Sunday, July 1, 2012 ❣

Hello July!

Its July already. Have I been sleeping for the past 6 months? Oh god.
It's the first hour of July. Oh yes. I am blogging at 1am. I know right. KOOKOO. Anyway, I have been all stressed up & emo lately. Not to mention having massive hair fall & dandruff-fall (lol) due to it. GRR. Can I just kill myself? I hate my hair. That is the whole reason why I cut it in the first place. Oh yeah! My hair is not that long anymore. Maybe slightly below shoulder length? I guess. Is that considered short?

Don't ask me whether I regret cutting it or not. The answer is NO. That's because I really couldn't stand my long thick curly hair. The curls has been there for like errr... more than a year? I wanted my straight easily-combed hair back. I know, why didn't I just go and straighten it right? Because its like adding oil to a burning house. lol. Ok lah. I very kia si lah. I scared my hair damaged or what shit mahh. And jimat wang. K? So I rather just cut it all off. Anyway, hair will grow. And judging by what ALL my friends say, my hair grows especially fast. LOL. I have no idea lah.

I wish money would just fall down from the sky now! OH GOD. Please feed the poor! Please feed them with money! I am so poor! Please feed me with money! Okay. I'm so sorry. I'm really broke & I really cannot tolerate this feeling! Back when I haven't started uni yet, whenever I finished using my money, my monthly salary would just swoop in and saves me from bankruptcy. *Ok, I'm not bankrupt.* But still, I think I need to stop using so much. I need to stop wasting so much money on food. STOP EATING FATTY! From now on, only bread for you!

Really, I hope that nothing bad happens this month. I seriously cannot afford any extra problems in my life now. Or else I'll definitely go bald. Stress die me.


  1. Waa so efficient first hour of July aso blog update dy!! *loses* Lolol.

  2. Raine,
    Yes woh. Haha. Being lifeless is like that. Procrastinating actually. Haha. It's ok baby! You still can make it for the first 12 hours! xD


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤