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Back already?

Okay. Actually, my intention was to blog only after I'm back from my trip to Vietnam. That way I have more things to rant about, I guess? But not all things go out the way we plan.
Don't ask why. 
I am one day away from ending my finals, so tomorrow's my last paper! Ah, while I was scrolling through my torn-up blog, I noticed that I only blog during my semester breaks. Which means I'v never touched or even looked at my blog when I'm having classes, exams etc. I am always so stressed up and worn out during my study time. Why? I have no idea. 
I miss those times where I bring my camera along wherever I go. I miss having that urge to take pictures of EVERYTHING just so I can put it up in my blog for everyone to see. Now, I don't even take pictures of food, sceneries or people. Heck, I don't even take pictures of myself as much as I used to. 
But that's all gonna change! Because as up now, I am going to . Anyway, remember my new year's post? …