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It's truth day. SPM results day.

Hi world! 

For those who still don't know my results yet, I'm not gonna tell you yet :P Hahahha. Guess you have to read every single word in this post to find where is it! But I am on top of the world now! I only took 8 subjects. I know. 'I thought subscience got 9 subjects one?!' Yeahh. I dropped my accounts lah ok? And I guess I have no regrets? I mean, I suck at accounts. Like, to the max. I even hated account when they had it in KH during form 2. Anyway back to my story.

Today is truth day. Today is to find out whether all my handwork was enough. To determine my next step in life. I was so nervous. So there you see me. Praying before I get my results. What was going on in my head? BLANK. Nothing but a piece a dark and endless image. My hands were practically shaking when i was taking my results.

But enough of that first. Let me start again. hahaa. I can't just jump to the climax of the story right? And spoil all the suspension? wtflol. KK. Most of my pictures today are vertical. So it's very very LONG. One of the disadvantages of this camera. Something I really dislike about it. Anyway, we're suppose to reach school at 11am. But, I was so anxious. I slept at 3am and woke up at 7am! And I just lay there and stared at the ceiling until 10.30am. My cute friend Ahmong fetched me to school today!

Woke up and got dressed :)

So, it felt very awkward walking into our school. Is it still our school? hahhaa. Maybe it's because I haven't been there in a very long time. Or maybe it just felt weird not wearing my school uniform into the school. Hahha. Whatever it is. I sure as hell miss that place! I really do. But time just flew by. OKOK. So we walked to Dewan Gemilang and saw like hundreds of animals crowding there. Okay, I'm exaggerating. Everyone was nervous.
Hi! This is my 5 years BFF, Melissa Foo Lye Eng :)
And my die hard BFF, Daniel Wong Chun Yee! :) 

I really just felt like kissing them when I saw them! Oh god. Anyway, we were done fooling around and headed back to the dewan and be crazy nervous people like everyone else. I swear I almost threw up. My heart beating faster and faster each second.

And another BEFORE-RESULTS face!

Was so nervous! So I thought. OK! Camwhore! Let's camwhore! Can ease ourselves a bit!
So I just grabbed the closest person to me. And hey! It's ahfoo!
But I can't take it anymore! 
Cause it was already our turn!
And this was my form teacher Ms Yang! I was like 'Miss Yang! Don't show me my results first!'
Hahha. you can see her folding up my results in her hands. 

After I've sign off. I grabbed my results and practically RAN to the back! All my friends just rushed to me like a big tsunami saying 'Eunice eunice!! What you get?! How many As!' But I haven't even looked at it yet! I told them to let me be alone for a while. That piece of paper was in my hands. I was so afraid to turn it over. I turn it over and folded it. And I slide it down slowly. BM * B, English * A+, Moral * A-.... And then I just dragged the whole thing down! I read through it and few seconds later. 


Suddenly all my friends turn over to me and that big tsunami came back! 5A'sand 3B's. Melissa gave me a high-5! We had almost all of the same results! Omgz! But I can't believe i got a B+ for chem. BUT NO MATTER! Minutes later after all my friends started saying, 'EUNICE AHH! HEN HAO LEH!' ...

I started to burst out in tears! I was crying and laughing at the same time! I looked so fucking ugly! But I just couldn't seem to stop. Some people even came to me and said 'Ehh! Don't cry lah! It couldn't be that bad! SPM is not everything.' HAHA

I called my mom and told her my results. She said she was very proud of me. After calling her. I called KaiChen. He was coming to school late that day and he told me to call him as soon as I got my results. Although I really couldn't remember what he said to me after I told him though. LOL. I think it was GONG XI! KAI XIN LO NI? Hahaha. haha.
And so, after all of us got our results, we headed off to the nearest karaoke place. IOI Mall. To sing our heart out. But first, we ate at some place called I DON'T KNOW. The food there sucks. Service sucks even more. I mean, I don't know about you but, I didn't like it. They served me with a very black face.
I swear man, they kept choosing those chinese song I never even heard of. dafuq right? hahaha
So I told them, I'm gonna camwhore every one time I hear a chinese song I don't know HAHAA.

And then my camera battery died. Dang it! Knew I should've charge it. Uhh. Ohh well, I guess no more pictures. HAHA. I cried 3 times today. One, because of my results. Two and three are because of my friends. All of us sang 周华健-朋友 and cried! SO HARD! For almost half an hour. Before we left the room. We hugged each other! I jut couldn't stop sobbing. Even had difficulty breathing.

Next thing to worry about is where & what to study. And also my driving test tomorrow! 
Wish me luck guys! T_T I need all the luck I can get!


  1. Congrats on ur SPM results!
    Love reading ur blog. Fulfilling happiness. =)

  2. Thank you! Congrats to you too! Hehe


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