Friday, March 30, 2012 ❣

Boring weekdays.

Get the title? D:

I bought myself a silver necklace as a reward for my recent achievements. 
Haha. Son of biatchhh. I feel awesome :D 

Anyway, it's days like these I just feel like dying. And not to mention the recent weather. Hot like slut man -_- Feels like a freaking sauna every time I step out of my air-conditioned room. I'm always rotting at home in the afternoon, but always as busy as a beaver when it comes to night as I have shit loads of tuition at night. I'm just like a dracula. Muahahaa. Wait. draculas are afraid of sun right? Aihhh whatever.

 I have a feeling this is just gonna be a 'Hey, this is what I did today!' blog post. hahaha. Excuse me :P 

Out of boredom, obviously, Phyllis & I crashed Carrie's house today. HAHA.We drove out to Jusco just to buy this weird Korean instant noodle thing which cost about 17 bucks -__- No idea why it's so expensive. Doesn't taste any less different that maggi or anything. Also headed to Watson to buy a box of Liese bubble hair dye for Carrie!

FYI, they were preparing food for me. lol.
The 3 of us ate 4 packets. I swear I was about to go booom. 

Me scrubbing her head. hahah. 

This was what Phyllis & I did to her hair! 
Hahaha. So traditional! :) Ummm.

Carrie using the computer. This made me laugh till I start crying! HAHAHA. 
Her hair just look so nice k! Amazing. It didn't fall. haha. Even after 45 minutes. 

I guess I'm done blogging. Let's talk about me! Imma going to UTAR to do foundation in science :) And for my degree... Take a wild guess :P Its like a 90% guy course. Hahaha. 

BYE :)

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Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤