, I was rummaging through one of my pendrive just now and suddenly stumble upon this picture.

Was taken in 2010. When i look at this picture, a tornado of bad memories just rushed back in to my mind. It's over. It's all over. I don't regret every bad thing that happened to me in the past. I wouldn't want to change anything that happened. I'm glad actually. Because without everything that happened, I wouldn't learn how to appreciate the people that care about me. It all made me stronger :) I wouldn't want to change anything, because the timing now is simply PERFECT.

OHH! Tomorrow is J Card Members' Day @ Jusco, Equine Park! Anyone going? HAHA. I AM!

Well, I think this is a long enough post. Good night everyone!

Thursday, January 5, 2012 ❣

2012 post #1

YO? :D

And so, my first post of the year! Never though I'd be doing it just one an hour before I go to work. Aww. I won't be blogging that often as I have work, work & work. But no matter my lovely creatures! I shall do the best I can :P I will stop soon & will start doing something more productive. Believe me, I really do feel like blogging. Anyway, how's the new years treating me? Like I said, work, work & work. So what do you think? I've only worked for 4 days, but I really seems like its been 4 years. KILL ME PLEASE. Uhh. Not only that, I've been forced to listen to CNY songs throughout my WHOLE working session! SIEN DAO!

Anyway, I'm eighteen! Awesome? Hahaha. I can't wait to get my SPM results & start studying again. I feel so empty without books or having the need to study for a test. Sigh. Oh well. I know the time will come, eventually. Just hope time will go by a lil faster now. AHH! But can't really complain about work lah actually. Cause the up side about it is that I get to see Jiayan, Eugene & Melissa EVERYDAY. If you must know, I'm working in Jusco. Kinda regret. Cause they have like loads of strict rules here. Like, your hair MUST be in a bun. Nails MUST be short. And MUST not wear more than a pair of earrings. GOD! Its like high school all over again!

Oh yeah! I will be tutoring Mathematics & maybe English for Form 2 & PMR students. Anyone interested? :D Don't shy shy lahh. Just PM me on facebook or mail me for more info! I gotta go get ready for work now. Taaa!
Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤