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The day I got inked.

Greetings to each and every one of you that still either remains curious about my life or are forced to read this because I told you so. Welcome, I hope you don't find this even a tad bit similar to a fool's errand. Have fun. I have to get this done before the month ends. Let's begin!

Let's talk about me!

Did you see what just happened? What happened in/to September? It feels like only yesterday when it was the beginning of that month, how did time manage to fly by without me realizing? I have skipped yet another month this year, no post, nothing. I'm a little disappointed as I once told myself that I should/would post at least once a month. Where's that promise go? Down the drain eunice, down the drain.

Aloha amigos! So, in case you're still interested in the stuffs I write or maybe you're interested in my life (whut eww). I'll just cut everything short (very short in fact) and bring you guys up to speed!

I am officially done with the semester. As of now, I am a year 4 chemical engineering student! Nothing to celebrate about la cos... still got one more year -_- Results for the semester aren't out yet, so let's wait and prepare to be devastated for that.

SCKLM2016 - 4 things to know before your first 21km

Buenos dias amigos! So many things happened over the weekend. Okay, maybe not so many but I guess the more significant one was the launching of PokemonGo in Malaysia! Finally! That very morning it launched, at 6AM, I went hiking at Wawasan Hill. After coming back down from our treacherous journey, we were just in the car casually talking about PokemonGo and wondering if it was launched in Malaysia yet. Then, my friend ChungHan just randomly decided to go onto Playstore to search for the game and BOOM! There it was! Jerry and I were in shock, we quickly downloaded it IN THE CAR. Hahaha! It was official, we were live!

We were wondering why weren't there any official statement about it yet. Hahaha, maybe because we were one of the first who found out about it. Anyway, after that realization, we officially became part of the social anti-social club, whereby we were only talking to each other only about the game on our phones.
That very same day, Jerr and I went to bed at 8PM, after wat…

Invading places.

In this post, I will teach you how to take slim looking photos even though you know as hell you're fat af.

Here's another post where I basically talk about nothing cos the whole secret reason of posts like these are to actually publish excessively taken photos somewhere without being labeled as an annoying Facebook user. Needless to say, my blog is my platform for these excessively unnecessary photos. If you enjoy browsing through photos of people you may or may not know or maybe even enjoy reading the random things I write, then you may just enjoy this post. Otherwise, you may just be asking me to give you back that 4 precious minutes of yours, this may get pointless as it goes on. Don't say I didn't warn you har.
So hello! I always have problems with coming up with a post title. Should I go all out attention seeking (like 'Harajucube, Empire Damansara' just to have my blog easily searched) or just according to whatever the majority of photos consist of (like …

Busy with this honours degree.

We are almost to the point of the semester where I go completely MIA again. Hooray? Do you know what that means? It means that we are now halfway through the semester, with heap loads of midterm tests, assignment due dates and finally, finals. This rough and bumpy phase of my life usually happens from March to April and August to September. In fact, I looked back at this year's postings, the month of March was completely blank, leaving April with 1 pathetic post.

And do you know what this means again? This means that
I definitely cannot include being able to 'multitask' in my CV.

Episode 1: G-Dragon Cushion, Moonshot Microfit Cushion (VIDEO)

Hello creatures of the earth! Today I am here with another video haha. It is the first episode to my Rant series. I;m not too sure how this will progress but I hope for the best. You are welcome to laugh at me cos bringing you joy is always a pleasure. In this episode, I ranted about my buys at Sephora the other day. It was a quick visit. I tried to resist not buying this product EVERY SINGLE TIME I go into Sephora but this time... I gave myself too many excuses to not buy it.
In this video, I only bought two things. One for my skin and one for my lips. You'd definitely love the lip product! So, enjoy watching! I love how the video progressed from 'waaa so 斯文' to 'wtf why she so 粗鲁' hahaha

How to clean makeup sponges and beauty blender? (VIDEO)

Hello creatures of the earth!
I get that sometimes we don't take much time out of our busy schedules to clean our makeup tools. I mean unless you have serious OCD, maybe most girls won't really do it. Especially when it comes to the puffs and sponges that is packaged together with compact powders and foundations. Deny all you want, I know a lot of gross girlfriends that don't clean their makeup sponges regularly. Hahaha, not judging but I hope that you'll change your mind after reading this.

Animal onesies.

Hello creatures of the earth! Good day people! As obvious as it already is, I got myself an animal onesie. I feel a little outdated and that this is so passé because the trend for animal onesies has long sailed & left the deck. So, what am I doing ah? I'm being a little ignorant la, that's what I'm doing; pretending as if the ship is still waiting for me at the port and trying to do as I please. Although the real question is, where am I suppose to wear this to???

Very funny, I bought it with no place to wear it to. To sleep? I'll answer that later. But frankly speaking, do we genuinely need a reason to shop? Okay, scratch that, let's leave it as a rhetorical question. Hear me out on my explanation haha!

Bangkok #3: Chatuchak Weekend Market & Union Mall (VLOG)

Hey there people! I can't believe I am still here blabbing on about Bangkok. Can you believe it? Don't get me wrong, I too am starting to get a little (just a little) disinterested in these Bangkok posts. But I figured I just had to do it, otherwise all the photos I purposely took for this post and all the times I spent taking out my camera and putting it back into my bag (excuse me, really a lot of effort ok) will go to waste. Cannot 半途而废!

Click the embeded video above to watch my Bangkok Vlog on my Youtube channel! It is a rather ranty video because of my boss Jerry. Also, here are the post links for Bangkok #1 and Bangkok #2.

Bangkok #2: Terminal 21 & Unicorn Cafe

Hello there crazies! If you haven't read my first Bangkok travelogue, here's the link to it. So, I just realized that there is really no way for me to update about my trips to Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratunam Morning Market and Siam Square because I did not take many pictures while I was there. Why ah? Cos this girl shop until crazy lo, forget to take picture. I filled up 7kg of my hand carry and also the extra 20kg baggage that we bought. So maybe you can roughly estimate the amount of clothes and bags I brought back to Malaysia with me.

Bangkok #1: Asiatique The Riverfront, Nasa Vegas Hotel Review & UBER Thailand

Hello there earthlings!
This is the first Bangkok travelogue post, I hope I don't stop after this post just because the semester break is over -.- Good luck to me. Anyway, it all started with a random thought back in January where Jerr and I decided we needed a short getaway, so we spontaneously booked our flight to Bangkok on AirAsia. Got money or not? We didn't care hahaha, but it was a good motivation for us to start saving for the trip. Few days later, my parents decided to tag along, so they then bought their own flight tickets.

Dining at Superthai Restaurant.

Hello there fatties!
Do you hear the applause? No? Yeah, that's for me. Today is the day we begin to learn to look through the eyes of others, I'm talking about seeing things through my eyes, just for one post :P

Last week, I went to a Thai restaurant in DU called SuperThai (details at the end of this post). I left home roughly around 6PM which turned out to be worse than one of my worst ideas I've ever had. It was a weekday. I ended up having myself dead set in the middle of a massive traffic jam for a good 1.5 hours. Good job Eunice.

Going red the foolproof way.

Hello my furry little friends!
Omg this eunice here to talk about hair again? YAH. But it's not my hair. This time I am here to talk about a miraculous event that is about to occur in my life and also my sister's. Well, it is actually, for the most part, a substantial event in my sister's life la. But the reason why this is affecting me so much is because...

Frizz-free hair with Moist Diane!

Hello beauties!
I said I'll be back in May, didn't I? But I also said I'd be back after my finals, which turned out to be a lie because as I am writing this, I still have to sit for the last paper of my semester in the coming days.

How I transitioned from 10km to 21km.

Hello minions! You know what? I wish I was on the computer as often as I am on my phone. That way I wouldn't have to scrawl out snappy posts on my Dayre and I could maybe blog like how a decent person would. Don't get me wrong, I have a major love for Dayre, it is like my favourite go-to app. I'd still pick it over my Twitter or Instagram. But sometimes I can't help but wonder if the reason I am not blogging here so often anymore because of Dayre. Would I blog on here a little more if that app had not existed? #thoughtoftheday
Hahaha! Okay, so recently I've been editing a lot of photos on vsco. (Editing photos and going to the gym have been my habitual excuses for not studying throughout this semester wtf) I hope to post them soon but I can't find the right time to do so. My first paper for my finals is in t-minus 10 days and well, everyone knows how bad my time management is. So, I guess I'll see you guys in May? Haha!
Typing this is giving me a hard time …

Snapchat habit.

Hello cuties! I own a Xiaomi Mi3, it a great phone but it does not have an expandable memory. No SD card slot but it has a 16GB internal storage la. Hello, how is 16GB enough for me or anyone for that matter? Anyhow, that only means that I have to move my photos, videos and junk out of my phone and into my hard disk every 1-2 months T_T
So, the other day as I was moving my Snapchat folder over, I noticed that I saved quite a lot of photos that looked the same! Hahaha! I found my Snapchat habit! Over the past 1 month, I've unknowingly taken so many pictures looking in the same direction. Click to enlarge.
I couldn't help but laugh so hard when I saw my saved snaps. What about the ones I did not manage to save?! I just had to collage it! Hahah! I should be a little more consistent with my direction. From now, I shall starting looking more to the right! Am I the only one that has a problem on Snapchat? Let me know what do you think of this crazy compulsive disorder! HAHA…

Date night makeup tutorial!

Hello pretties!  I'm doing this on purpose because after I got my eyelash extensions a couple days before CNY, the pretty lady told me that sweating, tearing, rubbing eyes, cleansing and oil based makeup remover will increase the rate of the extensions falling off. It was my first time doing eyelash extensions ever! So I was damn 乖 lo listen to everything she said.

My cameraman!

Hello crazies! Jerr and I spontaneously went up to Genting Highlands again the other day to 'get angpao from Uncle Lim'. Well, I guess that's what you do when you're ~ feeling 22. Not! More like the older you get, the more you'll find out that the best activities you do comes naturally, unplanned and/or are extremely impromptu. The older you get, the friends around you will magically transform from your regular ffk friend to the classic super onz friend, hopefully. Haha! 

4 things we did at Port Dickson!

Hello 2016 and hello earthlings!  Valentine's day just blew past and soon Chinese New Year will be coming to an end. Before you know it, the first 2 months of the year have disappeared! NOO! Time, can you please take a chill pill? I have so much to talk and rant about, I can't contain myself like wtf. 
In the beginning of the year, I went to Port Dickson with #themonsters9x. Every time we go out for trips, we would take heap loads of photos. But these days, nobody dedicates a whole album on Facebook to your trip lo. So, all you are left with are photos and memories in your hard disk waiting for you to look back at it one day and go 'AWWWW'. So ah, where else am I allowed to spam photos without being judged other than my blog, right? 

(Video) Sister Makeup Challenge!

Had a makeup challenge with ma sœur, Wendy Goh on my Youtube channel! We had too much fun! We also did a whisper challenge that was supposed to be uploaded on her channel but we failed. Do you know why? It's because the video was too yucky to be uploaded. We laughed too much at each other and as the video progressed to the end, my eyeliner slowly disappear and smudged!

At the end of the challenge, my under eyes were as black as Snow white's hair. No joke, that's why my makeup doesn't look as nice in the intro of my Makeup challenge video. We did the whisper challenge before the makeup challenge.
This was the chaos behind the camera! Euwern says HI!
Link here or just click to watch it below!