Wednesday, February 24, 2016 ❣

My cameraman!

Hello crazies!
Jerr and I spontaneously went up to Genting Highlands again the other day to 'get angpao from Uncle Lim'. Well, I guess that's what you do when you're ~ feeling 22. Not! More like the older you get, the more you'll find out that the best activities you do comes naturally, unplanned and/or are extremely impromptu. The older you get, the friends around you will magically transform from your regular ffk friend to the classic super onz friend, hopefully. Haha! 

Yeah, you've got it!

I used to take a massive amount of ootds a few years back. Okay la, I didn't take them, I posed for them and people like Jerr, Euwern or EE takes them for me. Need to give credit only 爽 one. Anyway, after a while, I stopped taking full body photos because it is very torturing for my reluctant cameraman. Haha! Taking group photos for me is already bad enough, I feel horrible if I were to pile on frequent ootd-photo-taking too. It's not a bad thing at all, but I'm sure most bloggers have their boyfriends as their cameraman heh.

Why is it torturing? 
Eunice: Jerr, ootd for me!
Jerry: Urghhh 又来啊! *takes camera out*
Jerry, I think I look fat, retake!
Jerry, I think my hair was in the way, retake!
Jerry, I need more head space in the photo, retake!
Jerry, this lighting is making me look too white, retake!
Jerry, you didn't capture the building behind me, retake!
Jerry, wrong angle liao, retake! Jerry, its so blur, retake!
Jerry, does my arm look big? Jerry, is my pose ok?
Jerry, do I look chubby? Jerry, faster leh very tired liao!
So much bs just for one picture. Taking a thousand pictures and end up only posting ONE. The life of a boyfriend/brother, from his birth is well defined. Obviously I don't say those things all at one go and they are not as aggressive as they look la. I say it in a very calm (as calm as I can ever be) way. Damn, please tell me I'm not the only one!! Back to what I was saying, I seldom ask for full-body photos anymore. But the other day at GH, he voluntarily asked for my phone, then he asked me to pose. Hahaha!!! For this photo...

I did not say any of those things up there! 
Since a miracle just happened, I don't care even if I look fat or turn out having two heads in the photo! Even if I look ugly, I die die also will post ah!!

Even candid photos are not looking that bad! 
Jerry: Eunice! Turn your head over!

Jerry, you have the toughest job. Hahaha. The lighting was great that day btw.

There were still a fair amount of failed photos but the again who then hell can take just ONE photo and look perfect af, right? Models take hundreds of photos too HAHAHA. If perfection was so easily achieved, models would only need to spend 1 second on a photo shoot HAHAHA. Sorry, I just had to say it HAHAHA

Thanks for making my life so much more enjoyable and exciting with your contagious laughter! (and the horrible gross faces you always make) You don't need to always look for new ways to make me smile. Having you in my life is more than I can ever ask for.

Anyway, I brought my camera up to GH with me to take photos for my blog. But because it was too heavy, I decided to leave it in the car T_T #lifeofalazygirl. So, I thought I'd try using my phone camera to see if the resolutions were up to standard for blogging. If they're good, this lazy girl can continue with being lazy. What do you think about the photos? Okay bo?

Full-body photos are taken with my Xiaomi Mi3!
Selfies are taken with Jerr's Asus Zenfone 2!

Till next time! 
Eunice signing off! xx


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  2. Photo quality is great tbh & your content is always so interesting and nice to read hehe keep it up! :D

    1. Thanks babe! Hahaha. It's such a big compliment for me to get this from you!

  3. Replies
    1. Looks good hor?! I was shocked too! HAHAHA. New TR in the house!

  4. Can't stop laughing on the RETAKE part XD
    Pic quality is okay

  5. the communication between you and jerry is damn funny XD laugh die me...
    again a? ahahahaa...

  6. Your phone captured almost perfect photos but camera should do a better job, perhaps it's time for you to invest a better camera :P


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤