Monday, July 23, 2012 ❣

Good day gone bad.

Sad, devastated, disappointed, plotting revenge...
Long wordy post. Let's see how far you can go...
I swear I'm a strong girl. I get sick at most three to four times a freakin year. Well, my day totally sucked. Okay. It didn't entirely sucked. I enjoyed some part of it. As the day started turning dark, everything started to go wrong. FML. But wtheck right? Everyone has bad days. As I always say to myself 'Don't worry. Things will get worse.' And hell yeah it did. I had quite a wonderful morning, for once I didn't sleep in the car. So I guess that's a good sign. But I spent the whole day walking around, feeling so light-headed. Its like I'm about to collapse any moment. I felt so weak. 

My class starts at 8am and I'm already there at 7.40am. Had a wide smile on my face, cause I saw something as I strolled into UTAR. But as I approach my first Mechanics class of the week... BOOM. I felt so goddamn pissed off. I was like 'why the fuck is the classroom so packed?!' There wasn't even an empty seat. And do you want to know why?! Its because there were so many freakin foreign students that come from foreign groups just to squeeze into our very not-foreign-but-small mechanics lecture class. And that just ticked me off. 

But who cares right? I took a deep breath and walked in looking for Jo & Peiying. Ok. Filled up.  So I took a random chair with NO DESK and pulled it to the side and sat there like the stupid forever alone meme. Can kill me? Being alone is one thing. Doesn't really bother me actually. The problem was that I had no table to write on. OK. Over. Forgotten. My fault again, overreacting. Maybe there was a seat, maybe I was just too blind to notice it. Right? Am I right?

I'm getting lazier and lazier to blog now. I think I'll just skip to the end. Stayed at the library for... I don't know, 2 hours maybe(?) with hewkienfoong & leechoonmun. Believe me. I have no idea what I was doing there either. But one thing I know is that I was definitely NOT studying. I started to felt more and more dizzy in CT class. Had a massive headache. I could feel my brain going boom boom boom. And ohmygod did it hurt. Uhh. 

My lips started getting drier and drier. My breath became hotter and hotter. I knew that was the sign. I'm falling sick. And the only one I can blame is Melissa Foo Lye Eng. But I'll get back to her later. Ok I'll admit  I think this last tragedy is actually my doing. I 自作自受. My fault again...

Had dinner with Peiying & Yibing @ Mcdonalds. And we headed home with Ahmong at six. I was freaking tired and my head just wouldn't stop booming. I swear I was about to abc ttm! So I just dozed off. I had no idea how long I slept but I'm very sure Melissa & Yibing woke me up. They were so loud. When I opened my eyes, my lips were even drier, this time even worse. I had sore throat. Is that even possible? Falling asleep and waking up less that 30minutes later to find yourself with sore throat? Do you think I should kill someone? 

Ahmong dropped me home and I was suppose to fetch Yibing to Jusco. I was in a hurry. And yeah, here comes the best part. I rushed to the toilet and BOOM. I dropped my phone into the toilet. Now, am I allowed to overreact? I stuffed my hand into the toilet bowl and dug my phone back up. As soon as I got it in my hands, it just shut down. Great. Perfect. Just perfect. Yibing was still waiting for me downstairs. So I left my phone there and ran back down to drive him back. Pissed off ttm.

Day officially ruined. Thanks :)

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