Friday, February 24, 2012 ❣

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Hello peepo! :)

It's almost 1am. And why the hell am I even blogging now? Everyone's already asleep. Mehh, no surprises actually. I mean like, I always go to bed at like 6 in the morning. So yeah. Don't ask me what time I get outta bed. Frightening. Seriously. Sometimes I'm not even up when my sister comes back from school. And just so you know... She's afternoon class *coughs. Wait wait. Let me rephrase that.. Shouldn't be 'sometimes'. It was 'ONCE'. Mmoi gam kua jiong. haha.

Anyway, I also have no idea what to blog about. Well, today one of my friend introduced me to this new app. It's call Some sort of Instagram wannabe app. Except that its available for andriod too :D Hoorayyy. Actually kinda have been waiting for something like this for a long time. So I downloaded it! Woohooo.

After using it for like 10 minutes, I've totally fallen in love with it! Ohh yeahhh. Except for that two fcking unattractive black colour so-called-border-thing on both sides of the picture. Psshhh. Still trying to get rid of that. Uhh. In the learning process kkk. omgz.

I am just so amazed. WHY DIDN'T I FOUND THIS APP EARLIER! It has so many different filters. And you can also make collages! Now no matter how ugly you look in the your picture, just apply an eye-catching filter to it! Muahahaa. I have nothing else to say O_O If you haven't get this app in your phone yet, do it now! But most importantly...

Follow me on! :P
I mean like, why else would I do a blog post about it right? Uhhh.

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