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Dining at Superthai Restaurant.

Hello there fatties!
Do you hear the applause? No? Yeah, that's for me. Today is the day we begin to learn to look through the eyes of others, I'm talking about seeing things through my eyes, just for one post :P

Last week, I went to a Thai restaurant in DU called SuperThai (details at the end of this post). I left home roughly around 6PM which turned out to be worse than one of my worst ideas I've ever had. It was a weekday. I ended up having myself dead set in the middle of a massive traffic jam for a good 1.5 hours. Good job Eunice.

P/s: Thanks Jerr for driving me wth hahahaa

Anyway, the restaurant's at Damansara Uptown which means that it is almost impossible to find a good parking spot during the day where everyone is awake. With hard work, you'll find one. Never give up.

The restaurant had a cheery ambiance that had the power to make everything I had to say about the traffic escape into the air. The things I say are just so 夸张, hahaha! Anyway, I guess aside from the restaurant environment, the people I dined with did affect my post-traffic-mood a lot too. I got to meet Don, Shini, Joanna, Jennie and Evelyn. That's more than enough to counter the bad vibes.

Their catch phrase is Appe- (wait for it) THAI-zing Cuisine
Yeah, bet you didn't see that coming.

I wasn't lying about the restaurant setting though.

The restaurant's on the second floor. The signboard's really big so I doubt you'd miss it.

I had no opinion on what to order that day cos I am antisocial like that. Okay, not true, partly maybe.
Hence, the other pretty ladies picked out our dinner for us. 

 Flame Grilled Pork Belly
RM25 - If you love the creamy melting fats of pork bellies, this is defs a must order!

I personally do not like fats or oil or pork (wth cannot be food critic pls) but I am so sure that Jerry would love this. So, if you are a big fan of the juicy melt-in-your-mouth kind of fats, take a go at this. Aside from the oil and fats, the pork marinade tastes heavenly! It has that char-grilled taste that stays in your mouth until the next bite.

 Luncheon Meat Fried Rice
 RM16 - To me, this taste rather normal. But still, it's rice. We all know how much I love rice.

 Crispy Omelette
 RM12 - Siding more towards the oily side but I'm still down with it. Regardless of how much I dislike oily food, the crispiness of the egg legitimately made up for its downside. It crackles at every bite you take. haha 夸张

 Fried Kang Kong
 RM12 - How can you say no to kangkong?! 

 Soft Bone Chicken Knuckle
 RM18 - Hahaha, I thought it was pork on my first bite cos it really did tasted like it.
Perfect for people who want to cheat themselves wth hahaha

Anyway, there's a soft bone in every piece. I hardly ever eat chicken soft bone so it was kind of an element of surprise when I had the first bite. Nevertheless, it still tasted excellent.

 Flame Grilled Pork Neck
 RM27 - Wah this one a lot of melting fats also, don't miss if you can't resist!

This one ah, has more of the melt-in-your-mouth fat than the pork belly dish. I don't know why, it doesn't look as fat as the other but it is. I could only manage to take in a couple slices but its a rather pleasing dish. I'm sure those who like pork (or eat pork) will love this dish!

Tom Yam Soup
 RM8 - Apparently my camera doesn't want to focus on you.

In the later pictures, you will be able to see that this bowl really isn't that big. Its quite small la actually. But considering the size of the bowl, I was surprised that they managed to include so many elements into each mouthful. I thought it would be like soup only with 1 tiny sotong. But no woh. You can find a whole lot of treasure in this tiny bowl; fish, mushroom, squid etc. Another satisfying one. Tomyam is always my fav.

 Stuffed Squid
 RM28 - The stuffing inside the squid is extremely nice but I really can't tell what is it! Is it pork ah?? wtf hahaha and the sauce is amazing ah! To me, this is the only dish we had that related to the typical thai spices and dishes. Sour and tangy, 很开胃! The other dishes just didn't come off as Thai to me.

Maybe its just me that have been living under a rock and haven't had other kinds of Thai food. You know la, not a food critic. Okay, this one hands down my favourite dish compared to the rest liao!

 Red Ruby Jack Fruit
RM10 - My stomach will always automatically make room for dessert! Who else? Hahah.

I need to confess something... I ate most of this compared to the rest of the ladies (everyone legit only took one spoonful and I was the only one scooping and scooping.). But, is it bad that I can't remember how it tasted like?! Its not that I forgot la, its just that my memory of it isn't strong enough to enable me to describe how it tasted like wth. I'm sure it was great la, otherwise I wouldn't be the last and only one still scooping from the bowl. 

So, that's dinner! It is more than enough for 6 people la actually. Especially if you're eating with 5 girls!

Overall, I would say that it was a satisfying dinner, disregarding the fact that I had a collection of things to say about the oil and fats. With the combination of the various contrasting taste and composition of each dish, I ended up with a happy face and tummy. That's what's most important, right?

But because of all the pork and fats, I need to hit the road for a good long run to burn off all these unnecessary calories. Otherwise I'd be as creamy and melty as the pork belly fats. You know what they say...

You are what you eat.

Facebook: Superthai Restaurant
Address: 29, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00PM - 2:30PM & 6:00PM - 9:30PM
Phone number: +60 3-7710 5888

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx

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