Saturday, August 24, 2013 ❣

Whatever lah!

So I think it's finally the time to blog. About what you may ask? Well, everything! I guess the only reason why I didn't was because many things had been happening and frankly I'm just not too happy about them. So I am going to sum up these past couple months in a few of my favorite words...


And it's just getting on my last nerve. I don't know what I've ever did to make the universe despise me so much at the moment but I just can't help it. I want it to be okay when I jump up and down, do whatever I want and just yell out to the universe that THIS IS JUST NOT FAIR.

This is the only available picture. *yawns

Around the first week of July, I bought a new purse for myself. Nothing special, just a normal black leather Alain Delon. After using it for only 3 wonderful weeks, I went to work one day just to come back with a heavyhearted soul and in grief. No wait. No no no! I went to the police station first, lodged a police report, then home with my bitter and gloomy self. I lost my new purse and everything in it. So I end up carrying around a temporary IC and also a police report everywhere I go. I finally got over the fact that I can never ever have the chance to see my purse, IC, licence, photos etc anymore. And I also thought the nightmare is over. 

On the 13th of August, my 11 year old dog Lassie passed away. He has been with me for 8 years. We dug his grave and buried him beside our house. No matter what, he'll still be around watching over us and our house. I used to always come home from school and talk to him about all my never ending high school dramas. Now that he's not around anymore, us especially Sunshine & Bubbles have been so moody. We're okay.

I guess he's okay now too.

A week ago, my brother, boyfriend and I went to TM point together. We went in, asked a couple questions, then got out. I was a 2 minute stop. Our next stop was AEON. On the way there, my boyfriend got a phone call from my number. But I guess it was an accidental call as it was only ringing for only 2 seconds. When he tried to call back, it went into voice mail. So I drove back to TM, stormed in and asked the girl sitting behind the desk whether she saw a pink phone here. She answered me NO and then twitched, started looking around as if she was lying. I could tell she was very nervous. I mean, I don't look rich loh, if you found or took my phone, please just give it back to me lah. That was the only place I stopped at. I went in a couple more times to ask her again and again. She started getting a little defensive and angry. 

At that moment, I decided I do not want to look or ask for it anymore. I'll just leave it. And again, do I really deserve this? :( Do you know the amount of down-in-the-dump days I need to go through? Going to bed and waking up with nothing to hold? I was devastated, now I guess I have again, finally got over it.

I guess I'll be renovating and repainting my study room before the ends.

So that's July and August for me. How about you? 

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