Saturday, October 6, 2012 ❣

Fate maybe?

Maybe my blog died on me for a reason? Maybe after 3 years, it wants me to start over? Maybe? Or maybe the universe is just mad at me for being a bad person. And this is he's way of telling me. By killing my blog and torturing me. Uhhh. Typical. Anyway...

Goheunice says HI AGAIN! *big waves* I don't really have any intention on mentioning what exactly went on with me and my blog. Cause every time I think about it, I'd feel stupid and also feel like banging my head against the wall real hard. Grrr. So there. I emo-ed for almost two weeks. Slowly mourning over my blog. I feel so hurt every time I see some one or one of my friend's post 'BLOG UPDATED! :D'. Ahhhh. *chhhaaakkkk* My heart :'(

Anyway, I didn't delete any of my previous posts. I mean like, you think I crazy meh. 3 years leh. Heh. I just revert all of em to drafts. Yes, I still can see and read them! 

SO! Let's see if I still know how to do this. Mhmm. My special day was just over not long ago. & YAY CAKE!

Blew the candles off with my beloved family & Ahmong. Randomness. haha

Okay. This is too cute! From le bff Melissa. This girl & Teng tried to surprise me by pretending to forget my birthday. Hahhaa. And they end up wishing me at my doorstep. Love them ttm :)

Saw this sticking on my bathroom mirror early in the morning :') Nothing in this entire universe can ever describe how I felt when I read it. Thank you mummy & daddy!

And also another bunch of weirdos that bought me a cake in uni. Hahaha. Sweet die me. I love my friends!

Also had a late lunch with my high school bffs Lynn, Eugene & Ahmong. OK. I will only upload the photos I took with Eugene & Ahmong. Hehehe. Ling ling, I look fugly in our pics :P 

Hi Ahmong! My driver of the day! :P He loves me berry berry much! Haha

So I guess that sums it all up. I think.. Who cares right? I know many of you think most of my blog posts are lame and stupid but you still enjoy reading it anyway. Shi bu shi? Heh! I know my blog's kinda plain. But just bear with me. I'll clean it up as soon as I can. You know lah. Heh. Busy girl *winks*

I have no idea why am I doing this post. I have to wake up extra early tomorrow to climb to Saga Hill. 

Baby goodnight! :)


  1. Love the look of yr blog, baby! Very nice ♡ What program did you use to edit the colors of yr pictures? Looks dreamyy.

    1. I used Camera360 to snap most of my pics. Its an awesomez app! Go install it on your iphone babe!

  2. Your parents are so sweet!


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤