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To do list.

HI! Da jia hao! :P Bumble bee mode onz!

Ahh why is Eunice so free right now? Well, I was somehow trying to find some stress relief exercises. But end up blogging instead. Hhahahaa. So, here I am. Tadaaa. And speaking of exercises.. Yours truly has gained a lot of weight. And when I say a lot. I mean A WHOLE LOT. I feel like a freakin hippo when I stand beside my friends. My face fat like shit already. Can I die? Where's my diet motivation?! All I've been doing recently is eating, sleeping, studying, sitting and never standing, stressing and staying up late. What a life. And we all know that when eunice gets all stressed up...
And when she stays up late...

And again, where the hell is my motivation to live a healthier life? Uhhh. Ahh. And guess what? Ever since I started uni, I've totally lost my blogging mojo. I really wish to do a proper blog post but i just can't seem to do so. What has happened to me? 
My fi…