Monday, January 30, 2012 ❣

Chinese New Year Eve.

Happy Dragon Year!

Oh Chinese New Year. One of my favourite holiday celebrations! I love CNY because I get to eat good food and also receive tons of red packets! How can anyone not be happy? Anyway, Happy and Prosperous Dragon New Year everyone!

And of course I had a reunion dinner with my family during the eve of Chinese New Year. Like who doesn't, right? lol. So yeahh. My big big family and I dined @ Oriental banquet, PJ. Not gonna crap much about it. Shall just let the pictures do the talking :P

So this is basically the MOST important dish of the day. LOU SANG! :P But honestly speaking, I don't really like it. I just enjoy mixing everything! Hahaa. But I can't just mix and not eat. So I still end up gobbling down a few pieces of crackers. Heh

HIHI. This is my lil sis goheueve. She's saying 'Look! I have big big teeth!'

And my second sister. goheuwern! My camera was just booming with all of her photos. 

And well, there's me :D

My mama & the big teeth girl! :)

Granddad & the big teeth girl again!

The wonderful, stupid, problematic, lovable sister! :) Anyway, wait for my next post! Will be updating about Chu 1 till Chu 4. Yay! Right after I've collected all the pictures lah of course! I know all of you are very anxious too! Muahahaaa.  So errhh. This turned out to be quite a pleasant post, no? :P

There's one more thing. After Jiayan's suggestion, I've finally downloaded 酷我音乐 to my phone. And then only i noticed something very very very super duper saddening! No doubt, its a heck of an awesome app! BUT.... I NO KNOW HOW TO SEE CHINESE. omgwtfbbqshittt. Okay lah. I'm exaggerating. It's not that I don't know how to read. Just why must it be so hard to understand?! Menu then menu lah. Why 菜单?! Sounds like I'm about to order some spaghetti or something. LOL.

I feel so stupid. I kept looking at the 扫描歌曲 button thingy and then i clicked it. After that, I clicked something like a 'favourite' thing. I don't know lah. And then it load, showing a stupid cat panda on the screen. I have many songs in my phone, so I waited for like 3 minutes staring at that ugly cat panda. And then? I was so stupid to click again! LOL! Wanted to kill myself. After a while only I realized what 扫描 really means! wttfff. Scan till my phone boom ah! My chinese really deteriorated maxx!

Okay, wasted your time reading about my music app.

Stay tuned.

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