Tuesday, October 30, 2012 ❣

On A Daily Basis.

Hello! It's been a while! I am a very busy girl, involuntarily of course. Apparently my schedule is always flushed with books, reports and tests. I have tests almost every weekend, consecutively until the end of my trimester. And then comes the next semester and guess what? It starts all over again! How wonderful, no? *hehe 

But honestly, you really can't blame me. UTAR have this strict policy of getting a 100% success rate on making their students suffer and they also restrict their students from having a social life. Or maybe even to be a lil more precise, a LIFE. I'm lucky to even be here right now! *blessed :P

Here's my face so you won't get bored! Or forget how I look like! 
Which ever comes first. Haha

Speaking of which, I have these two guy friends that calls me 'Daily Basis'. Just because I upload pictures of myself on a daily basis. Priceless. Haha. *You know who you are. But all jokes aside, I do think that I do that too frequently. I shall do my best to stop. Hahaha. For the sake of my beautiful name turning into 'Daily Basis' on a daily basis.

Anyway, I am busy girl and a good blogger to be 'extracting' some time to waste on updating this dead blog. Is anyone even reading this crap? Old, loyal readers, you guys should know by now... I don't like to update my blog with less that 5 photos to post. Hahahah. So, till then! 

Friday, October 12, 2012 ❣

A lonely & uninhabited place.

It's 5pm now. But staying in this room just makes it feel like it's already midnight. I feel like I am trapped in a box every time I come in here. I always feel so pressured. If I had a choice, I would not even step foot in here. But then again, do I? Is there another place for me? Frankly speaking, this is the only way I can get things done right and fast. Yes. Solitude. For me to be isolated and locked in this stupid square room.

Maybe we all find solitude suffering when we were young. But what do you think about it now? It sometimes just appear to be delightful, no? We all need it once in a while. Have you ever been so worried about something that you ended up with a terrible headache? Felt sick to your stomach? Or had trouble sleeping? Come to think of it, I deal with most of my problems here in this room. I close my eyes and take deep breaths here. I deal with awkward phone calls here. I eat here. I stress here. I study here. I cry here. And I sometimes sleep here. This is my study room.

Don't get me wrong. My stress phase is not here, YET. But it's coming.

Lately my tummy haven't been being really good to me. I think it hates me. But I do not remember feeding her anything gross or disgusting. It just always like to attack me out of the blues. Just like the other day while I was in UTAR.

I was walking happily when suddenly my tummy just sneak attack me and guess what I did? The second it started to hurt, I quickly squatted with my arms wrapping my tummy real tight. A girl just turned over and saw me, showed me the 'omg wtf is she doing' face and walked off a bit faster. I think I frightened her. lol. But anyway, it hurts so much and have been happening so frequently, I can hardly feel it now. I think I have officially numbed the pain. Well, if that's even possible.

Oh yeah. Actually, I am here to upload a very stupid collage.

These are actually most of the pics I took after my night jogs. Hahahaha. Notice how 2 & 3 look the same. Most of the photos I have in my gallery now are like this. Faces, hair and pattern all same. Just with different tops.

Well, I just wasted half an hour of my time blogging about irrelevant things. I am so lifeless I think I need to slap myself. I have 4 beautiful words for you people who are reading this. Click - My - Nuffnang - Ads. Okay 2 more! THANK - YOU :) Till next time.

Saturday, October 6, 2012 ❣

Fate maybe?

Maybe my blog died on me for a reason? Maybe after 3 years, it wants me to start over? Maybe? Or maybe the universe is just mad at me for being a bad person. And this is he's way of telling me. By killing my blog and torturing me. Uhhh. Typical. Anyway...

Goheunice says HI AGAIN! *big waves* I don't really have any intention on mentioning what exactly went on with me and my blog. Cause every time I think about it, I'd feel stupid and also feel like banging my head against the wall real hard. Grrr. So there. I emo-ed for almost two weeks. Slowly mourning over my blog. I feel so hurt every time I see some one or one of my friend's post 'BLOG UPDATED! :D'. Ahhhh. *chhhaaakkkk* My heart :'(

Anyway, I didn't delete any of my previous posts. I mean like, you think I crazy meh. 3 years leh. Heh. I just revert all of em to drafts. Yes, I still can see and read them! 

SO! Let's see if I still know how to do this. Mhmm. My special day was just over not long ago. & YAY CAKE!

Blew the candles off with my beloved family & Ahmong. Randomness. haha

Okay. This is too cute! From le bff Melissa. This girl & Teng tried to surprise me by pretending to forget my birthday. Hahhaa. And they end up wishing me at my doorstep. Love them ttm :)

Saw this sticking on my bathroom mirror early in the morning :') Nothing in this entire universe can ever describe how I felt when I read it. Thank you mummy & daddy!

And also another bunch of weirdos that bought me a cake in uni. Hahaha. Sweet die me. I love my friends!

Also had a late lunch with my high school bffs Lynn, Eugene & Ahmong. OK. I will only upload the photos I took with Eugene & Ahmong. Hehehe. Ling ling, I look fugly in our pics :P 

Hi Ahmong! My driver of the day! :P He loves me berry berry much! Haha

So I guess that sums it all up. I think.. Who cares right? I know many of you think most of my blog posts are lame and stupid but you still enjoy reading it anyway. Shi bu shi? Heh! I know my blog's kinda plain. But just bear with me. I'll clean it up as soon as I can. You know lah. Heh. Busy girl *winks*

I have no idea why am I doing this post. I have to wake up extra early tomorrow to climb to Saga Hill. 

Baby goodnight! :)

Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤