Thursday, January 24, 2013 ❣

Lim Lynn.

I had no idea you could go to someone's instagram account through the computer. Silly me.

I remember the time when this girl and these clothes use to be my everyday life. I might have lost all the pictures I took in high school. But I will never forget each & every wonderful thing that's happened there :')

So many memory flashback. I remembered when I was 16 and going through form 4. That was the year I met her. She was a newly transferred student. As she entered 4Jati that day, everyone greeted her and welcome her to Section 3. She only smiled back at us. She didn't even put effort in to actually make any friends that day. She was a petite and quiet girl. At first glance, she came across me as a very smart and nerdy girl. I thought she was that type of person that likes to be alone. She had amazingly straight teeth and her features kinda resembles a bunny. Back then I thought to myself, I don't think we can ever more than just acquaintances.

She came in class and sat beside JiaJia. Melissa, Teng and everyone else went to her to introduce themselves. They started talking and joking around with her. But as I stood aside and observed her, she only smiled at most of the jokes she heard. Then I thought to myself, OK EMO FREAK ALERT! Nonetheless  I went over to her seat and started introducing myself. Her name is Lim Lynn. I freaked out as I have never had a friend that has only 2 syllabus in their full name. I wanted to ask her why is her name like that. But I didn't. 

As the days gone by, all of us started feeling very comfortable around her. But it seems like she hasn't yet. We were very welcoming and warm with all our words and greetings. We make silly jokes so she feel awkward. But still, what is going on in her mind? 

Then one day, Melissa told me that there was something very weird in the new student's eyes. There was a black dot at the inner side of her eyes and it was bulging out! I felt so curious so I just had to check it out. After knowing that, everyday I spoke to her, I could only pay attention to that little black piece of flesh on the side of her left eye. Until one day, I finally decided to ask her what is that thing in her eye as I could not bear with not knowing anymore. She told me that she herself has no idea what is it. She said she had went to see the doctor about it and he said it was nothing.

Months has pass and we started getting closer and closer. She also started feeling very comfortable around us. But I spend my time with her very less as I always went for recess with my boyfriend. Around the month of July, there was another new student. His name was Hew Mong Cheng. He wasn't a new person to meet for me, I remember playing badminton with him months back. But just like the first day Lynn entered, everyone started jumping and hopping on to him and started introducing himself. Including Lynn.

As the year of 2010 ended, I was still far from being bestfriends with Lynn. She doesn't go out with us and unlike most of us, she doesn't tell us about her life and problems. But I knew very well that we were all getting very fond of each other. 

During the third day of 2011, all of us went back to school, it was the first day of school and also the year we had to prepare to sit for our SPM. All of us 5Jati peeps went in to class. It was a terrible mess! Everyone was fussing around and choosing where to sit. I picked my place, it was at the corner of the class and it was next to the door. I suddenly felt something strange. I couldn't see Lynn. Apparently she wasn't able to come to school. All of us sat around the corner of the class, but none of us were able to save a seat for Lynn. 

The day she came to school, we had to tell her she's not going to be sitting with us throughout the year. We sat very far apart. But she always walked over to our place. 2012 is the year I started understanding her life more. She started telling us more about herself. But 2012 is also the year I had countless life crisis. I argued with my parents and boyfriend twice a week, I got stabbed by my use-to-be 'goodfriends' in the back real hard etc. As everything happened, she was there to listen to every single detail. She doesn't only want to listen just because she wants me to feel better and to release everything. She actually cares about my life and she remembers everything about my life and family. She remembers everything I've ever said to her. She constantly ask me about them. She never tries to say any thing motivational to me, but to me, everything that came out from her mouth was motivational. Back then, I really couldn't see it. I really couldn't see the big picture she and everyone else painted in front of me. That was because I was too busy with my boyfriend, with my own life that I couldn't pay much attention to the friends that actually cared and loved me. 

Now, I see everything. Back then, I just couldn't mash both my friends and my boyfriend together. Because I know he wouldn't like it. And they just wouldn't get along. So I just had to entertain both parties separately. But still, after everything I've been through and after countless times of being ditched by me, she still remembers and she still cares. 

Now, this is the second year since I've graduated. She is still sticking around. Despite the fact that we're in different universities. She still cares and have strong urges to actually want to know every single detail about my life. She wants to know what happened in school. She wants to know how I met my current boyfriend. I never realized this, but after 3 years, I can finally see that she is a very important person in my life. I am so use to everything now, that after I've done something or after something big happened, I have that strong feeling of calling her and telling her everything. I always thought my one and only bestfriend was Melissa, but unknowingly, I've made another one. The one I could never imagine would be. The one that I could never see. I feel so stupid. She helped me through everything, even my studies. She is a very humble and modest girl. She doesn't like to admit that she is smart, she would just categorized herself as 'average'. But she was a genius. Still is. 

I regret not making the best of our my high school life. 
I regret not spending more time with my high school friends. 

Thank you Lim Lynn for moving to Bandar Kinrara. Thank you for transferring to Section 3. Thank you for walking in my life and thank you taking up such a big space in my heart.


  1. Yes! I am glad to know you!

    My name got only two syllabus is because my dad thinks that it is easier to write. :P

    1. LOL. Seriously? I thought maybe your parents wanted you to be those very china de chinese. HAHAHAA.

    2. Hahaha. YES! That was my dad's version.

      According to my mum, it's because of LYNN can only be in one word in mandarin! Unlike yours eu-nice.

      I am unique and special xD

    3. I am unique and special too! EU-NICE :P

  2. Touchy ... I am glad you found 2 best female friend, where you could share your happiness and sorrows. I wish time could rewind as i do not have friend like you during my school days. Treasure this friendship; it could later turn to become your soul-mate one day. Friendship take years to build up and it may take second to break it up. Never ever let this come near ...


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤