Wednesday, January 11, 2012 ❣

At ease.

Hello world! 

I'm getting sloppier and sloppier by the second. Its 2012 and the pictures I've taken don't even exceed the number of fingers I have. Dang it! If only I had pictures.. Sigh. I'd be updating my blog everyday! I seriously don't mind updating my blog without posting any pictures. Seriously, I don't. But it'll be boring for you guys. Haha. Anyway, its been a while. Hehe. I feel the need to blog. Its like I have a lot to say. A bunch of stories to tell. But is anyone out there still reading my blog? Saying hello to my loyal readers and passerby! I'm not working at Jusco anymore. I sudah beh tahan. I very 半途而废 hor? Wait, not even 半 ah! 1/4 only! Uhh. I'm now working in my mama's office. And also home tutoring =) I feel so relaxed and happy. HAHA.

Mhmm. So what do I have to crap about today? Well, I've been hanging out with Jiayan like everyday since SPM ended. Haha. Okay. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But since I haven't got my stupid licence yet, she's always driving me around. Bringing me to places I don't know and don't wanna go. Just like today, she called my like a thousand times just to wake me up in the morning and FORCE me to go to Sunway Pyramid with her. Hahaa. I love her so much, she love me so much. I can't say no right? So I was dragged to Pyramid with her to do her CNY shopping.

Ahh. Shouldn't say it like it was something bad for me. I'm actually glad she dragged me out. Why? Because I found my one true love today! Okay, maybe my temporary one true love. HAHA. OMG.

Got this heels from Shoez Obsession. Once I step foot into Sunway Pyramid, I told Jiayan 'I'm not going home until I buy myself a pair of heels!'. We walked for almost 2 hours & I haven't see any nice shoes. Then we suddenly decided to go to Asian Avenue. I usually don't go up there, well, for some lames reasons lah. But I'm glad we went there. HAHA. Or else I wouldn't have found you!

Besides this colour, it's beige is it? I'm not too sure. LOL. There were also black & brown. I was so confused and didn't know which to choose. So I told the worker to let me try all 3 of them! lol. HAHAA. And at the end, it came down to the brown one or the beige one. I still didn't know which to choose. So i just asked the guy worker which one would he choose. So he made his decision, then I bought it. HAHA.

We bought a lot of clothes today. When we head back to the car, we noticed the back seat was all filled with out shopping bags! But my CNY shopping is still not over yet. I haven't get enough and haven't get everything i want :P Muahahahaa.

Okayyy. So what else have I been doing. OHH! There was one night where I was so freakin bored, I decided to make something. Yeah. When I had that thought, I still didn't know what I was about to make. I took out an old box, some old newspapers and a few paper cups. Stick everything together with tape, made PVA glue and then paper mache the whole thing. Waited a night for whole thing to be dry. Then I painted it! Wheeee!

And guess what? It looks hideous! HAHA.

My younger sis said, 'TAKE IT OUT OF THE ROOM! I cannot change with that thing in here!!'. LOL! Hahaha. And my maid said, 'Wehhh eunice! Suka buat kakak takut! Buang lah!'. Hahahah!! I know. It looks retarded and more importantly PERVERTED! Maybe I can put him outside my room to scare little kids away. HAHA. I named him Mr. Green! How awesomez!

Anyway, I was rummaging through one of my pendrive just now and suddenly stumble upon this picture.

Was taken in 2010. When i look at this picture, a tornado of bad memories just rushed back in to my mind. It's over. It's all over. I don't regret every bad thing that happened to me in the past. I wouldn't want to change anything that happened. I'm glad actually. Because without everything that happened, I wouldn't learn how to appreciate the people that care about me. It all made me stronger :) I wouldn't want to change anything, because the timing now is simply PERFECT.

OHH! Tomorrow is J Card Members' Day @ Jusco, Equine Park! Anyone going? HAHA. I AM!

Well, I think this is a long enough post. Good night everyone!


  1. I saw you at pyra today! You are so tall!!! O_O

  2. I WANT THOSE HEELS! FREAKIN NICE! But in brown, hah.

  3. Nice heels la, Eunice! :) I love that pattern so much.
    I also want to buy a heels :3

  4. Emily Babe,
    You saw me? :O Should've said hi to me. Hahah! I'm not that tall actually :X

    Kitty Jade,
    The brown one was nice too D: Ahem. Nicer i think :/

    Fish Bab,
    Thanks dear! Yeah. Have been looking for these heels for a long time! Finally found them!

  5. How much are those shoes, babe? Nowadays very heng this style hahaa. My shop got sell too (:

  6. Raine Lee,
    I bought them for RM99.90. They're quite comfortable too!


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤