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Going red the foolproof way.

Hello my furry little friends!
Omg this eunice here to talk about hair again? YAH. But it's not my hair. This time I am here to talk about a miraculous event that is about to occur in my life and also my sister's. Well, it is actually, for the most part, a substantial event in my sister's life la. But the reason why this is affecting me so much is because...

It has been 5 whole years since I went to the same school as my sister!

Story time! How did I manage to dye Euwern's hair red?

Yes, I am talking about the fact that my sister is about to launch herself into the college/university phase of her life. There was a time I wasn't really close with my sister, that was during my rebellious moments. *ahemm* I wouldn't say that we weren't close, more like we weren't as easily forgiving as we should've been. But as soon as my sister stepped into secondary school as a form 1 student and me being in my final year, that was when our relationship blossomed from a silky upside down cocoon into a beautiful butterfly.

Anyway, that was 5 years ago. I am so glad that I got yet another chance to be in the same school as her simply because this is the final phase of my schooling life, no more chance to study with her liao la. And mostly because I don't have to drive by myself anymore, I have a driver huehuehue. Cos you know, kids with P licence like to drive more.

So after her SPM, she did what every high school graduates would do... DYE YOUR HAIR A CRAZY COLOUR! It was green and it was not at all cheap. Her hair costed a bomb but at least she was happy and satisfied.

Unfortunately, as we all know, these beautiful colours will never last long without maintenance, especially in the hands of my sister. How do celebrities actually retain such luscious but extremely bleached hair? 4 words, they can afford it.

So, this is how her hair turned out looking after 4 months. I guess it doesn't look that bad when she curls it. Maybe all that vsco filter helped out a lot hahaha. It looks good in fact. But when she does not style it, it just looks dry, grassy and brassy. I guess there's nothing much you can do about that other than enduring tons of treatment and diligently dosing oodles of expensive hair care products onto your hair. But there is something you can do about the colour, right?

One day, she told me that she wanted to redye her hair before orientation because she didn't want to look ugly on the first day of school. I thought, okay, why not? I thought it would be fun if we did a DIY rather than going out to the saloon. So, we went to Watsons to buy Liese!

As stated on the instructions, one box is for shoulder length hair and it is obvious enough that one box is not enough for her. So we got two! I have not personally used Liese on myself before but I have used it over a million times on my friends. Hahaha! Don't ask me why but maybe to my friends, I am the Liese specialist? NOT. I also simply apply one la. It's really not that hard to use la, as the title declares, this product is really failproof. You really can't mess up.

I have coloured so many of my friends hair with this product but never once have I used it on myself. Perhaps that should change...

Yeah, I am like her servant today. I did all the work and all she did was sat there using her phone.

Can I just assume that everyone has used this product before? It is exceedingly dummy-proof la. When you open the pretty box, you will see two bottles, black and white. All you need to do is pour the solution from the black bottle into the white bottle.

The next step is the most crucial part. DO NOT SHAKE. All you need to do is tilt the bottle from left to right gently like a civilized human being and you are good to go!

Simple enough, the next step is only to change the bottle cap to the pink nozzle provided.


Before you go all psycho excited and squeeze out all the foam, COMB IT THROUGH! This is also a rather essential step because the tangled hair will further increase the frustration you will have to overcome as you try your best to pry your fingers through them untamed mane.

Okay, goodbye. This was the last photo I took before I got all my hands dirty. The gloves did not helped me at all because I am a klutz and I may or may not be able to multitask. In this case, the answer is may not.

Anyway, it is a liquid solution in the bottle but as you squeeze onto it, it magically turns into foam. WOW. (why am I even pretending to be surprised? haha)

Okay, I know it specifically said on the instructions that one box is only enough for shoulder length hair, but honestly la, two bottles for her hair is just too much! We could not bring ourselves to throw or waste any of the product, so we just pump and slab every last bit of the foam on her head.

Ha! I wasn't the only servant for Euwern. I got EE to help me too cos I knew bad things would happen if I were to do this alone. (who said at the beginning that she was a specialist ah? -.-) Anyway, I took off my glove to take the previous photo which turned out to be one of the worst decision of my life because I cannot wear them back wtf. I ended up initiating a foam war in the room.

It is because we were to 'kiam' and didn't want to waste any of the foam, we ended up squeezing, slapping and lathering for over 30 minutes. Which lead to this...

I'm not sure if its even supposed to turn pink. But it did as soon as I took my hands off her head. We only managed to leave the foam in for about 25 minutes because 1, Euwern had somewhere to go and 2, her head started itching wth. *The princess is still playing her phone -.-*

After that, its just normal shampooing and conditioning process.
There is a little packet of treatment rinse off in the box. So, just apply la. 

Time-saving? A little gua, total of 1 hour to dye and wash off.
Fuss-free? Maybe for people who didn't decide to take off her gloves halfway through the dyeing session and also maybe if her model's hair isn't too short for two boxes of foam to cover.

This is how it looks like with indoor lighting.

Not too shabby haha

After that, we went outside to see how it would look under sunlight!

My HDR mode was turned on, so this was the outcome.
The red doesn't actually look that vibrant la, its a good kind of subtle red.
But I gladly accept the photo my Mi 3 produced for me la haha

I like it. To ensure the colour stays a little longer, I told her not to wash her hair for the next two days. But she did it anyway, she caved in after the first day and began washing her hair again on the second day. What's was her excuse? She said she just had to do it 

because her hair was too oily.

I'm done here. Anyone willing to be my Liese specialist? I haven't had a hair dye in ages! haha

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx

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