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Bangkok #2: Terminal 21 & Unicorn Cafe

Hello there crazies!

If you haven't read my first Bangkok travelogue, here's the link to it. So, I just realized that there is really no way for me to update about my trips to Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratunam Morning Market and Siam Square because I did not take many pictures while I was there. Why ah? Cos this girl shop until crazy lo, forget to take picture. I filled up 7kg of my hand carry and also the extra 20kg baggage that we bought. So maybe you can roughly estimate the amount of clothes and bags I brought back to Malaysia with me.

Here's another disappointment for you though hahaha. We went to too many places during our second day here. So, sadly I will either have to split this day up into two post or maybe not even write it at all.

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How to get to Terminal 21.
After staying here in Bangkok for about a week, I realized that most of the malls are pretty easily accessible. Mainly because they are either just outside the train station or the fact that there are so many signboards directing you to where you want to go.

So, to get to Terminal 21, we took the train from Ramkhamhaeng station to Asok station (sometimes Asoke). As soon as you get off the train, you can access the mall directly via the Skywalk, . Yeap, it was that easy.

This is Terminal 21 and this is not my photo, I got it off Google because my photos are not as nice as this. The mall has a very funny concept. Every floor of the building is a different famous place of the world. Every floor is designed to look like the replica of that particular famous place. It is one of the coolest malls I've been to. When you go on the escalator, you will see a 'departure' sign and when you have arrived the next floor, you will see 'arrival'

LG Floor - Caribbean
G Floor - Rome
M Floor - Paris
1st Floor - Tokyo
2nd Floor - London
3rd Floor - Istanbul
4th Floor - San Francisco (City)
5th Floor - San Francisco (Pier)
6th Floor - Hollywood

You know what? You really have to see it for yourself! Please make a stop here when you're in Bangkok. On a side note, here's something stupid urghhh. We accidentally missed Hollywood. Yeah. It's not because we did not realized there was another floor above the 5th floor, I caught a glimpse of the 6th floor but I did not know it was Hollywood. All I saw was a cinema. WEHH I #RAGRET NOW T_T

Shopping wise, the things there really wasn't that cheap, it can range over 500 THB which is considered expensive for me cos I'm a cheapo. There are also luxurious brands on the ground floor. I did not buy anything from this mall. Instead, I ended up going into the toilets of EVERY FLOOR because every toilet is designed differently!

Obviously I just had to go to Tokyo and their toilets hahhaa. It made me so happy every time we took the escalator to the next floor. It was like I was flying somewhere, but I was only pathetically lying to myself. Haha

Sumo wrestlers wrestling over a tiang. 好笑吗. A bit unnecessary la but okay.

AH HAH! This, my dear friends, is the toilet in Tokyo! Whuuttt?! Look at the wordings on the entrance, お手洗い which obviously means toilet/bathroom/restroom la. And a excited Jerry! This is too pretty not to capture :P The inside looks great too! Its not that I did not take any photos of the inside, its just that, I don't want to post so many toilet photos on my blog la. Unappealing lo okay. Don't worry, I will still post two :P

The detailing on the bamboos and rock walls are very much approved by me (a person who has not even stepped foot into Tokyo)! 

Hahaha, I honestly feel like I can take a dump here forever. It has such a zen feeling to it. 

Me outside the toilet and me looking at my bitten nails on the streets of Tokyo.

Done with Tokyo, let's go to a different place?
Look! Half the tracks of the San Francisco cable car is floating. There is actually a cafe in there.

This was taken on LG floor, Caribbean. It's a huge lighthouse.

That guai lou over at the right made this picture even more perfect and complete :) Thank you.

Here's a funny story. All we did in Terminal 21 was had our brunch at the food court, walked around the mall taking pictures of all the toilets while my parents had coffee somewhere. That was all. We sat at the coffee place munch on a bag of Lays, waiting for time to sooner or later pass us by. We were way ahead of our lineup.

But after spending most of our morning and afternoon at Terminal 21, we continued with our next agenda. We went to Unicorn Cafe for tea time! We spent the whole afternoon, over 2 hours sitting and chilling at the cafe because we were far ahead of our schedule. Just a little (a couple hours hahaha).

How to get to Unicorn Cafe.
We took the train to Chong Nonsi station & walked to café. Ah! I forgotten to mentioned that we used Google Maps to navigate us through all of our walks in this trip. Google Maps is really the way to go if you are walking and not driving! It helped us a lot. The cafe is about 600 meters from the station.

Okay, I'll have to admit that this cafe's signboard isn't one of the most prominent one. Or maybe I should change the word to 'visible'. I had to do a lot of editing to this photo to get the colours to pop out. It was a sunny day when we went there (how often is Bangkok not sunny though), so I could hardly see the words 'Unicorn Cafe' up there.

The only reason why I could recognize that this was the place I was looking for because I saw the pink chairs and also because I kinda walked through Google maps before flying over here. So, Unicorn Cafe, please up your signboard game ya.

This is the menu they places outside the cafe. It is only the dessert page though, 
They serve many other savoury dishes too.

Every thing in the cafe is covered in colourful, pastel, pinky unicorns! Not to mention that they have an abundance of unicorn and horse plushies lying every where in the room. Was I the only excited one? Yes. Hahaha

Even the floors and ceilings are covered in these unicorn wall papers. 
And look at that gorgeous insta-worthy chandelier! 

I can't breathe. Everything is so pastel and rainbow-ey!

They also sell little macaron containers for your lip balm, powder etc.

Here at Unicorn cafe, there is no need to be ashamed of taking crazily irrelevant amount of photos of this place or yourself because legitimately everyone is doing it! So, no one will judge you! Hahaha

See what I was trying to say? 不必 paiseh at all! The cafe even provides unicorn onesies and costumes for their customers to try on for photos. I did not tried them on cos I just couldn't stop thinking about the amount of people who tried them on before me, or how often do the owners wash them. Sorry, if you're not an ocd freak like me, please continue to take as many photos as you like!

It may even be a once in a lifetime opportunity to dress like and dine with so many unicorns in a pastel coloured room! Don't miss out!

This little s-bag was not actually sleeping. The reason why he decided to pose this way is (in his words) to let everyone know how bored he was -.-

My parents on the other hand seemed quite happy and enthusiastic! We walked for the whole day, so finding a comfy sofa in a room with great ventilation left us more than satisfied. Besides, the air-conditioning was blasting in our faces. After spending 30 minutes in here, I started feeling extremely cold.

The cakes they served are all so colourful. It was either rainbow or galaxy
The menu too was so appealing. I mean, its pastel on every page!

I just want to order all of it!

How did they manage to make their drinks so colourful?! Let's not go there, alright? haha

We ordered the Rainbow Crepe Cake for 130 THB. Every time I look back at this photo, I feel like I can taste the cake in my mouth. I love crepe cakes so much! This tasted so heavenly!

Simple Lemon Tea for 50 THB.

Unicorn Rainbow Toast for 170 THB. The only thing different about this is that the rainbow cone is sitting on some rainbow-coloured whip cream. The toast is soaked with normal butter and it was normally toasted. Those are normal bananas and normal strawberries. The ice-cream on the other hand, mhmm... I don't know how to describe the taste but it sure doesn't taste like ordinary vanila ice-cream. A little milkier. But I LOVE IT!

Pancake and Bacon for 160 THB. They also serve other savoury dishes such as fish, chicken wings, burgers and salads. Very standard cafe prices though.

The only time he wasn't bored was when there was food, I guess? 

Mom and the Unicorn toast!

Then it was back to boredom for him!

When bae is happy to see your message. Nope, not really. More like when you are on the verge of 3-crowning someone on Clash Royale -.-

Mandatory selfie with a pink unicorn!

According to our itinerary, we were supposed to prance our way to Patpong Night Market by the evening. But like I said, we were ahead of our schedule by a whole lot. We then decided to head to Silom Complex. I don't really remember how we got there actually. What I do know is that it is just around the area. So, I think we either walked or we uber-ed.

We did not spend even 2 minutes in the mall because our legs were literally screaming in pain, telling us to sit down after every single step we took. So, we went for a massage!

Actually, at that moment, I kinda lost my sense of direction. Silom Complex didn't seem much like the main tourist spot, especially on a weekday. We weren't picky with the massage place, we picked the first one we saw, which was just opposite the mall, Pranee Massage. It was 250 THB for a 1 hour foot massage. It was good enough for all of us because we just couldn't stand to stand for any longer. I ended up sleeping through the hour.

The owner was a friendly lady while the masseurs were all men, which means... more strength to massage and assert those unnecessary amount of force on my fat legs! The lady over the counter was kind enough to ask us if we were okay with guy masseurs before we started the session.

This is Jerry before the massage. He couldn't care less about me holding the camera in his face.

This is Jerry after the massage! 1 hour later, he posed for the camera hahaha

Since this post is running a little long, I am going to stop here. After the massage, we went on to Patpong market, which we then realized something stupid and ended up detouring to a local night market 3km from our hotel, Ramkhamhaeng night market. What was that stupid thing?

Patpong night market is like a more explicit version of the combination of Petaling street and Changkat, This means that the sellers start their item prices for foreigners like us extremely high up. I didn't enjoy my time there at all because the sellers weren't friendly at all and bargaining with them only made some of them angry. 

On a side note, while you walk through the market, you will get countless pimps (is that what you call them?) or promoters advertising their bars, strippers and p hahaha. If I wasn't on such a budget, I would go in!

Ramkhamhaeng night market on the other hand may be one of the best night markets you can ever go to. Maybe I'll write about that in my next post, or maybe not. Hehehe

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx

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