Monday, January 30, 2012 ❣

Chinese New Year Eve.

Happy Dragon Year!

Oh Chinese New Year. One of my favourite holiday celebrations! I love CNY because I get to eat good food and also receive tons of red packets! How can anyone not be happy? Anyway, Happy and Prosperous Dragon New Year everyone!

And of course I had a reunion dinner with my family during the eve of Chinese New Year. Like who doesn't, right? lol. So yeahh. My big big family and I dined @ Oriental banquet, PJ. Not gonna crap much about it. Shall just let the pictures do the talking :P

So this is basically the MOST important dish of the day. LOU SANG! :P But honestly speaking, I don't really like it. I just enjoy mixing everything! Hahaa. But I can't just mix and not eat. So I still end up gobbling down a few pieces of crackers. Heh

HIHI. This is my lil sis goheueve. She's saying 'Look! I have big big teeth!'

And my second sister. goheuwern! My camera was just booming with all of her photos. 

And well, there's me :D

My mama & the big teeth girl! :)

Granddad & the big teeth girl again!

The wonderful, stupid, problematic, lovable sister! :) Anyway, wait for my next post! Will be updating about Chu 1 till Chu 4. Yay! Right after I've collected all the pictures lah of course! I know all of you are very anxious too! Muahahaaa.  So errhh. This turned out to be quite a pleasant post, no? :P

There's one more thing. After Jiayan's suggestion, I've finally downloaded 酷我音乐 to my phone. And then only i noticed something very very very super duper saddening! No doubt, its a heck of an awesome app! BUT.... I NO KNOW HOW TO SEE CHINESE. omgwtfbbqshittt. Okay lah. I'm exaggerating. It's not that I don't know how to read. Just why must it be so hard to understand?! Menu then menu lah. Why 菜单?! Sounds like I'm about to order some spaghetti or something. LOL.

I feel so stupid. I kept looking at the 扫描歌曲 button thingy and then i clicked it. After that, I clicked something like a 'favourite' thing. I don't know lah. And then it load, showing a stupid cat panda on the screen. I have many songs in my phone, so I waited for like 3 minutes staring at that ugly cat panda. And then? I was so stupid to click again! LOL! Wanted to kill myself. After a while only I realized what 扫描 really means! wttfff. Scan till my phone boom ah! My chinese really deteriorated maxx!

Okay, wasted your time reading about my music app.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 21, 2012 ❣

Failure in love.

Hello lovelies!
 Its been a while again hasn't it? 

Just so you know. I'm not a liar. This time, I am not lying. And I am not playing either. It's over. Stop asking. Anyway, you may see me wearing a ring necklace in most of my pictures. It has been on my neck for already two years. And only till now do I really understand what it means. There's this indian guy at my work place, he asked me if I knew what it meant. I said, i have no idea. Apparently wearing a ring on a string means 'Failure In Love'. Mhmm. Seems so? 

I will blog soon. Happy Chinese New Year! 
Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤