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Fuck the whole universe.

And thank you Eminem. Exaggerated post, the usual.

After the whole phone-drop-into-toilet incident, the whole week just continue sucking. And in the end, I end up saying that was the worst week of my life. But NO. The universe just insists on proving me wrong. Thank you. Thank you so much! Thank you for making me so fucking miserable right now. What goes around, comes around. I know! I deserve this. But, you just can't wait to slap me in the face once I get up on my two feet huh?
Eunice, three words. LIFE GOES ON
Keep that in mind.

Good day gone bad.

Sad, devastated, disappointed, plotting revenge...
Long wordy post. Let's see how far you can go... I swear I'm a strong girl. I get sick at most three to four times a freakin year. Well, my day totally sucked. Okay. It didn't entirely sucked. I enjoyed some part of it. As the day started turning dark, everything started to go wrong. FML. But wtheck right? Everyone has bad days. As I always say to myself 'Don't worry. Things will get worse.' And hell yeah it did. I had quite a wonderful morning, for once I didn't sleep in the car. So I guess that's a good sign. But I spent the whole day walking around, feeling so light-headed. Its like I'm about to collapse any moment. I felt so weak. 
My class starts at 8am and I'm already there at 7.40am. Had a wide smile on my face, cause I saw something as I strolled into UTAR. But as I approach my first Mechanics class of the week... BOOM. I felt so goddamn pissed off. I was like 'why the fuck is the class…

Hello July!

Heyylo! Its July already. Have I been sleeping for the past 6 months? Oh god. It's the first hour of July. Oh yes. I am blogging at 1am. I know right. KOOKOO. Anyway, I have been all stressed up & emo lately. Not to mention having massive hair fall & dandruff-fall (lol) due to it. GRR. Can I just kill myself? I hate my hair. That is the whole reason why I cut it in the first place. Oh yeah! My hair is not that long anymore. Maybe slightly below shoulder length? I guess. Is that considered short?

Don't ask me whether I regret cutting it or not. The answer is NO. That's because I really couldn't stand my long thick curly hair. The curls has been there for like errr... more than a year? I wanted my straight easily-combed hair back. I know, why didn't I just go and straighten it right? Because its like adding oil to a burning house. lol. Ok lah. I very kia si lah. I scared my hair damaged or what shit mahh. And jimat wang. K? So I rather just cut it all off. An…