Saturday, July 30, 2016 ❣

Invading places.

In this post, I will teach you how to take slim looking photos even though you know as hell you're fat af.

Here's another post where I basically talk about nothing cos the whole secret reason of posts like these are to actually publish excessively taken photos somewhere without being labeled as an annoying Facebook user. Needless to say, my blog is my platform for these excessively unnecessary photos. If you enjoy browsing through photos of people you may or may not know or maybe even enjoy reading the random things I write, then you may just enjoy this post. Otherwise, you may just be asking me to give you back that 4 precious minutes of yours, this may get pointless as it goes on. Don't say I didn't warn you har.

So hello! I always have problems with coming up with a post title. Should I go all out attention seeking (like 'Harajucube, Empire Damansara' just to have my blog easily searched) or just according to whatever the majority of photos consist of (like 'Vain photos of me posing like a model')? I defs cannot put any fat title cos later people say I not fat la, fat shaming la etc. No need ok hahaha. You'll know what I'm talking about in a while.

Cos if you wanna talk about the cafe we went to, I only have 1 photo of the food we ate. So I'm basically cheating people to come to my blog to forcefully have to go through 20 photos of me just to get to that 1 nice food photo.

That should be right. But I think I'll go with the mysterious-kinda-non-related-title-that-keeps-people-wondering title. What places are you invading?!

This was my second time at Empire Damansara. The first time I came here was back in 2014, when Boat Noodle was the 'in' thing. Their umbrella trrdemark thing has been going on even since then. 

I feel like I'm on set in Chicago for the filming of the Divergent trilogy. Them feels, really.

That's about all the photos I have of the place and ambiance there. Here comes the load of vain and perfectly-shot 'candid' photos of me and my people.

Its me and Lynn! Thank you cameraman Jerr!

Okay, maybe this candid isn't that perfectly-shot. Secret of this series of photos, #fatgirltips number 1: Tip toe to your maximum potential without making it look fake, leaning on the back railing, trying really hard to balance while making a decent looking face. Praise all them professional models man.

What were we doing here? Harajucube was full, so we had to sit and wait outside the cafe for about 10 to 15 minutes for our turn. I guess you can take pictures while you wait, although it was very hot la, windy though.

Allow me to enlarge that for you...

The way bae looks at you when you gonna sneeze 

The way she closes her eyes when she thinks of you 

#fatgirltips number 2: Crossing your legs may help your legs look (a little) smaller but it will squish you down like a dwarf. You will look like a little stubby girl that is trying to hide her fats. Point your toes, push your body as high up as possible and place one leg in front of the other GENTLY. Otherwise it would seem too forceful. Always, stretch to look longer. There you go, a fake thigh gap! :D

#fatgirltips number 3: Use your bag to cover 40% of your body or as seen above, Lynn used her bag to cover almost 85% of her right thigh. Good job!

This is by far the only perfect one. But we all know how much I love imperfections. 
So I will also post up all the others hehe

Photographer: Lynn
Thanks leh everyone for taking photos of me and telling me how to pose, 
especially when my fats are being exposed. 

Okay la, its actually just Lynn and Jerr rotating the camera job. Hahahaha. Only these two got the heart to layan me. One got no choice cos he holds he bf position, the other one is just 8 and wants to be part of everything haha. Either way, I am happy to have these two capture ugly moments of me.

#fatgirltips number 4: Hide one leg behind the other, then crop the fat parts of the photo out!

Lynn: Point your leg! Okay don't move don't move!
Me: 快点leh! 很晒了.

#fatgirltips number 5: It's okay to look fat in some pictures.
Tell yourself fat, chubby and meaty is cute :)

Mandatory photo with bf. 
Thanks for always using your hand to hold my fat arm to make it look smaller hehehehe.

#fatgirltips number 6: Get your bf (or friend) to cover 70% of your arm. Here's the tricky part, if he squeezes your arm, it will only make it look bigger! He has to gently let his fingers and fall gently on your fat arm, gently!

As you can see, I'm using my bag to cover my body again,
also crossing my legs and pointing my toes. hahahahaha

#fatgirltips number 7:
You see how big they look? Never, just never! If you have really big arms, don't even rest your arms down when you're taking photos. You have plenty other time to look fat.

But the umbrellas looked so nice at the back, I can't just not post this cos of my fat arms. So, whatever la.

Finally, that one food photo I was talking about earlier. We went to Haraju Cube for tea cos my sweet tooth was just crying and pleading out to me since ages ago. Ever since I went vegetarian, I started having more appreciation and affection for Matcha! Before this, I used to hate matcha so much cos it's so bitter.

So, to celebrate matcha ice-cream appreciation day, obviously I ordered something Matcha la.

Let me be the first to say that this is not cheap, I think this is the priciest one on the menu It is RM34. Did I enjoy it? Ermm, mehh. Maybe I'm just not the kind of girl that enjoys desserts like these. Would I eat it again? Mostly no, unless I were to come here with a group of friends, then yeah obviously. But what I'm saying is that I wouldn't come here on my own or with Jerry or even suggest to come here. 

I don't have anything against the food ah! It's a personal thing. Hahaha.
If you haven't tried it, you totes should.

Best boyfriend in the entire world! 

Teng & Lynn.
Oh look, for once I'm the one holding the camera! 

Hehehe I just had to post all three of these photos cos they just look great together! I feel like I even vsco-ed them nicely. And that's a rare thing cos usually I'd look at my vsco feed and go ew wtf.

I used to photoshop my photos a lot cos I couldn't stand letting the whole world know that I wasn't stick thin. I couldn't stand giving this opportunity to the public of calling me FAT. But I guess idgas anymore maybe? So here comes the next tip!

#fatgirltips number 8: If you feel uncomfortable and unhealthy, do something about it. Exercise a little more, eat a little less. But if you feel happy, healthy and a little chubby, you got to know that it is okay, it is not a bad thing! Not everyone can be stick thin or model thin or have less than 20% body fat. It is normal to get fat, normal!!!
Love your body! Love it, flaunt it, be proud of it!!
And know that chubby girls are cute and always have more fun :P

#fatgirltips number 9: Sometimes, you are the only one who realizes your flaws. Most people will only spend 2 seconds on your photo. I'm pretty sure you didn't look at my photos as long as I did either. So, don't worry. People won't notice that one strand of hair that's out of place. 

I hope that you don't feel like you've just wasted 4 minutes of your time.
Please let me know where else I should invade next! (preferably somewhere where I can take nice photos too ok)

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx


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