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SCKLM2016 - 4 things to know before your first 21km

Buenos dias amigos! So many things happened over the weekend. Okay, maybe not so many but I guess the more significant one was the launching of PokemonGo in Malaysia! Finally! That very morning it launched, at 6AM, I went hiking at Wawasan Hill. After coming back down from our treacherous journey, we were just in the car casually talking about PokemonGo and wondering if it was launched in Malaysia yet. Then, my friend ChungHan just randomly decided to go onto Playstore to search for the game and BOOM! There it was! Jerry and I were in shock, we quickly downloaded it IN THE CAR. Hahaha! It was official, we were live!

We were wondering why weren't there any official statement about it yet. Hahaha, maybe because we were one of the first who found out about it. Anyway, after that realization, we officially became part of the social anti-social club, whereby we were only talking to each other only about the game on our phones.

That very same day, Jerr and I went to bed at 8PM, after watching Suicide Squad on a triple date with my friends. We had to sleep so early because we had to wake up at 2AM the next day to head to Dataran Merdeka for SCKLM2016. My brother's full marathon flags off at 4AM while our half marathon flags off at 5:30AM. We left home at 2:30AM. Sleep is not for the weak ok! Hahaha!

There, the man of the day! This was also my brother's first full marathon.

Excluding my brother, these are my half marathon peeps.
My yijiong, Jerry, ME, mom, Karmun, dad and bro :)

Here are some things I would like to say before you get to see me finish this run.

A cap is mandatory. Although the sun doesn't really come up enough to burn your skin before you cross the finish line, it is still essential to keep your hair from bouncing and flying everywhere. Not to mention, reduced uv penetration ok! I arrived back at the shady finish line around 8:15AM, so there wasn't really much sun yet.

Arm band or pouch to put your phone and obviously get some music! You'll be running for for as long as the duration of a movie, so keep yourself motivated and entertained! Thank you Karmun for buying me a pink Sony W273 Waterproof Sports MP3 player. I love it so much. No more worries about headphones falling off your ears while you run! You can see how it looks as it gets shoved up my ears in the first photo of this post. Or in every other picture where it's dangling on my neck.

FOOD! You can't expect your 21km to be as easy as your regular 10km. You need food (and an excuse to eat chocolate of course) and lots of water. I usually start munching on the 15th kilometer where my body starts feeling tired. It gives you so much energy to continue! You know what? I am currently waiting for either Adidas or Nike to sponsor me a sports pouch to put my running snacks because this was how I held on to my chocolate and raisins throughout the last 3 half marathons. Hahaha! Tied and hooked on to my thumb just like that. And if I don't finish my food, I'll end up carrying those raisins all the way back to where I started from (which is very often). I don't have the money to go for power bars and gels, so snickers and mars will do the trick!

Smile at every cameraman you see! After having the experience of joining runs since 2006, I think I can say I have had enough of ugly, dreaded and tired-looking photos of me running. And hey! The fees to participate are never cheap. You pay RM80 and expect no professional photos back? NO! Smile at every cameraman, get noticed and make sure they capture your running moments. These photos could be better than a medal or a certificate. You know why? Hahaha, Cos you can't be bringing your medal and cert around showing people. If you have good running buddies, ask them to take photos of you while you run, but obviously they wouldn't be as great as photographers with dslrs la.

At this point, I'm also hoping for 2XU to sponsor me a compression tights cos as you can see, my sport leggings are so loose at the bottom. Can flare out some more hahahaha.

Here are some shameless photos of me deliberately going towards the cameraman! haha

Here I am, blocking almost half the running path of the guy behind me

Guy: Whut?? // Me: Sorry for cutting!

Successfully manage to get a great professional shot. RM80 worth it!

Although, this isn't really that flattering. Hahaha

And there we go peeps! We have officially crossed the finish line!

Not bad but definitely tons of room for improvement. I have this habit of reserving my energy for the end because I'm super afraid of either hurting myself. So I usually only start running faster (around 5-6 min/km) when I know that I can hold it until the end. I don't want to go through leg cramps or leg-dragging cross the finish line. My calf started hurting a little at the 16th kilometer, but I sprayed on tons of those muscle med thing and continue sprinting back cos i really don't wanna be on the road anymore hahaha. #motivation

Another mandatory selfie with my medal!

Came back and realized that the only few friends that have arrived are Mong and Eunice Chin. Haha. They are super geng cos they ran 10KM speed together #relationshipgoals! Time to train harder Mong, gf faster than you liao. But no doubt she is super fast!

Here's Jerry crossing the finish line after hatching all his Pokemon eggs! Good job!

Thank you for joining me on our 2nd half marathon together!

Then, Teng came back! She ran 10km leisure with Lynn but she is no where to be found :P

There she is! Thank you Uncle Lim for taking this photo for us.
Don't listen to your daughter, you have great photo-taking skills :P Hehe

Congratulations Lynn! Sorry that I didn't quite acknowledge your achievement until you kept mentioning it to me over and over and over again at the gym. Hahaha. You did great for running 50% of it. We'll run again together on MRCA, then I can truly see how far you have come. You did great, keep running!

That's about it! I myself had a major achievement after this run. I would like to thank Wooneugene for it. I haven't met him yet so I still haven't told him this secret thing that I have achieved. I haven't told many people but the important people already know hahaha. Actually so far only my mom, Lynn and Jerry la. If you all wanna know then come ask me la. It's kinda like one of the magical leg-moving-by-themselves thing that I mentioned in this post: How I transitioned from 10km to 21km.

Till next time!
Eunice signing off! xx


  1. Damn pro lehh. If me I think quarter aso cry dy hahaha!

    1. Thanks dear! But I am nothing compared to those that run a full marathon! haha.

  2. not sure if this is a tip post or a selfie post.

    1. A post is never really a post without a splash of me to it!


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