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Hi. New to

Hello peepo! :)
It's almost 1am. And why the hell am I even blogging now? Everyone's already asleep. Mehh, no surprises actually. I mean like, I always go to bed at like 6 in the morning. So yeah. Don't ask me what time I get outta bed. Frightening. Seriously. Sometimes I'm not even up when my sister comes back from school. And just so you know... She's afternoon class *coughs. Wait wait. Let me rephrase that.. Shouldn't be 'sometimes'. It was 'ONCE'. Mmoi gam kua jiong. haha.
Anyway, I also have no idea what to blog about. Well, today one of my friend introduced me to this new app. It's call Some sort of Instagram wannabe app. Except that its available for andriod too :D Hoorayyy. Actually kinda have been waiting for something like this for a long time. So I downloaded it! Woohooo.
After using it for like 10 minutes, I've totally fallen in love with it! Ohh yeahhh. Except for that two fcking unattractive black colour so-call…

Another new blog header.

Hellohh everyone :D

As you can see I've officially changed my blog header, again. Ok don't judge me. The previous one was old and has been there for almost half a year. So stfu. Although I still think the previous one looks nicer. I mean like, i know i look super chio in this (okayy HAHA.), but I look freakin awesome in the other one. Oh yeahh. Hate on me. HAHAHA. But you gotta admit, the mustache makes me look like super mario! Love it!

Uhh. Sometimes I just love this feeling. Everytime it comes around, it'll stay till i'm 100% satisfied. The urge to change my blog header or template lah I mean. I just makes me feel less lifeless. lol hahah. But sometimes kinda irritating. Cause it'll take me up to at least 4 hours. Imagine that, 4-8 hours of sitting in front of the computer staring at html codes.

Anyway, I'm bored. Any nice blogs to read? In need of them! D:

2NE1 - Lonely Cover.

Aloha everyone! :D

Okay. So hi everyone! I won't be giving you one of my very famous and stupid excuses for not blogging today. Because this time it's not that I have no time. I have loads of time. Just that I have absolutely NOTHING to blog about. lol. Yeah. Imagine that. I am so lifeless. Working & going out everyday. But there is one important thing that happened... I passed my undang test! WHOOOSHHH!!

And oh yeah. There's also this other thing I can think about blogging now is.. MY NEW COVER! :D I stayed up all night with my cousin & sister just to record this! We practically slept at 5am that night. Well, most of it is because we were talking and fooling around. hahaha. Anyway, the video is here. We're covering 2NE1's Lonely. Nega che chalaga! LOL. We are Blackjacks!

So, watch, like & also subscribe!

Okay. So I said we stayed up till 5am making this cover right? Well, guess what we end up doing in the morning when we woke up. The video was halfway …