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Episode 1: G-Dragon Cushion, Moonshot Microfit Cushion (VIDEO)

Hello creatures of the earth!
Today I am here with another video haha. It is the first episode to my Rant series. I;m not too sure how this will progress but I hope for the best. You are welcome to laugh at me cos bringing you joy is always a pleasure. In this episode, I ranted about my buys at Sephora the other day. It was a quick visit. I tried to resist not buying this product EVERY SINGLE TIME I go into Sephora but this time... I gave myself too many excuses to not buy it.

In this video, I only bought two things. One for my skin and one for my lips. You'd definitely love the lip product! So, enjoy watching! I love how the video progressed from 'waaa so 斯文' to 'wtf why she so 粗鲁' hahaha

*Hi Dara! You look gorgeous up there!*

As you can obviously tell from the cover image of this post, it is the G-Dragon cushion from Moonshot aka the Moonshot Microfit Cushion! I got it for RM110, can't really go cheap on makeup products though. Look at the pretty packaging, the box is all holographic like. So pretty. Expensive also buy la cos its freaking jiyong wth. I love yg so much T_T

The lilac sponge that came with the compact is super different compared to your normal BB cushion puff. I guess it's a little thicker and the texture of the puff is very velvety. There were 3 shades available, 101, 201 and 301.

The shade I got for myself is 201, it is the medium shade. I find it a little yellow-ish, but its definitely not a bad thing because it really suits our Asian skin tone. Looks super natural! Erm, I wouldn't say that its heavily scented, but it is definitely not mildly scented hahah. It is scented!! 

And it is scented with a very weird smell, but maybe that's just me. I can totes tahan the smell cos I always have the thought of mind of kwonjiyong! Smell then smell lo idc.

You can't see it from the photos but it leaves a very Korean dewy finish. I don't really like that part about it and my face does gets pretty oily throughout the day. Urgh, powdering is my life. *Let me tell you all a secret* As I took these photos and video, I just got back from IOI City Mall after watching Now You See Me 2. It was 2am and I haven't showered, that's why my brows melted and looked gross.

Can you understand the amount of passion, determination and effort I have given to this post?

What do I have on my lips? Yaz, its the second item that I got that day at Sephora. 

Hehehehhehe, It is the 3CE Lip Marker in #Red. It retails for RM53, not too expensive for me. Like I said in the video, I can't find any cons about this product. It doesn't transfer, its more like a lip stain or tint. The applying process is not as smooth if your lips are dry. 

But all is good, I had this on for the whole day at uni. You may have to touch up at least once throughout the day after food cos the colour on the inner part of your lips may fade a little. But you're not even using much during the touch up process. 

I'm not gonna talk about this anymore, you guys can just watch my video! Hehe
I'm gonna link it here again before I go.

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx


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    1. Thank you so much for always complimenting me dear! haha :P <3


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