Sunday, January 13, 2013 ❣

Two Oh One Three!

I was so swamped up on my last post I completely forgotten to say Happy 2013! So happy new year guys!

This year, I did not go to any crowded places to countdown to 2013. Well, mainly it was because I'm terribly afraid I'd get robbed by idiots unknowingly or maybe I'll even get some major leg crampage because of the all-night-standing event they've prepared for us. I definitely would not like to spend my last night of 2012 with fatties having their sweaty and sticky armpits just grinding against my (maybe) sweaty body. And plus I'd get insufficient oxygen that night and might die on the spot due to the crowd *coughs* but mainly due to my height as I am not that tall. Taller people just tend to suck up all the oxygen there is. I pity them dwarfs. Figures. And when I sweat, I'd smell like a hippopotamus' number two. Why the hell would I want to dress up so nicely and end up getting soaked in my own sweat?

Okay I'm just kidding. Despite the crowd, I'm actually really jealous of the people that get to see big beautiful fireworks! All I saw was a mini version of a firework performance. And the sounds? Maybe if I clap my hands loud enough, I wouldn't even be able to hear the bok bok sound of the fireworks. So there, 
I'm jealous :(

So this is the miniature shit I saw that night. Oh well. I'm done complaining. 

But hey. I wouldn't say my countdown was that bad. Just the fireworks part. I'm glad I get to spend the last couple hours of 2012 with my cute friends. And food too! What more can I ask for? 

Okay, maybe I could have asked for a bigger view of the fireworks. But no complaints! Haha. 

I don't usually make any new year's resolutions because I know for sure I will never come through with it. So why do I want to waste my time. Save the disappointments, right? But that was when I was young. I am unofficially nineteen now! And for this, I shall make a resolution list for 2013!

Eunice's Resolutions for 2013
1) Start saving money, stop spending!
Ever since I was a little girl, I did not have any sort of saving habits. Not even those excess 20cents or 50cents change. I had dozens of piggie banks that people gift wrapped for me, but never once have I ever used them. When I see money in my purse, I spend. Even now, I am nineteen (emphasizing :P) and IF you manage to successfully sneak your way into my house to rob me, I swear you will not be able to find a single cent. I mean rob me, not my family. Lol. I know it's a bad habit. But that's all going to change! I hope...

Or maybe I'll just get this...

2) Get better grades in my degree.
I have completely given up on my foundation year. I've scored so averagely in the first two trimesters that I know it is highly impossible for me to pull up my cgpa to a 3.0 now. So I'll just stroll through this final trimester and get yet another disappointing 2.8 -__- I will just have to save up all my hard work now so I can pour everything out during my first couple years of degree. Mindset of a proud Malaysian! Okay, just don't flunk this one Eunice!

3) Fats off!
This should be interesting... I've gained so much I swear I dare not stand on the weighing scale. I rather not know my weight right now. It will only kill me psychologically. I need to loose weight! I MUST! Haha. I got so inspired by one of my close friend Jennifer ( I read her blog and do you know what I saw?! I was blinded by her awesomeness! She blogged that she successfully lost 6kgs in 2012! I was astonished! I wanted to slice away all the excess fats on my belly and my ass, literally. Ahh. I hope by the end of 2013, I can proudly say I've lost 10kgs! LOL. 

Jerry brought me to Nadeje @ Malacca the other day and well.. I don't know. It just seems like something worth mentioning. Haha. And the cakes... OH WOW.

I just thought maybe I should look at them a lil more before I officially start my weight loosing plan.

So I can proudly say that Jerry is a big contribution to my fats :) Thank you Jerry!

Oh yeah. And my dad too. For feeding me breakfasts like this. He thinks showing his love to my is feeding me with fatty food. Some dad right.

And my mom too. For always buying sweet cakes, tarts and cookies. And for also making sweet cakes, tarts and cookies.

Okay. Maybe I'm just exaggerating. My parents feed me healthy food. The fat credits mostly goes to Jerry.  

4)Stop biting my nails.
Okay. This, I know is pointless writing. I've been biting my nails ever since I could chew. How awesome am I? I can never have beautiful manicures like most girls. I cannot look all high class with my expensive, sparkly, hard, gel/acrylic nails. I am a sad sad girl. I have been wanting to stop ever since I was thirteen. And I am nineteen (emphasizing again :P) now! But maybe after writing this here, I'll try harder? Who knows?

5) Control my temper.
I hate people that are born annoying! I hate being annoyed by people that are born annoying!  I have no idea why I get irritated so easily. When I get heated up, I can't be cooled down by anyone. And I will start showing that sour bitch face (I know its very ugly and you feel like slapping me). I know I tend to act like a stuck up bitch or queen of the world whenever I am angry. I really do not know how all of you cope with me. I am so sorry. I need to try taking deep breaths every time someone stupid decides to stupidify me.

6) Care and appreciate those who love me. 
My big big family. Somehow, after countless arguments with my parents, siblings and relatives, no matter how hard we fought against each other, whenever I needed help, they were always there for me. They are always there for me whenever I fall. They are always there to pick me up no matter how deep-a-shit I got myself into. They are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure I am okay. I love my family.

Just gotta love them. I mean, how can I not, right?

Besides my family there's also one other person that has been holding me up all this time. He was there for me every single millisecond I broke down, had my mood swung up, down and all around. He was there when I had countless 'mid-life' crisis and every single time I overreacted over nothing. Sounds like fun huh?

Especially all the times I stressed out about my studies.

Thank you Jerr :)

So I guess that's all the major ones on my list this year. Those other minors details like end world hunger or treat people nicer etc. do not have to be stated now, do they? But nonetheless  I think I am going to have a wonderful year ahead of me! Cheers to twenty-thirteen!


  1. Happy new year Eunice! Wish you and your family a healthy one!

  2. I loike the way you write!~


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