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Frizz-free hair with Moist Diane!

Hello beauties!
I said I'll be back in May, didn't I? But I also said I'd be back after my finals, which turned out to be a lie because as I am writing this, I still have to sit for the last paper of my semester in the coming days.

Today, I am here to share a great range of hair products from Moist Diane! It is Moist Diane Extra Shine Series. I was excited beyond words when I got to know that I get to try the Extra Shiny range from Moist Diane, simply because... Who doesn't want shiny and frizz-free hair?

From the left: Moist Diane Extra Shine Shiny Shampoo, Shiny Treatment and Shiny Hair Mask.

Now that this it out of the way, let's begin!

1) Fact: It is Silicone-Free!
Let me start with stating one of the most crucial thing to emphasize about Moist Diane's products, they are all Silicone-Free! This is one of the most prominent fact that makes Moist Diane distinguishable from the rest. What does silicone in hair products do to our hair?

I'm sorry but I'm going to go a little science here, haha. There are two kinds of silicone in hair products, the water soluble and the non-soluble. Obviously enough, the non-water soluble kind is what we don't want lingering in our hair and scalp. (But actually neither one of them brings benefit to our hair la) What Silicone shampoo does is that it coats our hair after every wash. This coating is what makes our hair LOOK healthier and frizz-free! (Look only ah) It is merely a temporary effect. The more we use silicone infused shampoos, the coating gets thicker and it starts building up. What will this cause ah?

Well, all those expensive hair treatment, oil and serum you worked so hard to buy just to apply onto your hair in hopes that they'd get healthier, are wasted. These products do not have a chance to work efficiently on your hair because the silicone coating is sealing your hair.

Perfect for people who have frizzy, unruly and dull hair!

2) Fact: It is Oil-based!
Oil-based ah? Wouldn't my hair be super oily? Girls, we remove our heavy eye makeup with oil-based makeup remover everyday. Our face oily ah? This is another substantial thing about Moist Diane's product! Working exactly like makeup removers, the oil in these shampoo helps remove excess sebum, dirt and impurities from our hair without stripping them of their natural oil and in turn also providing nutrients to our hair and scalp. As soon as these stubborn dirt and sebum leaves our hair, it will bring along the bad smell with them; leaving our hair smelling amazing!

Moist Diane's hair care products are all infused with all kinds of luxurious rare oils such as Moroccan Argan Oil, Boabab Oil, Jojoba Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and much much more. These oils deeply cleanse, penetrates and moisturizes our hair and scalp to give it that healthy look it always deserves!

Now, product review and my experience with this range!

 Moist Diane Extra Shine Shiny Shampoo
In each range, there is a shampoo, treatment and hair mask.

This range is basically invented for frizzy, unruly and dull hair. It helps a lot in repairing our fragmented cuticles and also give a ton of moisture to our hair. It also contains Coconut Oil and also 3 other fruit extracts to enhance the shine! You just gotta love oil.

♡ Packaging
Contains luxurious platinum fiber that enhances radiance while restoring brightness and shine in hair.

Okay is it just me or does the packaging reminds you of the Chanel quilted bags? It looks luxurious and it's so me! Haha, I'd definitely keep the bottle after I am done with it. It looks so pretty. This bottle contains 400ml of goodness.

♡ Texture
Can you even see it bruh?

Maybe you guys are a little more interested in seeing how it looks like since its oil based? Haha. First thing we need to establish is that it is absolutely not sticky and not greasy. It is basically a transparent-like fluid, not too liquidy and definitely not as oily as you would imagine. To answer your queries too, it lathers! There's this common misconception that oil-based shampoos might not lather as much as they want them too. Well, they do, the lather is a little lighter than our usual non-oil-based and non-silicone-free shampoos.

♡ Scent

Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this so frequently at Watsons. So aunty, so 恶心. Smelling a product before buying it is (to me) one of the most important rule! Same goes to smelling before eating. Anyway, I'm not too good at describing smells but if I had to comment on it, I'd say it smells like berries maybe. It smells super refreshing! How can one SMELL refreshing, right? But this does.

I hereby create a new description of smell; I call it Diane. It smells like Diane. So, I if you have any friends named Diane, smell them.

Moist Diane Extra Shine Shiny Treatment

You might think it is a normal conditioner, but it is not. Simply because instead of only providing nourishment to our hair ends, this also restores the nutrients in our scalp and promotes manageable and healthy hair. The advanced technology of this bottle of goodness coats our damaged cuticles and turns our hair looking bright and youthful!

♡ Packaging
It is in the same packaging as the shampoo, 400ml also. 

Solution to all our laziness!

But seriously? It is treatment in a pump bottle!!! I mean, usually treatment and conditioners comes in tubes or tubs. The Moist Diane Shiny Treatment comes in a freaking bottle with a pump which makes everything so much easier. Not to mention, it makes you not as lazy and it prevents you from constantly delaying the need for a decent hair treatment.

♡ Texture

I have to be honest about this, I have nothing to say about the texture. If a treatment doesn't look like a treatment, what shall I call it? A durian? I guess it is a little more on the liquid side if you're comparing it with the usual other treatments and conditioners. But there are definitely no short falls on the performance. It's like applying angel glitter onto my hair.

♡ Scent

In my opinion, this one smells fruitier rather than refreshing. Its fragrance is described as wild berries, but I honestly have no idea what wild berries smell like. I would say the settlement is... FRUITY! Haha

Moist Diane Extra Shine Shiny Hair Mask 
Apply Extra Shine Hair Mask evenly, leave on for 5-7 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly.

Again as all Moist Diane hair care products, this product is infused with Argan and Baobab oil, it awakes and makes the scalp healthy while repairing the hair from within.

This advised to be used at least 1-2 times a week. It is the normal count for hair masks. Proportionate to the shampoo and treatment, this also promotes restoration of hair and giving it the extra shine and healthy look it deserves. It helps with intensive repair and is perfect for people who have frizzy, unruly and dull hair.

♡ Packaging
Again, solution to all our laziness!

Alike to the Extra Shine Treatment, it is safe to say that all hair masks comes in tubs. Which makes everything troublesome because it is stated on the instructions that no water is allowed to enter the tub as it would ruin and dilute the product. But having to dry your hand during your shower every time before inserting your grubby fingers into the tub in attempt to dig the product up is hardly ever effortless. Not to mention, water droplets from the shower might find their way into the tub the moment you open it.

This packaging is more that amazing because it is so much easier to squirt out! This bottle contains 200g of goodness.

♡ Texture
Look at this cute little blob of heaven.

♡ Scent
Use together with Moist Diane Extra Shine for best results!

I got my 12-year-old sister to deal with this segment for me because as I mentioned earlier, I am so not good at describing smells. Hence, as quoted by her, it smells like bubblegum. You are taking scent advises and opinions from a 12-year-old. Yeap.

Experience and Results
Since high school, I have always had sensitive scalp. Whenever I used a shampoo or hair product not suitable for my head, it would get super itchy T_T Occasionally, my school friends would be saying 'Eunice, 你的头有visible头皮屑leh! 我帮你拔出来' which resulted in our beautiful blossoming friendship that has not been broken even until now. #friendshipgoals FYI, I tend to have more dandruff flakes when I am super stressed.

Anyway, because of my sensitive scalp, I tend to stay away from heavy-chemical-saturated hair products. I'd either go for the mild ones or when I'm having a stress dandruff week, the medicated ones. Before using this product, I was a little afraid until I went online to check that some of the oils infused in Moist Diane hair products can significantly improves the severity of dandruff. I just had to try it.

My hair got very dry and ALWAYS-tangled after using too much of dandruff medicated shampoos during my exam weeks. I'm not even kidding, sliding a comb through my hair was never easy. Even if I did manage to slide all the way through, 3 hours later, it tangles up again. 

Now after using Moist Diane Extra Shine series, my hair is tangle-free. Moist Diane gave me nothing but astonishment. After the first wash, my hair was soft and silky, it was shiny, it smelled great and it did not itch my scalp at all.

Can you see how smooth, silky and shiny it looks?!

Here's a gif to show you my frizz-free, tangle-free hair!
Very funny haha. This is my first time doing a gif.

I also got my sister, Wendy to use this range of Moist Diane hair care products just so I can take a photo of her hair. Her hair was tremendously bleached and coloured and because of all the silicone product she used on her hair, the crazy amount of treatment she did on her hair did not helped much with damage repair. After a week of using Moist Diane's Silicone-free shampoo, her hair seems much healthier now. Shiny and frizz-free too!
For greater results it is always best to use products of the same range! 
Give me some credit, it wasn't easy holding up 3 bottles with only two hands. Haha!

Overall I am genuinely super satisfied with the combination of these 3 products! Moist Diane products can be found in Watsons retailing from RM31.90-RM32.90! Let me know in the comment section below if you've seen it selling anywhere else. Also, do let me know your what your thoughts are on this product.

For more information,
Facebook: Moist Diane Malaysia
Instagram: Moist Diane Malaysia

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx


  1. Love this post!
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  2. Love this post!
    I can totally relate to your word bubbles! :)
    Will try this range soon! Hope it goes magic to my purple hair too :D


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