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Chinese New Year Eve.

Happy Dragon Year!
Oh Chinese New Year. One of my favourite holiday celebrations! I love CNY because I get to eat good food and also receive tons of red packets! How can anyone not be happy? Anyway, Happy and Prosperous Dragon New Year everyone!

And of course I had a reunion dinner with my family during the eve of Chinese New Year. Like who doesn't, right? lol. So yeahh. My big big family and I dined @ Oriental banquet, PJ. Not gonna crap much about it. Shall just let the pictures do the talking :P

So this is basically the MOST important dish of the day. LOU SANG! :P But honestly speaking, I don't really like it. I just enjoy mixing everything! Hahaa. But I can't just mix and not eat. So I still end up gobbling down a few pieces of crackers. Heh

HIHI. This is my lil sis goheueve. She's saying 'Look! I have big big teeth!'

And my second sister. goheuwern! My camera was just booming with all of her photos. 

And well, there's me :D

My mama & the big teeth …

Failure in love.

Hello lovelies!  Its been a while again hasn't it? 

Just so you know. I'm not a liar. This time, I am not lying. And I am not playing either. It's over. Stop asking. Anyway, you may see me wearing a ring necklace in most of my pictures. It has been on my neck for already two years. And only till now do I really understand what it means. There's this indian guy at my work place, he asked me if I knew what it meant. I said, i have no idea. Apparently wearing a ring on a string means 'Failure In Love'. Mhmm. Seems so? 
I will blog soon. Happy Chinese New Year!

In another life.

Hello love! :) 
I've just finished my first 3 days of work. So now I can chill & rot for 4 freaking days! :D How awesome? Gives me so much time to catch up on everything. Like movies and of course to study my undang. Why the hell am I keep procrastinating? Uhh. Whatever. Speaking of movies! Fairy Tail episode 113 is out today! Yay! Another thing for me to watch.

My fringe just suddenly BOOOM, became oh-so-long. And my sis Wendy kept telling me that I look old with side parting. So yeah. Back to my old center parting again. 
Besides this 3 days of work, I've been going out everyday. Shopping everyday. And I'm still not done yet. I'm only got like 3 sets of CNY clothes. So yeah. Heading to Pyramid (again) this Wednesday. Well, seriously doubt I'd find anything there. I mean, I've been there 3 times this month. And also with the same reason, that is to shop for CNY clothes. So yeah. If that fails, which I know it will. I have a back up plan. HAHA! After going …

At ease.

Hello world! ♥

I'm getting sloppier and sloppier by the second. Its 2012 and the pictures I've taken don't even exceed the number of fingers I have. Dang it! If only I had pictures.. Sigh. I'd be updating my blog everyday! I seriously don't mind updating my blog without posting any pictures. Seriously, I don't. But it'll be boring for you guys. Haha. Anyway, its been a while. Hehe. I feel the need to blog. Its like I have a lot to say. A bunch of stories to tell. But is anyone out there still reading my blog? Saying hello to my loyal readers and passerby! I'm not working at Jusco anymore. I sudah beh tahan. I very 半途而废 hor? Wait, not even 半 ah! 1/4 only! Uhh. I'm now working in my mama's office. And also home tutoring =) I feel so relaxed and happy. HAHA.

Mhmm. So what do I have to crap about today? Well, I've been hanging out with Jiayan like everyday since SPM ended. Haha. Okay. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But since I haven't got …