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The Avengers.

Yes. I haven't blogged in a long time :D

Bet you guys missed me a lot :D Here's my face.
In case you've already forgotten how I look like. HEHE
I look so much older. WHY?! D: 
I've been sleeping very late recently. Yes, I mean very very late. And I haven't been eating or exercising properly. Exercise? I haven't done that in like 3 weeks. More importantly, I haven't been drinking water regularly. So yeah. I've probably gained weight and I guess I'm starting to have pimples again. I think I'm at a very low end on the healthy meter. I've been terrible. Does that answers your 'How are you?' or 'How have you been?' questions?
Anyway, I met up with Adele @ Boulevard yesterday. Got her delicious macaroons. And I'm currenly craving for more! OMG. Yeapp. Another sign. Definitely gaining weight. I better loose em all before college starts. Uhh. Back to my story. Also went to IOI Mall to watch The Avengers with le boyfriend. And it …