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How I transitioned from 10km to 21km.

Hello minions!
You know what? I wish I was on the computer as often as I am on my phone. That way I wouldn't have to scrawl out snappy posts on my Dayre and I could maybe blog like how a decent person would. Don't get me wrong, I have a major love for Dayre, it is like my favourite go-to app. I'd still pick it over my Twitter or Instagram. But sometimes I can't help but wonder if the reason I am not blogging here so often anymore because of Dayre. Would I blog on here a little more if that app had not existed? #thoughtoftheday

Hahaha! Okay, so recently I've been editing a lot of photos on vsco. (Editing photos and going to the gym have been my habitual excuses for not studying throughout this semester wtf) I hope to post them soon but I can't find the right time to do so. My first paper for my finals is in t-minus 10 days and well, everyone knows how bad my time management is. So, I guess I'll see you guys in May? Haha!

Typing this is giving me a hard time as I am too used to my phone keypad auto correcting all the typos I tend to make on the way. Here, I have to keep looking back at all the red squiggly lines under them crazily misspelled words. MUET fail wtf.

I used to throw my medals away except for the ones I got from secondary school.

Anyway, I thought I'd post a picture of my medals (because it is very nicely hung and edited wtf). I doubt these are all I have because I didn't really used to care much about my medals. I used to throw them everywhere. The other day as I was cleaning out one of my drawers, I found another 3 more medals from 2013, one being my Adidas KOTR 16.8km, which used to meant A LOT to me. Hahaha!

It was so important to me because that 16.8km was my stepping stone to entering the half-marathon category. It was the day I got the courage to continue to go further, just because I trained and tracked over 18km weeks before the actual day of KOTR. It was surprisingly easy and I felt amazing after the run, I end up saying 'SIGN ME UP FOR THE NEXT 21KM!'.

I guess after getting the next few 21km medals, this medal went missing for 3 years! Hahaha! So, I guess it is save to assume that a lot of other countless 3, 5, 7 and 10km medals have gone down never-going-to-be-found-until-I-move lane. I am so going to take care of all my medals from now on. I vow to always hang them up here as soon as I bring it home! *fingers crossed la har?*

Aside from Adidas KOTR 16.8km, here's how I managed to successfully transitioned from 10km to 21km in such a short time. This is just my experience hor, it might not be an easy way, but it was how I unconsciously did it.

Start off slow, have family and friends, find your motivation.

I guess one of the ways managed to transitioned to 21km was that 10km was already my foundation, and it was strong. I was very comfortable with running a 10 without having to stop or feel tired after the run. 10 was within my comfort zone, so moving out of there wasn't much work. 

I always tell my friends (they want to know one ah, not I purposely tell them) that once you hit a certain point of running, you can feel as though your legs are moving magically by themselves. That certain point depends on each individual, for me, it usually happens after 5km. After I have reached that point, it is no longer a fight between me and my legs, my legs no longer feels heavy, my body as light as a feather. 

How to reach this point ah? Mhmm. I would say, when you start feeling tired, that is when you need to push even harder. Tell yourself that YOU CAN GO ON! After you've pushed passed that part, you will arrive at this magical point. If you're on your run and you feel like stopping, you have not arrive at this point! Once you have reached the stage of your legs will be moving by themselves, you will not have the thought of stopping because neither are you in pain nor do you feel tired. I am not kidding leh. All my friends think that I am joking. Anyone care to support me on this point?! Hahaha! 

My brother was the one who taught me this, I did not believe him at first either. But when I finally reached that stage, OH DEAR IT FEELS GOOOOD. Why else do you think marathon runners can run for so long without stopping? It's magic!

Although, you have to bear in mind that once you reached this point and you decide to stop, it isn't easy to just hop back onto this magical train. Well, for me la at least haha!

My first half marathon. It helps to have a running buddy.

I come from a family of runners. My dad was a marathon runner and currently still running 10s and 21s with us. My brother is a current 21, 25 and soon-to-be marathon runner. My mom goes wherever I go, I 10, she 10, I 21, she also 21. My relatives and cousins are extreme runners too, we're the 21km squad as we completed our very first half marathon together too!

Training is never a problem when you have a buddy that have the same goals as you. Get a friend who is looking to complete a half marathon in the near future. It is much easier to go through that 2.5 hours when you are with good company, time just seems to fly faster and you might not even have enough time to think about how tired you are.

Even if you don't have the same goals, pace with a friend.

So you might not be able to find a friend as crazy as you who wants to randomly run a marathon. You can still pace with them. Motivate them while they motivate you. That is my friend, Lynn in the photo above. We recently went for MRCA 10km run and ended up being one of the last few runners. 

Although it would've seemed much easier to just stop and walk with her, I did not. I paced slowly beside her as she shifted from running to walking repeatedly. It might not seem like a lot of work, but maybe it does help a little with endurance. I like running with friends, even if they aren't running. Haha!

Get a good running shoe.

I call this, motivation! After running for a good 2 months, maybe it would be time to invest in a good shoe. My definition of a good shoe isn't about the brand or the price of it. It is about what shoe fits your running style. If shoes were all made the same, why are they so many models? Why are some flat while some are high up? What kind of shoe best fits your leg while you are running?

Do you run better with lighter shoes or heavier shoes? Tighter or looser? More cushion or less cushion? If so, which part of your feet needs more of it? I got my first Adizero for myself with my own money when I first graduated secondary school. It was neon green and it costed RM400. It was too much for me to handle la. I vowed that I would take care of her and use her well.

That was when I started running seriously. After I got that shoe, my days of stopping and walking in the middle of runs were over! That shoe lead me to countless 10s, a 16.8, a 21 and a Viper challenge which was a 20km obstacle run!

After that, it was time to put her aside and get a new one! Hahaha.

Satisfaction. Where else can you get a 21km finisher t-shirt?

My medal collection up there is but as small as Malaysia as compared to the whole world. I've seen my friend's medal collections going from one end of the wall to the other, covering up the whole windowsill! Some even have trophies filling not one but several cabinets! My trophies can hardly fill one shelf let alone a whole cabinet!

Alrighty then. I guess now you know how I transitioned from a frequent 10km runner to a 21km runner, and also that I don't take care of my stuffs. Good luck to all that wishes to achieve your goals and are still striving for it! See you when my finals end!

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx

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  1. Inspiring, babe! Wish I exercise as much as you do too T___T

    1. Thanks dear! It is not impossible, it just takes a lot of determination and endurance :) Haha! Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, that's why you have qualities that inspire me too!!!


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