Thursday, January 5, 2012 ❣

2012 post #1

YO? :D

And so, my first post of the year! Never though I'd be doing it just one an hour before I go to work. Aww. I won't be blogging that often as I have work, work & work. But no matter my lovely creatures! I shall do the best I can :P I will stop soon & will start doing something more productive. Believe me, I really do feel like blogging. Anyway, how's the new years treating me? Like I said, work, work & work. So what do you think? I've only worked for 4 days, but I really seems like its been 4 years. KILL ME PLEASE. Uhh. Not only that, I've been forced to listen to CNY songs throughout my WHOLE working session! SIEN DAO!

Anyway, I'm eighteen! Awesome? Hahaha. I can't wait to get my SPM results & start studying again. I feel so empty without books or having the need to study for a test. Sigh. Oh well. I know the time will come, eventually. Just hope time will go by a lil faster now. AHH! But can't really complain about work lah actually. Cause the up side about it is that I get to see Jiayan, Eugene & Melissa EVERYDAY. If you must know, I'm working in Jusco. Kinda regret. Cause they have like loads of strict rules here. Like, your hair MUST be in a bun. Nails MUST be short. And MUST not wear more than a pair of earrings. GOD! Its like high school all over again!

Oh yeah! I will be tutoring Mathematics & maybe English for Form 2 & PMR students. Anyone interested? :D Don't shy shy lahh. Just PM me on facebook or mail me for more info! I gotta go get ready for work now. Taaa!

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