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Praise me don't criticize me.


我怎么觉得,今天特别无聊... 外面天气这么好,我却呆在家里写部落格。你说,我是不是有问题?Mhmmm. 现在突然很想很想很想吃火锅! OHH 还有海鲜! OMGGZ. 本来今天下午打算驾车出去跟Kaichen吃午餐的... 可是起床后看到妈妈已经买了roti canai. So... 就在家吃吧!哈哈! 从12点起来到现在,我根本没离开过我亲爱的电脑。hehe. 哎呀, 随便update而已。跟你们分享一下我的星期三有多么的无聊 :D 而且也来这里给你们知道我的blog还活着的! :P muahahaa
Ohh 对!  你们应该很好奇吧?为什么这可爱的blogger会猛然的写华语呢?Mhmm... 其实啦,我也真的不知道。想写就写咯。是啦 我知道我的华语有点烂 T_T But as they say, confidence is everything! 当自己有信心的话别人就不会说你差咯! 对不对叻? :P 重要的是 对自己要有信心!RAARR. OK. 够了. 我觉得我很stupid.
BYE :)

Adventure at Bukit Cahaya!

Hello hello!
I've just uploaded about 200 photos of our little adventure to Taman Pertanian on Facebook! I really can't upload everything on my blog. I mean, are you MAD?! Okay anyway... Imma just upload the few *coughs* PHOTOS OF THE DAY! :)

But first, I would like to proudly say that we successfully navigated ourselves to Taman Pertanian with the least help from our stupid GPS. We just used the GPS that was implanted into my head when I was born :P Have to thank my parents for thinking of that wonderful idea back in 1994 :) Hahaha. Okay, joking. My mom drew a map for me to get from my house all the way to Shah Alam. And it was our first time driving to Shah Alam so early in the morning! :D LOL. And on a Sunday too! haha.

P/S : I didn't resize some of the pics. So if your line's slow, it might take a while to load :P

HIHI. The kawaii blogger waiting in the car! :P
Our adventure album on facebook is filled with photos of people with ugly and sweaty faces.  Just like thi…