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Hello Readers
Alot has happened. And frankly speaking, i really don't have that kind of mood to blog anymore. Trials are next week and I'm not even worried -.- Idk its school's or daerah punya. Neh, don't care. Just study la. I doubt I could pass my sejarah. And maths. LOL. Heh! Enough said.

Hope you don't mind, my laziness forces you to bare with my lousy English and just so you know, this post will be PICTURELESS =)

Last week was a boring school week. Lets skipped that.
So i shall start off with

Saturday, 25th July 2009
No violin class for 4 weeks. Yada yada yada... Can't remember what i did in the afternoon. Went for the Putrajaya Night run thing with Family. Carrie and Eugene tagged along. There were CONDOMS in the goodie bag man xD HAHAHAAA. Wonder is daddy and mummy going to use eh? x) Had tons of fun with them till around midnight. Parents fetch them home. Took a shower and snoozed.

Sunday, 26th July 2009
Slept alot in the evening, LOL. Lunch at Wendy's at IOI mall. Went for movie with family. Watch HARRY POTTER. Wheee =) They talked more than they do. But still, I've kinda sorta read the book, so 8/10 la. HAHA. I loved it =) Dinner at TGIFridays. KenYi saw me. But i couldn't see him x)

Monday, 27th July 2009
The morning was cooling. Perhimpunan was boring as usual. [Blank] and I talked like every other morning/day. School School.. Came home from school and doze off. Jogged with daddy and brother around 6ish.

Tuesday, 28th July 2009
Hey! Tomorrow is brother's, Fly's and Carrie's birthday! How cool is that. School school... Okaaayyy. Parents came pick me up from school with that NEW CAR. So i couldn't find them at first, until sis shouted my name. HAHA. Went jogging with daddy and brother at 6 again =)

There we go.
Blog updated.

PS: Lazy to put those emoticons already xD

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