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Bangkok #3: Chatuchak Weekend Market & Union Mall (VLOG)

Hey there people!
I can't believe I am still here blabbing on about Bangkok. Can you believe it? Don't get me wrong, I too am starting to get a little (just a little) disinterested in these Bangkok posts. But I figured I just had to do it, otherwise all the photos I purposely took for this post and all the times I spent taking out my camera and putting it back into my bag (excuse me, really a lot of effort ok) will go to waste. Cannot 半途而废!

Click the embeded video above to watch my Bangkok Vlog on my Youtube channel! It is a rather ranty video because of my boss Jerry. Also, here are the post links for Bangkok #1 and Bangkok #2.

Urghh so here we go! Click here to jump to Union Mall!

How to get to Chatuchak Weekend Market.
This is fairly simple as they wouldn't make a highly recommended and visited tourist spot difficult to reach. All you have to do is take the train to MoChit station, get out through exit 1 and follow the crowd until you see the stalls. There you go, have fun! And again, follow the signboards because there are signboards everywhere.

As obvious as it is, it is a weekend market. It is only opened on Friday, Saturday and Sundays from 6am to 6pm. But you don't have to go at 6am because not all the stalls are opened so early. Maybe around 9am would be perfect!

Braided my hair again because the weather wasn't being very fair to me. Jerry said to me the other day, '你的帽子真的很傻叻'. He kept repeating that throughout the day. Whatever Jerr, I do what I want :P

Signboard number 1

And signboard number 2

First thing to do once you get here would be to get a map. This place is huge and has over 2000 stalls. If you are a shopaholic, you will be spending half of your day in this place. 

The food we had there wasn't nice at all and it was so overly priced. Seriously, one very normal bowl of noodle for 120 THB. I'm pretty sure it was just us that went to the wrong stall but even so, I will not be eating here anymore. Well, unless someone suggest or recommends me something they've tried. Urgh, bad experience.

What? 39 THB for shades? We bought a couple pairs and put them on immediately.

It kinda seems like the the camera only wants to f-f-f focus on me. 

Shiny 39 THB shades!

Here's a no-brainer tip for you, do not wear black! In such a weather, it really doesn't help much when you wear a black cap with a black shirt. I wasn't stupid, just trying to prove a point. Haha

This was when I started gaining weight. My face instantly expands 3 times larger. I should be blessed, right?

More massages! This time, this was only 200 THB for a 1 hour long foot massage. This should be the highlight of our trip. Having unknown but friendly strangers exerting an intense amount of force your on sore and aching muscles is a form of bliss that not everyone can understand. Please understand.

Every time we went for a massage, Jerry would say 'Aiya, I don't wanna shop liao. I want to spend all my money on massages'. Hahaha. Worth it also la hahaha no complaints at all.

How to get to Union Mall.
Most of the shopping malls around Bangkok are just outside the train station. So, to get to Union Mall, all you need to do is take the train to Phahon Yothin station. The mall is directly accessible from the station.

After spending two day's worth of mornings at Chatucak, we spent both afternoons at Union Mall. I bought over 6 pieces here. It wasn't that cheap but the quality was good for 200 THB. Definitely not something you can find back in Malaysia for this price.

This was a very comfortable mall. It felt less busy and the people are less aggressive. Situations are calmer there. We had a very long lunch at McDonalds, we literally sat there for the longest time because...

drinks are refillable.

It has been too long since I went over the counter to ask for a refill. I remember doing it when I was young. I love and miss this feeling. Huehuehue. Malaysia please.

Must eat whenever you're out of the country! Samurai pork burgers from McDonalds!

You'd think it just McDonalds, why take so many photos -.- We stayed there for super long leh hahaha

Our mode of transport throughout the trip was the train, uber and our feet. The train lines here do not have something like a Touch n Go card where you can reload every time you are out of money. You can't expect to buy ONE card with credit and be able to go through ALL the different train lines. If you buy a card, that one card can only be used on that particular train line. Very funny.

So, every time we changed a train line, we had to get out, buy another ticket for the next station then get back into the tracks. Back to the conventional way. 

Train selfie on our last train ride in Bangkok. Can you see how much my face has expanded? I mean, it is just so amazing, really! Usually, my hair always comes to save the day by covering some of it but this time its really..

Anyway, we spent our 5th day repeating what we did on the 4th day. Nothing special. All in all, I am glad I got to go on this short trip with Jerr and my parents. Some mistakes we made along the way but I feel that since it has already happened, all we can do is to leave it as a part as our beautiful memory together. How long more do we get to spend these precious moments with each other?

I hope to have a short family trip in the near future. It has been a while since all 6 of us can match out timings and go out together. I am also really fortunate to be able to spend Jerr's first experience at Thailand with him. I love when his voice gets all high pitched when he is excited. If you've met him, you'd know what I'm talking about. It really isn't that hard to miss. Hahaha

Feeling extra chirpy that I finally get to end this Bangkok travelogue. Although, there were about 5 stops I did not manage to include in my blog posts, I do hope that I can still remember the places I went to years later.

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx


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