Tuesday, August 14, 2012 ❣

To do list.

HI! Da jia hao! :P
Bumble bee mode onz!

Ahh why is Eunice so free right now? Well, I was somehow trying to find some stress relief exercises. But end up blogging instead. Hhahahaa. So, here I am. Tadaaa. And speaking of exercises.. Yours truly has gained a lot of weight. And when I say a lot. I mean A WHOLE LOT. I feel like a freakin hippo when I stand beside my friends. My face fat like shit already. Can I die? Where's my diet motivation?! All I've been doing recently is eating, sleeping, studying, sitting and never standing, stressing and staying up late. What a life. And we all know that when eunice gets all stressed up...


And when she stays up late...


And again, where the hell is my motivation to live a healthier life? Uhhh. Ahh. And guess what? Ever since I started uni, I've totally lost my blogging mojo. I really wish to do a proper blog post but i just can't seem to do so. What has happened to me? 

My finals are coming soon and you know what that means! Semester break after my that! YAY! It's only for a week though. Some break huh? But no matter! It's the longest break we're ever gonna have! I've already have so much planned out. My first priority goes to  FAIRY TAIL  ! I must catch up on everything I've missed! I think I'm gonna lock myself up in my room, watch anime & read manga. I going to be ZAI NV! Hahahhaa. And I also have to re-customize this dead blog of mine.

Speaking of customization, the whole reason I'm here is to flaunt my new blog header :P

 Still partially under construction though. Give me some time. 
Kinda hard to dig out spare time to waste on my precious blog these days. 
Sigh. Oh well. ttfn! Signing off! :)

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