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Cake your face.

Here to rant yet about another ordinary month.
Recent faces.
I am about to verge upon the butt end of my first semester in this campus and that can only mean... final exams are in a week. I was assigned two subjects, one which was at a 100% coursework grading. So that means I only had one paper to sit for this week... French.
Having only two subjects brought about only 3 days of classes with extra short study hours during the week. for 7 weeks. I was at ease. Given my very little hours of exposure in the university, people hardly see me and I hardly see them too. 
But don't get me wrong. I have friends. Quite an amount of them I might say. Friends that did pre-u with me and also my secondary school friends. But still, it's still kinda difficult to actually see them around the campus. Not saying that I do not bump into any friends but the thing is... Every time when I do bump into a friend, this will happen...
Friend: Hey Eunice! I didn't know you're studying here! Wha…

Even when I don't say a thing.

I was complete fine until about 5 days ago. I do not get sick often. Yes, I mean it. I am not your typical girlie girl that get feverish or get tummy aches just after eating food that went bad or after getting rained on a little. I have a strong immune system. My body is used to all the bacteria I take in daily. I don't normally get colds or fevers or flus or anything. And even if I did get under attack germs and viruses, I don't visit Mr. An Apple A Day. I'd just chuck down two of those white things that reliefs headaches. Yes smartass, panadol. I consider myself getting sick an annual thing. So I guess the time of the year has arrived. Yeepee?

I had a minor cold. You know just the common cold, running nose, sore and itching throat, the constant sneezing and watery eyes. After the third day, I know everything was about to end. When suddenly the universe just decides to rain on my parade. I mean that literally. I literally got rained on. So that very same night, I got the…

Around the clock.

This was taken almost a year ago. It has been ages since I had a night like this, a night racing the clock to finish a video. I can recall this night like it was just yesterday, I was flipping through old books that my dad put together some time ago, searching for a nice song to cover. I remember looking all over the place but still couldn't managed to find my capo, so I ended up using a 2B pencil instead.

My sister and I spent the entire night battling out on which song was better. We were both kinda furious at each other, like extremely boiling. But the both of us ended up being endlessly entertained by the comeback lines and moronic facial expressions we made at each other. We had a long laugh and settled down on one song, My Love by Westlife ♫ ♪
After a while of unremitting coughs and warm-ups, we finally took out the camera and started recording. But it was already 2am and as the night got colder, we got a little drowsier. We didn't manage to film the perfect cover, but …

Hey Bella Bella!

About couple weeks ago, my mom saw this dog adoption thing on Facebook posted by some kind people we like to call 'the rescuers'. It's about three beautiful little puppies. These pups went through a hell of a hard time before the rescuers found them. 
It was not more than an ordinary day, I guess they were just taking a stroll? When suddenly they passed by a dumpster. They began to hear the howling and crying sounds of puppies. These people started looking up and down, high and low for where the source of the sound was coming from. They threw open the lid of the dumpster and started rummaging through the dirt and bags of garbage. One bag after another when finally they found 3 little pups. Two of them got their poor little tails cut off till even their tail bone were visible. The other one, well, they couldn't even see a tail.
I guess these kind people brought them back, wash them, fed them and gave them a home. 
When my mom saw the ad for adoption on Facebook, she ju…

Can you ever have enough?

Sometimes I sit down and contemplate all that has happened. But never have I written them down. I remember those years when I used either cry or feel like crying every single moment of my life. I'd call up my best friend and cry over the phone every single night asking myself why. 
It just makes me wonder why, why didn't I stop all those nonsense earlier. I can still imagine all the pain come over me as my heart was destroyed. Over and over again, it kept happening and it never stopped. I never stopped it. It was so long ago. There are no hard feelings. No grudges. No remorse.
That was ages ago. Today is a different story. Today I have you.

Ever since you came into my life, I am a different person. I smile more and laugh more. You made me feel so loved. All you want is for me to smile and I know you'd do anything for that. Your smile too is all I need to kick off the day. You're my inspiration, motivation and running drive to wake up everyday. I never really took the time…

Whatever lah!

So I think it's finally the time to blog. About what you may ask? Well, everything! I guess the only reason why I didn't was because many things had been happening and frankly I'm just not too happy about them. So I am going to sum up these past couple months in a few of my favorite words...
And it's just getting on my last nerve. I don't know what I've ever did to make the universe despise me so much at the moment but I just can't help it. I want it to be okay when I jump up and down, do whatever I want and just yell out to the universe that THIS IS JUST NOT FAIR.
This is the only available picture. *yawns
Around the first week of July, I bought a new purse for myself. Nothing special, just a normal black leather Alain Delon. After using it for only 3 wonderful weeks, I went to work one day just to come back with a heavyhearted soul and in grief. No wait. No no no! I went to the police stat…

Testing one two?

Hello hello? Is anyone still reading my crap blog? Please leave a comment... Okay. Who am I kidding. No one ever commented in the first place. That makes me sad T__T
The only reason why I have only one horrible low quality faceless picture to show is because I've recently copied my ENTIRE phone's worth of pictures out of my phone and into my hard disk. And as obvious as it is, I do not have my hard disk with me. All I could do is randomly grabbed a picture of mine from insta and crop it. TADAA. Anyway, so if you're wondering why I'm blogging now at erm... 2am. It's because I am bored, hungry and cannot sleep! 
And just so you know, I usually sleep very early!
 But I think I'm getting sleepier already. Okay. Haha. Bye bye!! 

Making the right decision.

So I've ceremoniously completed my Foundation in Science in UTAR. Yes, I said ceremoniously. I didn't do nearly as good as I should, relatively bad maybe. My perspective of course. I feel as though I am on the edge of failure, failing at every opportunity I get to actually enter a good university. 
It all started a year ago, I decided to study UTAR's FIS program and then later on continue with a degree in Mechatronic Engineering there too. Which was a ultimate stupidity. I mean, I don't even have the interest in doing stuffs like that. But more about that later. 
And so after an entire year of being strained and stressed out, I've finished it. During that whole three semesters I already know deep down that I am not cut out of engineering. My physics is not bad, but neither is it good. It is just average. Mediocre. And you know what? I really do not think doing and being mediocre is good enough to get me that degree. And judging by the percentage of UTAR Engineerin…

Surviving A Stay In Ho Chi Minh City.

This post is gonna be filled with my cb faces so please brace yourselves. And again, I'm going to rant about useless things and upload unrelated pictures! I had too many pictures of HCMC and also of myself to choose from. So I chose many useless and ugly pictures. haha.
I didn't want to break my Vietnam post into 4 or 5 parts because I find that very tiring, And maybe by the time I reach the 5th part, I've entirely forgotten everything about the trip. So I decided to cramp everything into one long post! But then again I can't make it too long, because blogger might push all my previous post to the next page. You get my dilemma right? 

Back already?

Okay. Actually, my intention was to blog only after I'm back from my trip to Vietnam. That way I have more things to rant about, I guess? But not all things go out the way we plan.
Don't ask why. 
I am one day away from ending my finals, so tomorrow's my last paper! Ah, while I was scrolling through my torn-up blog, I noticed that I only blog during my semester breaks. Which means I'v never touched or even looked at my blog when I'm having classes, exams etc. I am always so stressed up and worn out during my study time. Why? I have no idea. 
I miss those times where I bring my camera along wherever I go. I miss having that urge to take pictures of EVERYTHING just so I can put it up in my blog for everyone to see. Now, I don't even take pictures of food, sceneries or people. Heck, I don't even take pictures of myself as much as I used to. 
But that's all gonna change! Because as up now, I am going to . Anyway, remember my new year's post? …

Lim Lynn.

I had no idea you could go to someone's instagram account through the computer. Silly me.

I remember the time when this girl and these clothes use to be my everyday life. I might have lost all the pictures I took in high school. But I will never forget each & every wonderful thing that's happened there :')
So many memory flashback. I remembered when I was 16 and going through form 4. That was the year I met her. She was a newly transferred student. As she entered 4Jati that day, everyone greeted her and welcome her to Section 3. She only smiled back at us. She didn't even put effort in to actually make any friends that day. She was a petite and quiet girl. At first glance, she came across me as a very smart and nerdy girl. I thought she was that type of person that likes to be alone. She had amazingly straight teeth and her features kinda resembles a bunny. Back then I thought to myself, I don't think we can ever more than just acq…

Two Oh One Three!

I was so swamped up on my last post I completely forgotten to say Happy 2013! So happy new year guys!

This year, I did not go to any crowded places to countdown to 2013. Well, mainly it was because I'm terribly afraid I'd get robbed by idiots unknowingly or maybe I'll even get some major leg crampage because of the all-night-standing event they've prepared for us. I definitely would not like to spend my last night of 2012 with fatties having their sweaty and sticky armpits just grinding against my (maybe) sweaty body. And plus I'd get insufficient oxygen that night and might die on the spot due to the crowd *coughs* but mainly due to my height as I am not that tall. Taller people just tend to suck up all the oxygen there is. I pity them dwarfs. Figures. And when I sweat, I'd smell like a hippopotamus' number two. Why the hell would I want to dress up so nicely and end up getting soaked in my own sweat?
Okay I'm just kidding. Despite the crowd, I'm act…


Ahh. It has been so long since I last blogged. I wonder if you still remember how I look like. If you make it to the end of this post, you get a cookie ;)

I do not have the right word to portray these couple months that I have been through. But maybe I'll start off with today. I do not know whether to call it an astounding or a rotten day. You be the judge. I am presently having such contradictory feelings, I don't even know where shall I begin. I overheard from many that today would be the day of the release of our semester results. And yes, I was terrified. 
Ever since the ending of December 2012, I have been having disastrous dreams. Well, nightmares if you may. And all of them are about my finals exam and my finals results. I did extremely bad on my Math paper. I haven't felt so bad about a paper for so long. I did not know how to cope with it. I came out of that examination hall feeling devastated. After that paper on the 29th of December, till a few hours ago, I have be…