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How to clean makeup sponges and beauty blender? (VIDEO)

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I get that sometimes we don't take much time out of our busy schedules to clean our makeup tools. I mean unless you have serious OCD, maybe most girls won't really do it. Especially when it comes to the puffs and sponges that is packaged together with compact powders and foundations. Deny all you want, I know a lot of gross girlfriends that don't clean their makeup sponges regularly. Hahaha, not judging but I hope that you'll change your mind after reading this.

Why? First off, not cleaning your sponge and brushes is equivalent to not washing your face. Yeah, I'm really not kidding. After each use, your puff or brush traps all the oil, dirt, sebum and old makeup inside its little pores. And what do you do with it the next day? *ding ding ding* You use it again. That is when all the horrifying bits that was just mentioned is reapplied onto our faces. With that being said, those bacteria then causes your skin to breakout and here comes the amazing thing that everyone loathes, ACNE. So to sum everything up, not washing your makeup tools leads to acne!

To anyone who is feeling rather lazy right now to continue reading this post, you can watch the short video I made on my YouTube channel embedded up there!

As you all know, I am a cheapo and I really don't like spending too much on my stuffs. So, obviously whatever I am about to share isn't gonna be too expensive. After reading and watching more than enough reviews on this product, I finally decided to get one bottle myself. Before this, I always just used baby shampoo to clean my makeup tools. So, this was a new inexpensive alternative for me.

TAA-DAAA! Maybe some of you have already figured it was this because that's how much I love Daiso and Mr DIY. Haha! Anyway, this is the Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge and it is only RM5.30. Cheap enough?

And if you are feeling lazy, you could always do it in the showers, maybe during a hair mask session, idk. As I took the photos for this blog post, it was actually my first time using it too. I wasn't really on board with it being amazing in the first place. I didn't think it could do the job cos I don't really trust daiso makeup products haha. But just wow. After seeing the end results, I decided to make that short video.

I tried it on my gross BB cushion puff. I washed this once, but it was with my usual baby shampoo ways. This is how it looked before washing. I didn't really take any photos of the soap applying process cos I myself was experimenting and trying to figure out the most efficient cleansing method.

In this post, what I did was I dripped a few drops of the soap into a glass of warm water, stirred it up a little and then threw my puff in. I scrubbed and massaged it a little, then VOILA! But please...

Oh my god, please don't do whatever I am doing here. I thought a small glass like this could do the trick, but turns out it couldn't dissolve the amount of makeup that was infused in the puff. Anyway aside from that, can you see the amount of foundation oozing out of the puff??

You know what? Just watch the video, cos this post is really not helpful at all. Hahaha! I just had to do it because I figured I just could not let all these nice photos go to waste.

Before after comparison please. It looks as good as new. Not to mention, it was no hassle at all.

Even the white part looks whiter than it originally was. Hahaha, I'm so good at cheating myself.

Okay, so these are the puff and sponges I used in my video. My trusty beauty blender and two sponges from my CD compact foundation. The sponges look to normally coloured, but did you know they used to be white?! Cray cray! Hahaha. This cleansing process is so satisfying I suggest every girl to do it more frequently than on a mere regular basis! But of course over cleansing them may be a bad thing too, idk I'm no expert.

Aside from my sponges, I also used this detergent on my brushes. ALL MY BRUSHES. It worked great too. To me, cleaning brushes takes up lesser product than the sponges. You'll only need maybe around 5 drops to get the whole brush squeaky clean. Obviously because sponges absorb more product.

Sanitizing these sponges were such a delightful process. Ladies, please don't leave your makeup tools contaminated for more than a week. Be sure to disinfect and cleanse them every week! For foundation brushes, it's best to give more care and attention to them because liquid traps more bacteria than powder. You really don't want to have clogged pores and breakouts!

Plus, the process is hardly even tedious at all. You could just do it in the showers. I can assure you that after the first try and after seeing the result of your beautifully cleaned babies, you'd have the urge to make it dirty again just to clean it. That's me la at least haha.

You have no excuse! It's not even expensive! RM5.30 to safe your face from acne? Please.

Before I end this post, I also wanted to share another thing I got from Daiso the same day I got this detergent.

It's a face brush! I have been using this to wash my face ever since I got it. And oh lord what amazing things this mere brush has done to my face. I just pump my normal cleanser on the bristles and scrub my face normally, VOILA. My face feels so squeaky clean after. The bristles are also super soft.. emmm ahhh. Also only RM5.30 ah, don't say I didn't tell you. Nah, part of my skin care routine shared liao. hahaha.

I'm gonna link the video right here again before I leave.
I hope all you makeup applying people don't stay lazy anymore!
Daiso Detergent For Puff and Sponge - https://youtu.be/fV4S63qSkTw

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