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4 things we did at Port Dickson!

Hello 2016 and hello earthlings! 
Valentine's day just blew past and soon Chinese New Year will be coming to an end. Before you know it, the first 2 months of the year have disappeared! NOO! Time, can you please take a chill pill? I have so much to talk and rant about, I can't contain myself like wtf. 

In the beginning of the year, I went to Port Dickson with #themonsters9x. Every time we go out for trips, we would take heap loads of photos. But these days, nobody dedicates a whole album on Facebook to your trip lo. So, all you are left with are photos and memories in your hard disk waiting for you to look back at it one day and go 'AWWWW'. So ah, where else am I allowed to spam photos without being judged other than my blog, right? 

 But before I start anything, they really weren't exaggerating about the PD seawater! I did not filter this picture! We went there in January 2016. We were at Corus.

I can't even believe myself when I say this photo wasn't edited. Aiya, I swear it's definitely not as gross and disgusting as it used to be la. I'd give 10 points for improvement.

Anyway, you don't see many of your friends posting pictures about their trip to PD unless its in a very atas resort or villa that have private pools like Grand Lexis. That's because all of our hipster friends prefer to go to #BKK etc. Have to admit, I didn't think there was anything left to do in PD too. But surprisingly, these are some of the things Johan planned for us while we were there!

1) We went to the Ostrich Farm at Batu 9! 
Sounds a little childish la cos we're 22 and 23 year old. But NO! If you were to go with a bunch of friends, you can entertain yourselves with each other's epic fails! It's not just an ostrich farm, there were dogs, fishes, donkeys, goats, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes etc. Since we went there on schooling periods, it was super empty! Either that or nobody goes there anymore la but I'm hopeful.

First, group photo! We were sweating like dogs cos of the crazy scorching sun. On the bright side (no pun intended, but it's still funny pls hahaha), at least there were 4 of us that aren't wearing something completely BLACK. I ggwp la wear black sweater some more. 

And another group photo with my girls! #tjelc

These are the kind of fails I was talking about. Haha! Jiajia 不要怕! We bought a packet of treats for the animals just to watch each of us tremble to the fear of attempting to feed it!

GG run away from ostrich some more wtf haha

And a happy Jerry!

Donkeys! One of them is named Eugene, the only reason why I remembered is because it's my brother's name! Haha. Sorry other one, can't remember your name sia.

This is our planner, Johan!

Dirty bunnies!

How lucky am I to get a selfie with one of the animals in the farm!!??

 Jerr, Cindy and I outside our appartment!

Lunch break!

2) We went to the Lighthouse at Tanjung Tuan! 
Oh ho ho! This is a good one! I still can't believe Johan found this place. Haha. The purpose of bringing us here is and I quote 'You girls love taking pictures ma, so let you all take the sunset la'. Very thoughtful please, hahaha. It was a 10 minute hike up to the top of the hill to reach the lighthouse, but I swear it is super worth it! Especially for people who like to make their ig feed artsy!

It was a bit of a tiring hike. The 8 of us were complaining all the way up. I seriously rather just roll all the way back down to the bottom to where we parked our car. After seeing the lighthouse, we still had to climb up that flight of stairs on the bottom left of the photo.

But seriously la, no matter how amazing the view is and it doesn't matter how beautiful the image you can conjure up in your mind, if you do not have an amazing photographer, you wouldn't get an amazing photo!! So, go up with your pro-est photographer friend! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Romantic leh, right Jerry?!

Thank you for always taking photos for us girls! We appreciate you guys a lot!

Oh yeah! This is an important thing to mention! We were staring at the sunset after all... All of our faces were oozing with sweat! 好像跌进longkang咯. So, bring a towel!!! We stayed there and gazed into the horizon for over an hour waiting for the sun to set, so we sweat buckets.

See what I told you? ARTSY LEH!

3) We went to the Alive 3D Art Gallery! 
The reason why this was our next stop is exactly the same as our previous destination; because we girls love to take photos! I can't really recall the pricing but I think it wasn't expensive. We had fun taking the photos mainly because we went during the non-peak days. By that I mean, we were literally the only ones in the museum. So, we didn't had any problems with the crowd or lining up when taking photos. I read some reviews and comments about not being able to take better shots because of other customers walking around and about.

I kennot cos all her facial expression are just too priceless. Feel free to click to enlarge & zoom.

Jia, 你可以去做actress了 no joke. Haha!

How does this look? 

Giant Lynn.

Teng is tinier x1000. Now that I know the trick to this, there is no way I can get myself to not see the flaw in the picture. Does is look fake? Haha because to me it kinda does! Please tell me!

Trip to Wonderland!

Okay, this one is still very real to me! HAHAHA. I couldn't stop laughing when taking this photo.

4) We went for some water sports! 
Who go to beach and don't play water sports one? Still need to explain meh?

Well, the water here doesn't look as blue as the photo I posted above. Lighting problem, maybe.

Another perk of going on trips during non-peak days are that prices can be bargained and reduced drastically! Not to mention, no waiting in lines required! Basically, this is what made the whole trip fun la. It is like we had the whole PD to ourselves. 

Goodbye cameraman! Off we go! Teng is a little afraid of falling into the deeper seawater and Lynn can't swim neither does she trust the life jacket. I was afraid she had a panic attack or something when she fell off the banana boat. But aiya, I had to mention this la cos it's my first time (consciously) doing water sports too haha.

Finally done with this PD trip post! Jerr has been bugging me to get the photos from Jia & Lynn for over a month. The reason why I didn't write this post in day 1,2 and 3 like how I usually do is because things got complicated midway through this trip & it's very troublesome to mention la. And plus, maybe it's better this way. I hope you enjoyed this post #themonsters9x!

Let's end the post with Daryl making one of the worst decisions of his life...

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx


  1. BEST TRIP EVER! Let's have more adventures together hahaha

  2. i didnt expect so much before going to PD
    then i realise we do have a lot of fun activities there

    1. Me either haha! Cheers to more spontaneous trips!

  3. This is definitely eye opening ... so many places and things we could do. And the beach ... really??? Impressed!!

  4. Sure mou?? Wah, beautiful beach leh. I want to go!

  5. Wow so interesting and informative. Will definitely check out these gems when next in PD.

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    Your holiday in Port Dickson looks fun.

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