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Animal onesies.

Hello creatures of the earth!
Good day people! As obvious as it already is, I got myself an animal onesie. I feel a little outdated and that this is so passé because the trend for animal onesies has long sailed & left the deck. So, what am I doing ah? I'm being a little ignorant la, that's what I'm doing; pretending as if the ship is still waiting for me at the port and trying to do as I please. Although the real question is, where am I suppose to wear this to???

Very funny, I bought it with no place to wear it to. To sleep? I'll answer that later. But frankly speaking, do we genuinely need a reason to shop? Okay, scratch that, let's leave it as a rhetorical question. Hear me out on my explanation haha!

I won't lie, it is extremely soft, furry and exceedingly comfortable. But, it is also very thick for Malaysia's weather la. I don't think I can wear this snugly pajamas to sleep even in an air conditioned room. I would take everything off halfway through the night. So, that answers the wear-to-sleep-la answer. Although, I can really imagine how comfortable it would be to wear this pajamas in other frosty countries. Why Malaysia, why?! Why you do this to me? The primary question still remains.

Back to my story though, I actually got a giraffe onesie first. I got it in XL for Jerr as a anniversary (I can't really remember what occasion it was la basically, I just needed a random reason to give him something) present. I thought it would be funny just because who like dressing as an animal?! But as soon as the package arrived, I was beyond satisfied. Not only because of the quality, but also because he got so excited with it. Like, seriously? It was meant to be a joke leh.

The colour on the giraffe looked so vibrant! I fell in love with the colour! I thought long and hard, my body got very itchy; I contemplated for 3 weeks on whether I should buy another one for myself or not. WHY DO I NEED IT?? I don't know la. So I can dress matchy with Jerry?! Is that a good reason? Hahaha

I finally decided to order another one but the next question was, which one?! There were so many choices. There's a panda, tiger, pig, cow, unicorn, hello kitty, totoro, rilakkuma, eeyore, stitch, doraemon, pikachu and the list goes on and on and on and on.

I wanted one that could show the pretty colours like the giraffe, but I didn't want cartoon characters. Without much consideration and under great pressure (lol), I chose the zebra. Hahaha. Not too bad la.

I have a zebra head, with eyes, nose and ears. I am 164cm and wearing an M size.

Hey look! I have a tail.

And I have two side pockets. *which I won't be using because it is so shallow af wtf

And there is a zip at the back for the butt to open up! Yeah, this picture answers all the weird questions you were about to ask me. Yeap, this is how you pee and poop.

The giraffe's head.

This bub is 187cm and nothing smaller than XL can fit him. Who ask you so tall.

Mandatory selfie.

Do I regret getting the zebra ah? Mehh, I feel that the zebra and giraffe colour compliments each other a lot. So, the answer is MAYBE. Maybe I would regret when Jerry's not wearing his. Hahah

Before changing back to the normal clothes that normal people wear, 
Jerry mentioned something that cannot be unheard, or in this case, unseen.

He looked over to me calmly, as our eyes met, he said...
I look like Tokyo Banana!
omg you look so delicious jerry!!!

Look at the bottom left of the leftmost package. zzz.
I feel like eating Tokyo banana now wth

Okay, tokyo banana, time for bed.

It's time for me to bounce. Until I find a place to wear this to, it will be kept to store dust. No no, don't shake your head at me. I know you have some unworn clothes or unused items too. Besides, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to wear it someday. On Halloween where I decide to cause a heat stroke to myself, perhaps? 

Who knows.
Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx

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