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Surviving A Stay In Ho Chi Minh City.

This post is gonna be filled with my cb faces so please brace yourselves. And again, I'm going to rant about useless things and upload unrelated pictures! I had too many pictures of HCMC and also of myself to choose from. So I chose many useless and ugly pictures. haha.

I didn't want to break my Vietnam post into 4 or 5 parts because I find that very tiring, And maybe by the time I reach the 5th part, I've entirely forgotten everything about the trip. So I decided to cramp everything into one long post! But then again I can't make it too long, because blogger might push all my previous post to the next page. You get my dilemma right? 

I'm gonna rant first. 

1) The traffic is just... CHAOTIC!
The first few days there just was a terrible experience. We Malaysians are so use to showing our "hand" to the incoming cars whenever we cross the road. And in Malaysia, that actually works, the incoming vehicle will actually stop for us to cross. Maybe, just maybe if the driver is some kind of impatient dude then you might get honk for a while but who cares right? But still, that's a little rare to come about. 

I panicked when I looked at the forever-busy street, so I ran across the street the first time. And I made a huge mistake. Because the thing is, the cars, trucks, motorbikes and every bicycles will never stop! Its practically endless! Not to mention, most road users ride their motorbikes on the pavement rather than waiting calmly. Especially when you come to a round-a-bout. You will never be able to find a gap between cars where you can actually have enough time to squeeze into. So how are we suppose to cross the road? 

You must NGEH NGEH LEI! You just a to keep walking! Other wise you'll just be standing there, staring at the passing vehicles for the whole day! You need to grab your balls and walk like you own the road! Big vehicles like cars and buses will stop or slow down for you. And cyclist will avoid you. That's the thing, the people there constantly have to dodge motorbikes, bicycles, and cars coming from every direction. EVERY DIRECTION!

What I did wrong on the first day was that I just ran across, causing all the cyclist to panic as well because they do not know how to avoid me. Whether to go through from behind or in front me. But I survived the Ho Chi Minh City traffic. 

2) The non-stop car honking!
I swear I was so fed-up. In Malaysia, we do not fully utilize our honks. We only honk someone when...
  • Our vehicle is double parked.
  • Someone parked at our parking spot.
  • A car comes to close to our car.
  • Getting out of a junction too slowly. (HAHAHAHAH)
  • Cut lane!
  • Just suddenly stop or turns without any signal.
  • When it is already a green-light and the vehicle in front is still somehow not moving.
  • And most of the times when we are angry!

Can't seem to think of anything else but you see the pattern yet? Most of the time we honk out of rage! Every time we honk someone, we're either very angry or already cursing that person. I'm pretty sure after most of you honked an incoming car, you'd be like 'NIA MA DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE IS IT?!' We even start cursing when someone honks us. 

My point? It's so different there. The people there use their honks so frequently but never because of rage. They don't even get angry when someone honks at them. They honk to alert the other vehicles that they are travelling are a faster speed. Or maybe to alert them to move aside?  

While I was there, the honking did not stop. Every one step I made, I heard three more horns. Which really was a drag. There was one day we went on a tour bus, the ride was about and hour long, so I decided to take a nap. BUT NO! I am not allowed to! The bus itself is honking 100000000000 times! 

But nonetheless, the good thing there is unlike Malaysia, even though the motorbikes to car ratio is like a million to one, the fear of having your handbag snatched away from you is not there. Usually when we hear the sound of an incoming motorbike, we would hug our handbags real tight and walk further away from the street. 

That's enough with my crap. 

So, I had to rush to the airport after my last paper on Friday. So I felt so oily and sticky and dirty. And it rained that day. Which made everything even worse. Just gonna post some pictures with some captions. 

It was only a 2 hour plane ride. I was so relieved! 

Wanted to sleep but I couldn't so I faked a sleeping photo instead!

My hair was so oily and disgusting I could even just change my parting like that. 

So I guess this is when we've landed. 

It was around 11pm when we reached. So it was kinda hard to hail a cab. But we managed. Haha. The cad brought us to our hotel. The first room we had was pretty nice. We had to change to a different one on the second night. So I shared a bedroom with my brother & sister.

Good thing we brought a universal converter.

So oily and pimply. Oh shit. 

dang dang dang! Scary or not?!

Next morning.

Had to eat as much as I can! Gotta walk the whole day!

Hahahah! Look at the cables! 

So many of my cb faces. hahaha

Next morning.
Bus ride.


Nice hat to match with a nice boat! 


Then we went on a sampan!

All the way to Mekong!

Next morning!

My hair has been such a bitch lately I really have no idea how to tame it. So I had to use a hair pic to hold it down. Otherwise it'd fly and bounce everywhere.


I've honestly lost track of what day it is and also what we've done during our trip. Do you know why? It's because we didn't went to many places for sight seeing etc. So I guess the rest of our days in Ho Chi Minh were spent walking around the city, shopping and shopping and shopping. Our hotel and some travel agencies offer a city tour but we just grab a map and walk around. We got lost a couple times, we even walked out of the map range. hahaha. So I guess you can say it was easy to find the Museum, Ho Chi Minh Park, Saigon Square, Benh Than market and also some other weird places.

So I think I'll stop here. If I make this post any longer, all my other posts will be forced to the next page. Uhh. Blogger. So toodles!

Sister Wendy says BYE!

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