Tuesday, May 8, 2012 ❣

The Avengers.

Yes. I haven't blogged in a long time :D

Bet you guys missed me a lot :D Here's my face.
In case you've already forgotten how I look like. HEHE
I look so much older. WHY?! D: 

I've been sleeping very late recently. Yes, I mean very very late. And I haven't been eating or exercising properly. Exercise? I haven't done that in like 3 weeks. More importantly, I haven't been drinking water regularly. So yeah. I've probably gained weight and I guess I'm starting to have pimples again. I think I'm at a very low end on the healthy meter. I've been terrible. Does that answers your 'How are you?' or 'How have you been?' questions?

Anyway, I met up with Adele @ Boulevard yesterday. Got her delicious macaroons. And I'm currenly craving for more! OMG. Yeapp. Another sign. Definitely gaining weight. I better loose em all before college starts. Uhh. Back to my story. Also went to IOI Mall to watch The Avengers with le boyfriend. And it was FREAK-IN-AWESOME. Seriously don't mind watching it again & again & again! :P Boyfiee, you up for that? 

There are like tons of hilarious quotes from the movie I feel like blurping out now. Hahahhaa. Couldn't stop laughing in the cinema. Hahaha. Anyway, I'd just like to point out something even funnier. As the movie started... *jeng jeng jeng* I SAW HER. Maria Hill! My mouth just went wide open! And I was like 'Ohh! Its Robin Scherbatsky!'

If you watch How I Met Your Mother, you'd know who am I talking about. She looks so cool in The Avengers. And I just couldn't get use to it! Cause she's ROBIN! And she'll always be! She's suppose to be happy, perky & cheerful. Suddenly she became so serious! *poker face* Hahaha. Every time I think about her, I'd think about her 'Let's go to the mall' MV. That is like one of my all time favourite HIMYM episodes! Hahahhaaa. Video is embed below!

And this is the Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. hahahaa.Going to die. Need to stop laughing now. HAHHAA Just so you know, the video is not her own MV. Hahahhaa. She filmed it only for the purpose of HIMYM. AHAHAHAHA. Now that's the Canadian Cobie Smulders I know! xD HAHAA. Okay. Should stop now. HAHAA

Okay. This turned out to be quite a weird blog post. hahaha. Anyway, I'll try to update as frequently as I can. I wanna go to the mall... TODAY! HAHAHAHHAAA. Okay. I think that's enough

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