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Dining at Superthai Restaurant.

Hello there fatties!
Do you hear the applause? No? Yeah, that's for me. Today is the day we begin to learn to look through the eyes of others, I'm talking about seeing things through my eyes, just for one post :P

Last week, I went to a Thai restaurant in DU called SuperThai (details at the end of this post). I left home roughly around 6PM which turned out to be worse than one of my worst ideas I've ever had. It was a weekday. I ended up having myself dead set in the middle of a massive traffic jam for a good 1.5 hours. Good job Eunice.

Going red the foolproof way.

Hello my furry little friends!
Omg this eunice here to talk about hair again? YAH. But it's not my hair. This time I am here to talk about a miraculous event that is about to occur in my life and also my sister's. Well, it is actually, for the most part, a substantial event in my sister's life la. But the reason why this is affecting me so much is because...

Frizz-free hair with Moist Diane!

Hello beauties!
I said I'll be back in May, didn't I? But I also said I'd be back after my finals, which turned out to be a lie because as I am writing this, I still have to sit for the last paper of my semester in the coming days.