Wednesday, June 13, 2012 ❣

Dumpling anyone?

Just like any other day...

I love carpooling with my friends. hahaha. Ahmong's car went to see the doctor, so I'll be driving all of them these few days.


In the car, on the way to fetch ChiJiang & Ahmong.

Me: I damn tired loh.
Melissa: Haha. zomokk?
Me: I woke up at 8am, picked up my phone & I saw a text from Ahmong.
Melissa: Ahh hahh...
Me: He say his car went to service wohh! And wants me to drive everyone there. So last minute you know? I had to finish brushing up & get dressed within 20 minutes. And I haven't even shit yet!


In the car, on the way yo uni. *Ahmong was closing his eyes & trying to sleep*

Me: Eh guys...
Everyone: What?
Me: I want to fart leh. How?

*Ahmong's eyes went WIDE OPEN!* hahaha!

Melissa: YERR! *opens the window*
Me: Okay. Farted.

*Ahmong started sniffing around* HAHAHA.

Few mins later...
Traffic jamming down Old Klang Road.

Melissa: Why?! Ni zo mok?
Me: Wo yao da bian lehh! Beh tahan. Stomach hen pain! I cannot drive!
Melissa: HOW?
Me: Ahmong! Can I stop somewhere & you take over me?
Ahmong: Really ah? Ok ah!

Few secs later.

Me: Ok lah. Bu tong liao :)


Reached UTAR. Looking for parking.

Melissa: Mei you parking leh! HOW?!
Me: Dui loh! Wo bu yao double park leh!
Ahmong: Ehh! Yesterday Junhao kena saman leh!
Me: Why?!
Ahmong: Cause double park lah!
Me: Okay lah. I don't care. You all better find parking for me or else you all cannot go down the car!!

Drove around like 2142348 times already & still couldn't find a parking.

Me: FINE LAH! Double park!
Ahmong: Park where?
Me: Of course in front of UTAR gate lah! Want to double park also double park nearer lah!
Melissa: YA LOH.


In the evening. Heading home from uni.
Me: Me too! I only ate one stupid mini sausage bun since I woke up!
Melissa: Wo ye shi chi liao yi li mian bao ba le.

Suddenly passed by a Dumpling Truck.

Melissa: AHH! You should've stop!
Me: Nehmind nehmind! In front got another one!
Melissa: You sure or not?
Me: Sure lah! Cause I remembered I missed this truck plenty of times liao! hahahha
Melissa: SURE?
Me: 100% lah! You so gan jiong for what? haha.
Ahmong: You two don't eat in the car ah! Later me & ChiJiang hungry also!


Me: Eh Melissa, later you go down and buy for me lah. Should I buy for my sis?
Me: Ahh... Bu yao lah. Just for myself.
Melissa: Ok. What you want?
Me: I want one dai bao, one choi bao and one cha xiu bao!
Melissa: Ohh ok. But I thought you say you don't wanna buy for your sis?
Melissa: HAH?!!? Ni yi ge ren eat so much?! Wahlao!
Melissa: I want dai bao only.
Ahmong: You all really want to buy bao ah?
Me: YES AH.What you want?
Ahmong: Aiyah. don't want to eat lah.


YAY! Dumpling truck!

Uncle: Hi! Yao sher mo?
Melissa: Liang ge dai bao, yi ge choi bao & yi ge cha xiu bao.
Uncle: OK! Yao he sher mo?
Melissa: Red bean lah.

I turned around and look to Ahmong & ChiJiang.

Me: Wehh, ni men zhen de bu yao meh?
Ahmong: Ahh! Ok lah! I go down and see got what to eat.

Both of them opened the door and got down the car.



And we end up having our dinner in the car. 
Sambil drive sambil eat. Hahahaha.

When I got home...
Mummy: Girl, yao chi fan ma?
Me: YAO!

I finished up my 大包, 菜包 & 叉烧包. And also a big bowl of rice!
I iz gonna turnz FAT! :D

Ohh this turned out to be a wordy post :O


  1. YEAHH. Would be more fun with you tho T__T Next time we go eat BAO also! Hahahha :P

  2. ahhah....y sounds so random one~ hahaha


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤