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Adventure at Bukit Cahaya!

Hello hello!
I've just uploaded about 200 photos of our little adventure to Taman Pertanian on Facebook! I really can't upload everything on my blog. I mean, are you MAD?! Okay anyway... Imma just upload the few *coughs* PHOTOS OF THE DAY! :)

But first, I would like to proudly say that we successfully navigated ourselves to Taman Pertanian with the least help from our stupid GPS. We just used the GPS that was implanted into my head when I was born :P Have to thank my parents for thinking of that wonderful idea back in 1994 :) Hahaha. Okay, joking. My mom drew a map for me to get from my house all the way to Shah Alam. And it was our first time driving to Shah Alam so early in the morning! :D LOL. And on a Sunday too! haha.

P/S : I didn't resize some of the pics. So if your line's slow, it might take a while to load :P

 HIHI. The kawaii blogger waiting in the car! :P

Our adventure album on facebook is filled with photos of people with ugly and sweaty faces. 
Just like this one! And this was before everything started. I look so cacat! :D

It was kind of an unlucky day for us. Cause we couldn't rent any bikes :( I mean, we could've. But everyone just had to stop by at the 4 seasons house thing. And then we came back late. Like about 5 minutes after our names were called T_T Uhh. So unlucky.

Group photo #1. Also one of our photos of the day! :P Daniel was holding the cam tho :(

And then there's me :) 

I look so cool! And the guy strap me in SUPER tight. Can hardly breathe! HAHA

Group photo #2! Derting & Mong missing tho T_T 
We were all strapped into our uncomfortably tight camel toe underwear safety thing! :D

Uhhhh. Camel toe! HAHAH.

This is what we did for like 3 hours! Climbing from tree to tree! Woohoo! 

Single cable! You scared? :P And hi everyone! 
This is Derting. My camera was over flowing with his photos! HAHAHA

These last few photos are one of my most favs! 
Group photo! Everyone's so happy! :D

Carrie, Daniel, SuetYian, ME! :D , Phyllis, Derting, Teng, Jasmine!
Just noticed I didn't mention my friend's names! :P HAHA
Aww, mong was holding the cam now :(

Photo of the day! 
Our real COMPLETE group photo! YAY! 

Not ready. Except me, mong & carrie of course! HAHAHA. Always prepared!


Had an awesome time with all of them! My arms and legs are hurting now but who cares right?! HAHA. Its a great place to jog, cycle or even have picnics! Well, best if you bring mosquito repellent. Cause I swear you'll get bitten to death! :P  Go to my Facebook to see more photos!

Feel free to look back at out 2011 trip to Taman Pertanian! haha

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