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Date night makeup tutorial!

Hello pretties! 
I'm doing this on purpose because after I got my eyelash extensions a couple days before CNY, the pretty lady told me that sweating, tearing, rubbing eyes, cleansing and oil based makeup remover will increase the rate of the extensions falling off. It was my first time doing eyelash extensions ever! So I was damn δΉ– lo listen to everything she said.

I took great care of it, like my baby. I didn't rub my eyes, I didn't go for Muaythai classes (killing me softly) and I didn't put on any eye makeup for 3 weeks! I even only cleanse around my eye, trying my best not to let water touch my lashes. It was a tough 3 weeks but I said to myself 'Beauty is not given free'! 

The other day I thought to myself, 'Wahlao I think I should remove the lashes lo. Looking kinda imba and some of them keeps poking on my eyelids and very torturing la cannot rub my eyes'. So I did everything the lady said I couldn't do! I went to the gym and for my muaythai classes and I sweated a bucket! I cleansed my face with very vigorous rubbing movements, hitting the lashes every time my palms go up! I used an oil-based makeup remover but still... it wasn't completely coming off! T__T

So now, I am going to resort to eye makeup! 3 weeks of no eye makeup and now I'm finally back! Might as well do a little blog about it too since I'll be heading out to date night with le bf later! Hahaha. Sorry for the long story, but this is how I roll! Back stories are always important. Anyway, this is how I usually do my makeup when I go out for dates!

Okay, so I legit just woke up and was still in my pjs. This is a mandatory no makeup photo for comparison later, Haha. I'm going to skip the whole moisturizing, priming, concealing and foundation base cos I think everyone knows that already. (Actually I didn't take any picture of my basing process so... HAHA) But let me know if you'd still like to know what products I use.

First things first, BROWS! Brows are always the most important part! #nobrowsnolife. I can go out with no foundation, powder, lipstick but I cannot go out with no brows! This is the Essence Eyebrow Designer Pencil. I own two shades, 05 Soft Blonde and 02 Brown. I use the darker one to draw the outer part of my brow and the lighter for the inner. This retails for less that RM10 which is the whole reason why I bought it in the first place!

I'm not super great at drawing my brows but I try my best. It can be super on fleek some days but when the hair decides to come back out, it will screw the whole look.

If you are a constant user of eye shadow but do not use a primer, OMG PLEASE GO GET ONE. An eye primer is something you apply onto your eyelids before putting on your regular eye makeup. What it does is that it allows the powder to stick onto something. So once you've got the primer on, THE EYESHADOW CANNOT BE RUBBED OFF, ESPECIALLY WITH YOUR GRUBBY FINGERS. No joke! My mom was so amaze when I introduced her to this. I'm using the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I bought this a while ago so I'm not too sure about the price, but it retails for about RM75.

This eye shadow segment might be kinda lengthy. This is the Urban Decay Naked 3, it is by far my favourite-est palette! The colour shades are so earthy and neutral, you really can't go wrong with nude colours.

With this palette alone, I can go from looking super cute with light makeup to looking dark and mysterious with smokey eye makeup! And again, I got this a while ago, so I think the price ranges around RM150.

Step 1: Take the lightest colour and slab it ALL OVER your lids up to your brow bone. This give you a cleaner canvas to work with. Apply it with the fluffy side of the brush or use a blending brush.

Step 2: Pick a darker colour and apply it on to the outer corners of your crease. I usually pick the middle colours and if I want a darker look, I'll just add the darker shadows on top. Apply this with the flat side of the brush! This part can be tricky especially for those with typical small asian eyes. 

Use the flat tip to kinda POKE onto your eyelids to find the curved part of your eyeball. Don't poke until you feel pain la, just lightly push it onto your eyelids. Once you've placed the brush on the eyes like I have, move the brush from left to right. Just like colouring a rainbow!

If you have parallel lids like me, you'd most likely be unable to see much of a difference when you open your eyes. BUT THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. Now your double eyelids are MORE DEFINED. It looks sharper than the one on the right. Once you're happy with the guide, you can now fill in the upper corner of your lids with a darker shade.

Step 3: Pink a shiny pale colour from any palette. This will be going onto the center of your lids. This will give an illusion of a more contoured eye!

Slab slab slab pat pat pat.

This is the Dior 5 Couleurs Palette in 250 Seascape. 

Really sorry but I honestly do not know the retail price for all my CD products. Anyway, I won't be using any of the blue tones. i'm only using the WHITE hahahahah!

Step 4: Apply white or light shadow onto the outer corner from above your dark shadow to your brow bones! Basically just colour in the rest of your lids until you reach your eye brows la. This is for highlight!

This is the CLIO Sharp So Simple Waterproof Pen Liner. It retails for about RM43 in Watsons. I always prefer brown liners over black because they don't look as harsh.

I didn't take any picture while putting on eyeliner cos I only have two hands. 
But here's an easy tip for the winged look.

1. Pull your lids to the side to flatten it. Look down.
2. Draw a straight line starting from the inner corner of your eyes.
3. Draw the line all the way out. Stop when you're satisfied.

 4. Open your eyes, look up and connect the end of the line you've just drawn to the corner of your eyes!
5. If you opened your eyes and think that the line is not thick enough, close your eyes and repeat steps 1-4 again! But don't go overboard! Less is more! And don't ever go free hand if you are a beginner! Always use your eye as it's own guide! The reason why you flatten your eyelids in the first place was to give you a straight line guide. 

This is the Diorshow Iconic Extreme Mascara.

Tips for applying mascara ah? Mhmm. Open your mouth!! You'll perform 10 times better! When the brush touches your lashes, start wiggling it from left to right.

Eyes done!

This is the CD Blush Final Diorlight in 743 Natural Gold. And again, I did not take any photos of contouring.

Recently I've been applying my pink blush onto the center of my cheeks rather than the sides. This gives a more flushed and cuter look.

Unless I know I'll be taking a lot of photos on the date, I wouldn't care much about putting on lipstick. Cos you'll be eating and end up rubbing all of the product off anyway. So, for me, a little colour for my lips is enough. If I had lip stains, tattoos or lip peel-offs, I wouldn't use lipstick ever again. Hahaha! This is the IN2IT Lip Treat and I think it also retails for less than RM10.

That's all! I did touch up a little here and there la. Like adding white liner in the inner corners of my eyes for that cute teardrop effect.

I guess my double eye lids look deeper now? You can do this makeup on monolids too!

This is how it looks when I look down! 

Lips are not too red. They are just perfectly stained!

Hope you like this makeup tutorial! Do let me know what you think about it in the comment section below! Just a disclaimer though, I am NOT a makeup artist nor have I ever claimed to be one. I'm just like every other girl, sitting behind a computer, watching makeup gurus on YouTube and trying her best to be a copy cat. Anyway, this is just my way of doing it. BUT! If you have any comments on how and what I can do to improve, PLEASE SHARE PLS. TQ!

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx


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